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updated 2003-05-24
WChat players, who give me (MacMark ICQ #: 17461243) major trouble. This is my subjective ranking. Top rank: 5 Commandos. You should check the independent Top50 too.

CmdrCD (ICQ #: 4603104)
We had some matches. Nearly all wins for him. He builds very fast. He will sell his CY only if needed. He prefers to keep it. But don't bet on it! He builds spider bases and uses Light Tanks very early versus GDI. He builds usually 2 Airstrips. He prefers NOD. Read his tactic Mixed Unit Strike!

I don't remember him exactly although I've played him a long time ago. So many good players told me to mention him, because he's probably the C&C god. He likes Minigunners.

Blak519 (alias names, ICQ #: 21094396, suggested by CmdrCD)
He used every time another tactic and killed me easily. He uses every kind of unit and takes over the map fast. He does a Green Acres expansion, uses Engineers, uses a mixed unit strike and likes Minigunners. He was very kind and is the most recent top player. He's somewhat similar to Pieman1.

Austin469 (approved by CmdrCD)
He's reported prefering NOD, liking Hand-Of-NOD-rushes and heavily relying on NOD Turrets. My games with him: He likes indeed NOD and NOD Turrets. He doesn't love Apache Attack Helicopters. Uses spider bases and mixes NOD Buggies with Recon Bikes. Uses Minigunners for base defense. Similar to Blak519 and Pieman1 - somewhat. He's one of the handfull players who can beat me on my favorite settings.

RodOfNOD (ICQ #:41603609)
He likes Flame Throwers and look at his name: NOD. As most NOD players he relies on Recon-Bikes. He tried to capture my base with an APC loaded with 2 Engineers. He tries this more than 1 time a game. He used a Transport "Chinook" Helicopter too for this job. I suggest 3 Humm-Vees to kill the Engineers. Against me he won some games and I won some games. We played again weeks later and he won using a tactic I suggest on my page.

When he first came to WW used GDI then changed to NOD. He prefers to play Green Acres 3/4/9999 but can play One Pass Fits All and Straight & Narrow, Uses the mixed unit strike and expansion on GA to win mostly. A good Green Acres player who likes to expand and take over Tiberium fields and relies on NOD Buggies and mixed units to win.

A very experienced player on both sides: GDI and NOD.

Rquiem (alias names, ICQ #: 4355214)
It's a very hard thing to play him GDI versus GDI or NOD versus NOD. I think he is a good all round-player. I suggest playing not the same side as he does. He builds spider bases. There may be a weakness versus Engineers. He can be beaten using GDI stands NOD. He prefers NOD. And he was one of the first who won the WChat tourney.

FireDroid (alias names)
Was No. 1 some months ago and plays NOD. He's a really match. Even if I can win sometimes it's hard work. He likes APCs, Chinooks and Engineers.

A tough NOD player. Very agressive. LIkes Buggies and Light Tanks. And he's high ranked up to No. 1.

Articfire (alias names)
Plays NOD like the devil himself. I have major troubles versus him. He prefers building structures instead of vehicles.

MonsterID (suggested by Evenflow)
Plays very well on Greean Acres and has learned a few other maps he is better than avarage on, he likes the NOD Buggies a bit like Sergiy, he is also very good with GDI beating alot of top players with GDI. Overall an awesome Green Acres player.

MrBuggy (alias names, suggested under his latest nick by Evenflow ;-)
What can I say basically one of the best of all time he use to play around 200-300 games a month so thats why he got so good, he has said to have a total of around 4000-5000 games, he is an very good Green Acres player and has taught himself Marooned well also Nowhere to Hide and One Pass Fits All basically he has taught himself from scratch.

McCreadie (ICQ #:70891343)
He can beat me on my favorite map "Straight And Narrow". Maybe he likes this map too? He recently beat Austin469 as well. McCreadie is a very tricky player fooling me by protecting a bridge with nothing behind it. So I scouted the right areas too late. He's a very smart player extending his base, using a surprisingly Chinook and he has some unit control.

This guy knows very well what to do in this game. He plays NOD and makes no mistakes.

DragoNod (suggested by Evenflow)
Is also up there with Sergiy and MonsterID maybe not at their level about half a level down but still is very good at his flamer sneak power rush and expansion, he didnt play many other maps, but he has the potential to tear apart most players.

On a map on which most players suck (Straight And Narrow) he knows what to do while playing NOD. You better make no mistakes versus him.

gave me a hard match in the first 2 weeks of April 1999 before he lost. The next 2 games he won. He prefers GDI choppers and can use NOD effectively. Likes Chinooks to engineer You too.

He teached me a lesson on Green Acres. He builds spider bases and takes over the map fast. He mixes different units to have the best choices at hand for the battle. He prefers "Tiberium Off".

This player improved very much during a few months and can beat me to my big surprise recently. He says: "I am not the most proficient with unit control, but take things slow instead to outwit and outproduce my opponent in the long run. With NOD I play usually Green Acres, and rely heavily on Minigunners and NOD Turrets to gain an advantage in the units war. My GDI game plan is often the standard Tank Rush, with which most are familiar."

M00nraker (ICQ #: 17184879)
My neighbor in Paderborn. We have had an ethernet LAN and played 1 Mac versus 2 PCs using IPX since years. I learned playing C&C with him as my favorite opponent. I needed months to beat him first time, because he started playing C&C before me. He is very wicked and plays NOD and GDI quite good. He prefers NOD and recently improved his game play again.

Swarcoff (alias names)
He's one of the handfull players who can beat me on my favorite settings. He teached me an awesome lesson on Straight And Narrow, NOD versus NOD. Less than 5% of all players can do that.

He plays NOD and prefers Tiberium Garden. He engineered me 2 times with a Chinook quite early in the game. He takes out all anti infantry units with Apaches and then takes over one of the unprotected buildings. He needs for scouting some start units. He's very skilled at that tacitc and got some of the best players by that.

Here're some players, who're quite good, but don't give me much trouble:

  • Y1kill alias Ranked: A GDI player, who likes to tank rush. If You let him build up 2 Weapons Factories You're usually dead. Although I can beat him, it is always a tough match.
  • Ferroid (ICQ #: 17600158) alias Ferroid2: A GDI player, who likes to engineer early in the game or to tank rush. His rankings improved significantly during the recent months.
  • XxRocKxX: He is listed in Rquiem's tough player list, but I had no problem with him. He uses NOD and can be beaten with GDI stands NOD. 1:0 for me after I played him on his own settings on Marooned GDI versus NOD.

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