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[20 July 2000]
BlackAsp1, TygrTank, DMXdaDawg cheating

In a try to defend himself, BlackAsp1 accidently revealed the cheating gang's (BlackAsp1, TygrTank, DMXdaDawg) recent activities on my forum. I will describe it in some short sentences:

  • DMXdaDawg and BlackAsp1 shared a name on the ladder: "LazerTank"
  • DMXdaDawg and TygrTank free win rushed on the costs of "LazerTank"
  • DMXdaDawg got the passwords of "MyZ3tr" (or something like that), "MammasB0y", "MaddRape" and "XdatmanX".
  • DMXdaDawg and TygrTank free win rushed on the costs of "MyZ3tr" (or something like that), "MammasB0y", "MaddRape" and "XdatmanX".
  • DMXdaDawg and TygrTank shared the names "TuffyTank" and "SonOfTygr" on the ladder.
  • BlackAsp1 got the password of "TuffyTank", but didn't abuse it.

I informed Westwood about what's going on to get the bad guys early. Nevertheless Westwood reads this site so or so including the forum. Some hours later Mary (the ladder mistress) commented on my forum:

  • "I have something short, sweet and to the point to say. "tsk, tsk, tsk". That goes out to everyone hacking, everyone cheating, everyone disconnecting, and everyone using multiple names on the ladder. You have been warned, you will be caught. For the rest of you, please bear with us. We are working on removing these people (dare I call them players?) to make a fair game for you.


For Your additional information I provide BlackAsp1's full statement:

  • "This is the first time i've come to this site in a long time and i've seen all the many fans posting wonderful things about me. Alright, now i'm going to say this once and that's all. If people say anything else to me , i'll just tell them to read this post. OK - First off, DMXdaDawg and I started the month out sharing a name (LazerTank) we were doing good , and had the name top 5 with a record of 35-1. then as the days went on i lost one, he lost 2 and eventually it ended up having a 52-5 record but in 5th place a couple day's ago. Now DMX turned on me and teamed up with TygrTank (TuffyTank) and free win rushed off my LazerTank name. I confronted DMX, and cursed him off of course. He said that he hacked MyZ3tr (or however u spell it,) MammasB0y , MaddRape, and XdatmanX. He said him and tygr got wins off of all them names to their TuffyTank and SonOfTygr names. I was pissed and still am pissed that he destroyed my name, so I tried to guess TuffyTank's pw and succeded. And when i guessed it i went in chat and threatened tygr, but i did not do anything. The name got dissabled and he got a new pw and all. TuffyTank's pw was the only one I guessed to all you goofs out there. Tygr and DMX did all the hacking to tonka, my..... , swar, e! !
    tc. DON'T LOOK AT ME! Now as the day's went on everyone accused me of being AlexStar7 and Abercr0mb. Both which are my names, but are not me! A guy by the name of DieNuke has my pw's for both of those names and was playing on them and winning with it, along with the other 6 names he had in the ladder. So on conclusion, the point is I only used one name which was LazerTank, and tygr and dmx fawked me, and I only guessed one person's pw which was TuffyTanks. (and i didn't do anything to the name when i guessed it) . To all you's that think i'm an ass , you's need to change your assumptions because I wouldn't take someone's name and mess it up. We'll time for me to go, Anyone can reply if they want, I might check it, but I have no more to say about this matter. Later Asp"

Furthermore BlackAsp1 admitted the name sharing in chat while talking to me:

  • "<MacMark> read the message from blackasp1 BLacKAsp1-> :-)
    <MacMark> yeah
    Beeredd-> hello!
    <MacMark> why are you so foolish?
    BLacKAsp1-> it is the truth
    <MacMark> dont you know the rules?
    <MacMark> name sharing!!!!
    <MacMark> fool
    BLacKAsp1-> what do u mean, to share a name? <MacMark> using the same name by 2 persons Beeredd-> hello!
    XArTeCH-> hey whysogood i votes for battleship!!!! BLacKAsp1-> i only did it for fun, i didn't know it was against the rules <*action*> kilalec hello to
    <MacMark> you are dead
    <MacMark> dead meat
    <MacMark> my god
    NoCHANCE-> whats againstthe rules
    BLacKAsp1-> oh well
    BLacKAsp1-> sorry
    <MacMark> too late
    <MacMark> WW is informed, you are history NoCHANCE-> asp whats he talking about
    NoCHANCE-> rofl
    XArTeCH-> lol
    NoCHANCE-> ut oh not the informer haha
    XArTeCH-> me too
    NoCHANCE-> ahahaha
    NoCHANCE-> mac"

How foolish can one be? Didn't they read the ladder rules? Do they break the rules intentionally?

[19 July 2000]
LordSSB lost his illegal site

LordSSB has had a site about my person. On that site he violated my person. Especially an animation showing my "death" was against USA law and against Yahoo!-GeoCities rules for homepages hosted on their servers. Furthermore he has had enough other harassing things on that site published about me, all of a kind breaking GeoCities' rules. I informed GeoCities and they disabled all pages of his site. Furthermore it came to my knowledge why LordSSB always posts fake photos of himself on my forum pretending to look like a guy from Baywatch. I pity You, Lordy! For Your information here comes the mail I got as a response from GeoCities:

  • Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 13:45:55 -0700
    To: <>
    Subject: Re: Abuse Report - GeoCities re:
    From: "" <>
    Reply-To: "" <>
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Dear Community Member,

    Thank you for reporting this incident to Yahoo! GeoCities. We have evaluated that home page and have taken appropriate action
    against the account. We encourage you to review the Yahoo! GeoCities Terms of Service at

    Thank you,

    Yahoo! GeoCities Team
  • Original message follows:

    Feedback from:

    While Viewing:

    Feedback Text:
    On one of Your customers violates my person. He abuses my picture for an animation. I request You to force him taking it off. He says bad things about me on his page that is hosted by You.

    Greetings from MacMark
    Markus Möller

Buttom line: Don't mess with a lion, he might bite You ;-) Thanks to the reader of mine who gave me the hint regarding LordSSB's illegality. A very fat, fat "Thank You"!

[15 July 2000]
Rules to be updated

According to some rumors the rules for WChat will be updated next week. The rumors circle around the use of AI in games. McCreadie is getting many "no comments" answers from WW ;-)

So all can be said right now is, that WW is taking another step to make ladder games more fair, more fun for us. And what's really hard for me: What exactly will happen can not be said before next week. So let's wait and hope for the best...

[13 July 2000]
Known cheater put on test

I recently wondered why Westwood lets a cheater play on the ladder although all of his known until now nicks have been disabled. I'm talking about CnCLegions who formerly had the names Beasty420, ImGDI420, ImNOD420 and Terist420 too. Maybe You've read the previous news regarding this story. Here's my question to Westwood:

  • "Hi,

    You removed in June 2000 all accounts of "imgdi420". This month he is back as "CClegions". Furthermore he dces and blames other players (Veldo, me, McCreadie) for that.
    If he lost all his accounts, should he lose this new account too?

    Greetings from MacMark"

And this was their answer:

  • "Like all players we have disqualified, he is being given an oppertunity to change his ways and play fair. Not only does Westwood want to bring new players to our service, we would also like to encourage our past players (imgdi420 included) to return and/or stay. However, if he is D/Cing, I urge his opponents to send me a report. Please do not feel threatened by false reports, I have yet to disqualify a player based on reports alone.

    Thanks again for your support during this time. I think our newest phase in the removal of cheaters has been welcomed by most players. It certainly seems that way with the increased number of players last month.

    Westwood Studios
    Customer Support"

Again another very smart move from our ladder mistress ;-)

[09 July 2000]
New school news

Blak519 told me that he will return in the last weeks of this month using Kerplink as his nick. He wants to see if he can perform as well as last time he used that name.

Austin469 is rumored to be "Master". That means he uses 2 nicks on the ladder this month. We all know what that means: Disqualifying, point reducing... read the rules!

update [10 July 2000]
Master identity

The recent 24 hours gave lots of input regarding this issue. Most players say Master is the old schooler MPlayer. If so, welcome back! For example I give You one representative feedback:

    "TheMan here.. MacMark, you're 100% wrong on Master being Austin469. Last month i went 2-1 with austin469, and this month i went 0-5 with Master. I also remember Master from a long time ago. Also, I remember Master was a player called "Mplayer", an old schooler with real skills. Bottom line: Master isn't Ausin."

So Austin469 can relax and I'm happy to see another old schooler coming back :-)

[09 July 2000]
Problems with new accounts and clan pages

Recently a colleague of mine tried to join the CnC fields. He played until now only StarCraft. He wasn't able to make an account for WChat and I wondered what went wrong. Thanks to a recent message from Mary (ladder mistress) on my forum I finally know what happened:

    "As many of you know, there were recent problems creating new accounts and nicknames. That is now fixed (Yippee!) As far as the clan pages go, we are aware of that problem as well and doing what we can to fix it. I'll let you know as soon as the problem is cleared up. Thanks for your patience...


[07 July 2000]
No top 100 links

Recently received informations say all the same: We won't get the top100 links for Tiberian Dawn ladder. That may be because the ladder for Tiberian Dawn runs on older software than that for the other games.

This I got from MaDDrAPE:

    <MaDDrAPE> hey mary
    buttercup : wonderful. thanks
    <MaDDrAPE> will we get top 100 links?
    DungeonID : loQ
    buttercup : nope.
    <MaDDrAPE> o
    buttercup : i want them, everyone does. but it's just not gonna happen
    buttercup : sorry
    <MaDDrAPE> ok
    <MaDDrAPE> i understand

Before I asked Mary:

    "Hi Mary, what's up with the top100 links? Last things I've heared from WW was they will be fixed. Now they're gone since some weeks. Will we get working (!) top100 links for CnC?"

And got the answer:

    "As much as I would like to have them back, it just doensn't look like it's in the plans right now. Sorry guys. -Mary"

[05 July 2000]
Sovereign Mary generates traffic on WChat

For the first time we have a Westwood employee visiting the CnC Chat channel long and often. Buttercup (Mary, the ladder mistress) has spent many hours talking with us players. She drew much attention and so the channel was somewhat more busy than usual. She acts sovereign, tough and friendly. A good choice for that job, Westwood :-) Let me add that the awful flaming didn't happen while she was in chat. Her effect is even bigger than the presence of 2 sysops.

[02 July 2000]
Prizes for top 3 will return

It was last year this time when Westwood removed prizes for top players as a try to get rid of the cheating. I guess You've read that here. As time has told this mission was a failure: Most of the WChat players really miss the prizes as an incentive for competition and the cheating problem (disconnecting, parallel names, free wins) still exists.

More recent actions taken by Westwood like banning accounts and reducing points for cheaters were more successful. Currently they're working to update WChat (client or server - I don't know yet) too.

In a talk on WChat with Mary, the ladder mistress, a few days ago we found out that prizes for top 3 players will return as soon as Westwood got that cheater issue fixed. When I'm looking what happened the last 2 weeks, I guess we will see prizes for top players in August again ;-)

I know this is very good news for many players out there. I hope that some who've left the fields will return for the prizes.

update [05 July 2000]
Westwood comments on prizes for top3

Mary alias Buttercup, the ladder mistress, gave this official comment to the news:

    "MacMark and all readers...I would like to clarify the prize issue. The random prizes will not change. The contest winners will still be chosen randomly among players who play 25 or more tourney games per month, and whos accounts are in good standing with Westwood. However, we can, at any time, opt to reward our top players in any way we choose. Nothing official has changed. That being said, I would like to congratulate all of the winners in all of our ladders. I think we had a pretty fair month of playing and of winners. Thanks a bunch, guys (and gals). If and when we choose to reward our top players, they will be contacted ;)"

Sounds not like a "no", but more like a "probably". We wait and hope for the best ;-) Plus: The tests with the update for WChat have begun. They try to eliminate the cheat possibilities.

[01 July 2000]
Cheater lost all of his accounts

In June we have had a player on WChat that used 6 nicks on the ladder. One of it was ImGDI420. Westwood first reduced his points at the end of that month and then banned all of his accounts. You can look at this screen shot to see what happend to him ;-). For earlier information on that You should read Cheaters punished in public.

I'm asking myself: Why was this guy so foolish? Didn't he read the rules? He has had some skills and could go to the top 50 without cheating. But he decided to use 6 nicks. Now he became angry and published screen shots of games he has had. (Warning: These screen shots are 750 KB each! He should make them JPEG) One games was versus Mary of Westwood who's a beginner at CnC as she stated, the others have been versus me and McCreadie. I want to repeat it again: Why does somebody with significant skills cheat?

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