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updated 2001-07-27
As You can see in this screen shot the "Settings"-resource of MacC&C contains all settings used in MacC&C. Normally You can optionally use the nice check-boxes to make Your choices when C&C launches (by pressing "alt"). But there're several other options You can only change by playing Dr. Moebius: Open (a copy of) MacC&C in ResEdit. Open then the resource "Wset" in the appearing window. Open then the "Settings" in the appearing window.


There're special missions playable in Mac C&C where You don't fight other armies but dinosaurs! To get dinosaurs like in this screen shot: Enter "$7B" in the second "Unused" field. Now when You choose "Start New Game" You will play the dinos no matter which side You choose. And You see stunning videos with dinosaurs and a cool Kane. Doing anything else, like loading a saved game or playing a multi player game is without the dinos. Caution: Don't use the dino-version of MacC&C for network-play! Out-of-sync-errors would appear.

videos non interlaced

If You opened the file as described above: Type a "0" into the "Is Video Interlaced"-field as I did in this screen shot. You have then nicer videos. This modification is harmless. Those non interlaced videos can be captured with the "Snapz Pro" share ware screen shot utility. The build in MacOS screen shot function don't work with those C&C videos, although it does during game play.

flicker free mouse and destination address

From: Keith Bennett <>:

"hey, who says that there isnt anything more to be found with mac C&C? (or pc C&C too anyways...)

just a few minutes ago, i was looking around in my C&C program too see what all i could learn (specifaccly, i was trying to figure out how it uses appleevents, so that i could maybe re-start the advanced comm center) when i had stumbled upon some hidden prefs in the startup dialog of C&C.

the prefs are "Flicker free mouse" and "Destination Address"

dunno what they are for, ive made it so that we can see these "new" options and see what all we can figure out about them, such as wether they really do something, or are just something to mess with our heads (damn you westwood! not again!!!!!), or something that westrwood had planned on putting into C&C, but never got the chance.

if you want to figure it out yourself, open up a copy of mac C&C with resedit.

open up #1004 of the Dialog resources. double click on the window. press command-a to select all. double click on any of the controls.

now, close all the control windows except for IDs 13, 14, and 16.

there ya go.

after that, all i did is change the left, right & top positions of those controls, and the hegiht of the window.

Keith Bennett aka Kane, theAnnoyer"

Thanks for Your hints, Keith!

You can see the screen shot 1 and screen shot 2 made by Keith.

EVA comments kills

An additional Macintosh C&C option: Open up the CONQUER.INI file (it's in your preferences folder) with simpletext. disregard all the squares at the left, but do NOT delete them. To get EVA to announce whenever a GDI unit, Nod unit, or civilian was killed, do the following...

Look for the line that says: DeathAnnounce=0 Change it to DeathAnnounce=1

This is useful for when you want to know when a battle is going on, however is can get REALLY annoying.

Keith Bennett aka Kane, theAnnoyer

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