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updated 2003-01-12
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In early 2001 Westwood established a report page too. You find there a formular to report directly to Westwood's ladder team if you like.

If you want me to publish Your report for the rest of this world on these pages and Westwood to verify his behavior and punish him by the ladder rules, just complete this formular. It will mail me your report and I will forward your report to Westwood's ladder team:

Write a report:

Report headline
Your nick
Your side GDI NOD
Your color
Opponent nick
Opponent side GDI NOD
Opponent color
Unit Count (0..12)
Tech Level
Credits (0..9999)
Bases ON OFF
Tiberium ON OFF
Crates ON OFF
AI ON OFF Capture the Flag
Date of match
Type of incident Read this for chosing the right category!
Description of incident
I will send a
screenshot by mail.
If you have a screenshot, make sure it's a compressed format like JPEG or GIF (no BMP!)
and mail it to please. Name it like your report headline please.
For taking screenshots, Mac users should use the build in screenshot function of the MacOS.
For converting (and compressing) pictures to JPEG I suggest the shareware GraphicConverter.
Put the quality to 85%, that gives a small file and a good picture.
By the way: For screenshots of the C&C movies You should use SnapzPro.
Your email

Your report will be published in the monthly archives below and forwarded to Westwood's ladder team. The player You report gets an entry on the blacklisted players. Furthermore Westwood's ladder team puts every report to their archives and they take action against a player if necessary. Usually they check every player with at least three reports. And they check the top players before publishing the monthly winners.

I mention You by name. If You lie You will never get the chance again and You will be listed on the blacklisted players. I won't publish any reports regarding games with any treaties. Only "no rules" games are of interest for me.

Available archives of reports:

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