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Beasty admits his illegal site being axed

Meanwhile Beasty420 uploaded his site again on a GeoCities server and he's of course still breaking GeoCities' rules, although he denies the obvious facts. Additionally he offers now some informations how to nuke players on Westwood Chat and more hints how to make our gaming place hell on earth. I'm pretty sure this third try of him will fail like the other two illegal ones already did.

Why did he move back to the old server? Didn't he move away from there, because the other server is "better"? As stated earlier, a very obvious try to hide the truth.

On his main page and on other public places Beasty420 is still denying it, but on one of his sub pages he admits the truth:


Here he admits that his pages were banned. We see Beasty420 getting nervous more and more, he begins to make mistakes and is contradicting himself. No wonder when facing an uphill battle against the "good guys". We will see him doing the "server hopping" for a while, but not for very much longer.

Beasty new hacker site down

Less than six hours passed after some actions were taken. Now Beasty420's re-launched hacker site is unreachable. What will happen next? I guess, Beasty420 will tell us -again- that he will move to a "better" server with his illegal publications, because it wasn't forced down ;-)

This time it was very fast action, I'm really impressed. If you see Beasty420 getting a new web site for his illegal publications, please mail me (MacMark). Our current score is 2:0 for the good guys versus the hackers namely Beasty420 and LordSSB.

Beasty hacker site surfaced elsewhere

Beasty420's original hacker site was hosted on Yahoo's GeoCities server. GeoCities has certain rules for web pages and Beasty420 violated a lot of those rules as you can see by checking them out yourself. The same story happened to LordSSB a while ago (LordSSB lost his illegal site).

Beasty420 now claims on his new web address, he would have moved his illegal hacker page, "because the new server is better". In fact, the new server is way slower (!) than GeoCities as I found out by myself. Beasty420 wants to hide the truth, that GeoCities didn't allow him to publish such ugly stuff on their server.

On that new address, Beasty420 lists a lot of laws he doesn't break with his hacker page. Well, we all can find hundreds of laws that we never broke, right? But the fact is, he breaks Westwood Chat rules with his stuff he's offering there. And that's what matters to the C&C community. We don't care if he takes his dog for a walk on a regular basis, but we care that nobody tries to destroy our gaming experience like Beasty420 does with his illegal hacker site!

As always, I made some secret moves that I won't reveal here. One more thing: There're some other good guys very close to Beasty420 observing every step he takes, thank you guys out there!

Virus in "CnC Hacked" confirmed

Beasty420 and LordSSB denied it for some days, but now they admit, that their hacker program "CnC Hacked" contains a serious virus, namely the "Backdoor.SubSeven".

According to Symantec / Norton's webpage about this virus, this

    "Backdoor.SubSeven is a Trojan horse, similar to Netbus or Back Orifice. It enables unauthorized people to access your computer over the Internet without your knowledge."

Thus, if you've downloaded that stuff, right now Beasty420 and LordSSB are doing with your beloved private computer what they want! Follow the instructions on Symantec / Norton's webpage about this virus, they show you how you can remove it. So, never trust Beasty420 and LordSSB ever again, chase them out of the C&C community!

Thanks to "Keith Bennett aka Kane, theAnnoyer" I got two screenshots of his conversation with LordSSB about the trojan horse in "CnC Hacked":

    I have screenshots of LordSSB and I and some ICQ messages sent between us of LordSSB denying that he knew of the trojan horse, and blames it on Beasty.

It looks like Beasty420 is really heading the same direction like his paragon ACnDC, who was subject of an FBI investigation for similar actions. Read ACnDC's profile for more on this.

Beasty lost his hacker site

Since a few days, Beasty420's homepage is disabled. It was used for illegal activities like distributing the C&C hacker program "CnC Hacked" made by LordSSB. As you might know, I don't publish every step I take and I'm happy to see the good guys winning again. While some guys were hinting "It's your move, MacMark", I already made some (secret) moves. Anyways, thanks for reminding me ;-)

Apropos, this reminds me to LordSSB lost his illegal site. It's always the same with those bad guys - they lose.

"CnC Hacked" is a trojan horse

According to a recent information, the C&C hacker program "CnC Hacked" made by LordSSB is a trojan horse. A trojan horse is a type of program-virus that hides behind some pretended funtionality that makes you want using it. If you use it, it gives you what it promises, but it gives you even more: It takes some secret actions on your computer that you're not informed about and that could damage your data, programs and system files.

This is the email showing the harm done by the C&C hacker program "CnC Hacked" made by LordSSB:

    Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 20:13:04 EDT
    Subject: Boat Hack Kinks
    To: <>, <> Mime-Version: 1.0

    it is ElPaladin

    Recently I was offered the version 2.1 of the CnC Hacked program by LordSSB... I took it, regretfully, as it totally wrecked my computer. Im writing this now from another family computer on Internet Explorer's AOL Everywhere... :(

    The version supposedly fixes bugs that the first one had (version 2.0)... though I didnt notice any bugs with that one... upon downloading the program, my Norton Antivirus detected a file which was of questionable nature... I took the advice it gave me and isolated and deleted the file, but... there is a but... the problem did not go away, and now all but a select handful of insignifigant applications are locked up and unnaccessible: Here is what it says when I go to open a file:

    <Windows cannot find 'C:\WESTWOOD\WWONLINE\WCHAT.EXE'. You may have typed the name incorrectly in the Run dialog, or another open program cannot find a system file. To search for a file, click on the Start Button, and then click Search.>

    If you want to remain playing Command and Conquer on your computer for very long, I suggest you DO NOT download version 2.1 of CnC Hacked, or any future files.

Follow the rules and everything will be fine. Sheer away and you will be punished by your hacker tool, by Westwood and by me in arbitrary order.

Hacker software by LordSSB and Beasty

LordSSB made a C&C hacking program and called it "CnC Hacked". This PeeCee cheat program allows the PeeCee-cheaters to build gunboats, visceroids and gives them a larger view range. That program is distributed on Beasty420's homepage. (Annotation: He has some serious HTML bugs on that homepage enabling only few browsers to view it.) On that illegal homepage, he distributes "email bombers", "flood" programs and bad tricks how to curse on WChat and how to hack WChat. Some of these parts are under construction, but he leaves no doubt that this will change very soon.

"CnC Hacked" screenshots:

LordSSB writes in the "about" box of that hacker tool: "Thanks for making me a part of CnC history forever." He's obviously proud of this hacking tool. What a shame, what a disgrace, what an ignominy, what a disrepute! Shame on you both LordSSB and Beasty420!

I had asked LordSSB to not give that program away, but he didn't listen. And now, Beasty420 makes a big sing and dance about it and gives it to everyone by free download.

The hope of the C&C community bases now on two factors:

  • Westwood will do something to bring that homepage down and to disable all nicks of these guys on WChat.
  • This site will blacklist every player, who uses that program.

There's a third factor. The biggest of all and you can contribute to it: I ask the whole C&C community not to use that program and I ask you furthermore not to play with LordSSB and Beasty420! No single game for those disgusting cheaters / hackers / community killers! Chase them out of our community! Such behavior cannot be tolerated by us, such persons aren't worth any respect.

Non-tourney cheaters

Some players quit playing tourney games due to all the cheating today. They want to avoid those piles of trouble and just want to play some good games. Thus they play non-tourney games and hope not to encounter those inconsiderate cheaters who make their living on high ranks regardless of the consequences. So the non-tourney games provide a zone where those point-hungry cheater-freaks don't play. You want to read an example? Well, here it is.

The bad news is now, that some cheater-freaks even cheat in non-tourney games. I was notified about skeying, outsyncing, dcing, gunboats and every other cheat taking place on non-tourney games too.

You might have noticed that I never made any restriction on reports in terms of tourney/non-tourney matches. A cheat is a cheat is a cheat and a cheater is a cheater is a cheater. So, I blacklist everyone cheating non-tourney too. Here's a recent example.

If you're hot to try out how to counter some cheats or the like and want to make a test-game with your friend and he agrees with you after you told him all details that he will have to expect in that game, then it's okay. In such test games other players demonstrated to me how those cheats look to enable me to give you some helping hints on the cheat-counter-page. The most recent example you can read here about.

But I ask you not to teach anyone how to cheat. If you teach players how to cheat with the intention to damage the C&C community and to annoy us players with new and more cheaters, then you will be blacklisted for that of course! Such behavior is against the WChat license you agreed to when you use the WChat gaming service. Breaking these rules can lead to significant punishment.

Free win rushers

As a follow up to earlier news Free win rushing at a new high? I got some additional informations from a source that wants to stay un-mentioned (I know the name and the email of course, but you shouldn't ask for it, because I have to protect that source).

    Hi Mac well from when i spoke to you last month about free winners i am going to give you names that have been active in this form of cheating for the last year and i have the names of free win nics widely used on WW .Free winning is getting your points in a dishonest way and useing nics and playing 5 games the maxiium you can play in a month some players play on 4-8 nics per month which can give them like great advantage over others you may ask how did i get all these names and passwords and its easy? so here goes the names of players and free win names here iron0s. iron98. Brittany. Nameh1der. XTheManx KingAshok.Tonka.Mseop1.Fatnative. Freyoda. Elemenop. Asended Legendof1. DaEngaged talkdTalk. npFn1ke. mrsupreme. ryanod. httflood Aurantium. bertuzzi. skooter56. Maquar. Notgood7 to all of you who have been involved i hope you can change your ways this is a warning if you dont i will expose you again ? and yes i have more as well ?
    cya Mac

Thanks for your information. I don't blacklist all those guys yet, because this isn't evidence enough, but I take this as a good hint and I hope Westwood will take a close look at those guys too. If they're honest there's nothing to be feared for them, but if they did free win rush indeed, then ... well, they will see.

Unit cheat confirmed

As a follow up to the earlier news Verifying another cheat I got some more informations. Evenflow2 demonstrated to me in a non-tourney test game, that the following cheats are feasible:

  • Building visceroids
  • Building gunboats
  • Building hovercrafts

The good part of this is, that this cheating is absolutely obviously: If you see boats or visceroids build by your opponent, then he's cheating.

Evenflow2 said, that skeying a gunboat makes it even faster. We tested it, but as usual the MacC&C doesn't have the s-key bug which the C&Cgold version of PeeCees has. So he skeyed his boats on his own.

Matching older knowledge, a try to modify the building times or prices of units and structures leads to the famous out-of-sync-error indicating that both games don't fit. Don't mix this up with the intentional caused sync-error! Regarding visceroids I have to say: Don't mix this up with a single visceroid which surfaces usually in multi player games too. It's a mutant life form spraying toxic tiberium gas like the chemical warrior of NOD. The normal visceroid will attack your northest building.

What can be done?

  • Hovercrafts: They're harmless, they cannot shoot.
  • Visceroids: They 're annoying but don't have much armor.
  • Gunboats: They can be countered with SSM launchers (longer range) and obelisks of light (destruction by a single shot).

As promised, I give you some screenshots of our test game. Evenflow2 was nice enough to send me the menu bar icons that appear when the cheating person builds those units. The visceroid has no icon , but the boats have some:

In game screenshots:

Rumor hast it that even building dinosaurs should be possible in multi player games by this cheat.The cheat is done by a PeeCee editor, thus only PeeCee users are able to do this cheat. Related pages:

I engineered his weapons factory to find out if this would be sufficient to build the boats, it wasn't.

What should you do? If you see someone building boats or visceroids follow the instructions on the report page! A report of today contributes to this news.

C&C Top 100 to be continued

During the recent days I had some emails with Sonic, who published the C&C Top 100 ranking of C&C sites on CNCNZ. The bottom line is: The ranking was put down due to technical problems and will be replaced soon by an even better one. These were our emails:

  • MacMark: what's wrong with the C&C Top100? It's down since some days and I guess I'm not the only one missing it ;)
  • Sonic: The TopSites script we were using for the C&C Top 100 was causing a strain on our server so we had to delete it.
  • MacMark: that's bad news :( Wiil the Top 100 for C&C be back some day?
  • Sonic: It will be back, a friend of mine will be setting an even better one on his server soon. I'll post more details when I get them.

Okay, we're waiting and hoping.

Verifying another cheat

LordSSB is claiming since some weeks that there're previously unknown cheats on C&C-WChat possible. At first I wasn't willing to believe him anything about it, but meanwhile I'm somewhat curious if there's some truth in it. I will play a test game (like I did with other guys before) with him, where he can show me, if he really is able do those odd cheats. If so, I will publish all You need to know on the cheats counter page featuring some screenshots of course. LordSSB writes:

    macmark, i invented some new programs that let you do practly anything in the game. I can have infanate money, speed, and power if i wanted to and it wouldnt OUT OF SYNC. I also can build gun boats, all the dinosaurs, and vicroids without the game going OUT OF SYNC. I can also build any unit i want invisable without the game OUT OF SYNCING.

    macmark but i am honest. I could easily get #1 by cheating but do you see me in the top 100 even? no you dont. This means that i dont cheat. I invented these bugs above as well as others. I can do the infamous Tree Scout. This bug lets me scout the map in under a second. but i dont do this in tournament games or you would know. My wins and losses are totally lagitamit. Just because you think im a bad person because i dont like you doesnt mean i cheat everyone out there in the world. I invented these cheats and guess what macmark, i could tell everyone on WW how to do them and the game would go to hell, but have you seen me do that? no that is because i am a good guy nomatter how much you dislike that fact.

    And if you dont believe me that i can do this stuff, play me in a game some time, if you dare

One question will still remain for me: Why did LordSSB "invented some new programs that let you do practly anything in the game"? Why should someone invent such programs, that only have one single purpose: cheating.

To be continued ...

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