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[30 August 2000]
McCreadie comments recent news

Regarding the recent news McCreadie stated the following:

    What Mary meant by this is the Online Community Manager. I do not think you know him but this is Chris Ruybor. He is a nice guy and I have chatted to him a few times. But he is all RA2 at the moment, Ted will place your site up along with a few others I guess.

    I will also confess why TDF has not been updated... I do not know where I log in!!! Anyway if you have any more questions you e-mail me. BTW I have asked a few people about a four player patch for cc gold, it will be hard but if I can get the right people to do it... One last thing its a generalization stating that all cc gold users on PC's are cheaters. Although a lot are...

[28 August 2000]
Mac user or cheater?

Do You use a Mac to play Command & Conquer? Great, then You're one of the good guys. MacC&C lacks the so called skey-bug. C&Cgold user got with their copy of C&C a bad feature: They can stop enemy units by pressing the s-key. Usually this key is for stopping Your own units, but somehow in C&Cgold it stops foreign units too.

Recently we did a non tourney game to test this issue. While my C&Cgold opponent was able to stop single units of mine, the s-key of my MacC&C only affects my very own units.

I tested my workaround to counter the skey too: While my C&Cgold partner tried to s-key a certain unit of mine I repeated the force move command on the same unit. So it kept moving and wasn't stopped.

Usually I repeat the force move command on units with important missions like APCs in hostile bases. This way nobody stole ever my win by skeying my critical mission units.

I suggest You read the page about short cuts in C&C too.

Bottom line: Windows users have a dirty way to cheat that isn't available in MacC&C. I wonder about it because MacC&C is 6 months older than C&Cgold and features everything from better screen resolution to the abilitiy to play on WChat (both features were unavailable in C&C DOS) that were brought by C&Cgold to our PeeCee friends too. I guess the new question on WChat will be: Do You use a Mac or are You a skeyer?

[28 August 2000]
Westwood Studios has lost a long-time fan

Mail from

    Saturday, August 26, 2000

    Thanks to little and/or no interest, and FAR less than bad support from
    Westwood Studios, I'm announcing the DEATH of theAnnoyer's Macintosh C&C site.

    That's right. Until those Westwood idiots clean up their acts and support
    their Macintosh games (even if they don't port their new games, they should
    at least SUPPORT their old ones!!!), this site is DEAD.

    Except for the release of the Ultimate MacC&C CD, no further updates will be

    I'm moving on to companies that I can count on actually making stuff that
    works, and for the best computer gaming platform: Macintosh.

    Such companies as Blizzard Entertainment and MacSoft will now be getting my
    full support for making great Macintosh games.

[28 August 2000]
VTed cares about cheating beasty



    You removed in June 2000 all accounts of "imgdi420". This month he is
    back as "CClegions". Furthermore he dces and blames other players
    (Veldo, me, McCreadie) for that.
    If he lost all his accounts, should he lose this new account too?

    Greetings from MacMark

Virtual Ted:

    Thanks. We'll take care of it.


[27 August 2000]
New WW worker cares about CnC community

Westwood begins to care more about us and the CnC sites like this one out there. Read these mails:

MacMark's questions:

Mary's answer:

    I emailed those in charge of listing fan sites (including Ted, of course)
    and you should be listed somewhere soon. I don't know exactly when, but
    someone (either me or one of the other community people) will let you know.
    We do have someone new taking care of quite a bit of the C&C community
    issues now, so you will probably see some more exciting things going on.
    I'll let you know as soon as I hear something worthy of your news...


[04 August 2000]
Beasty admonished by Westwood

Beasty -check his alias names- was admonished by Westwood for his bad behavior. He used in June 2000 lots of nicks on WChat to play ladder. He was punished in public and Westwood removed some of his accounts (all then known nicks) because he broke the rules. Recently in chat he was very annoying. He used one nick after another, scrolled messages, typed 1 word per line, harassed other players and so on. Regarding this I asked Mary and she told me:

    From: "Beal, Mary" <>
    To: "''" <> Subject: RE: beasty alias
    Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 09:08:26 -0700
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Yep, those were all him. Should you or anyone else know of other aliases he is using, please let me know. Beasty has been advised to take a couple weeks off.

    If someone plays to make others lose, or chats to make others uncomfortable, that creates a BIG problem. As you know, WOL is a place for ALL people to come, new players, old players, good and bad players. We don't want anyone to be uncomfortable or feel unwelcome there. Thanks for keeping your eyes open.

    Westwood Studios
    Customer Support/Contest Coordination

"Play to make others lose" refers to ACnDC, "chat to make others uncomfortable" refers to Beasty in case You didn't guess it Yourself already. Beasty feels quite cool, because he still owns some working nicks on WChat. He still have these nicks because Westwood put him on test like a rat in a stable of a dark laboratory. No real reason to look cool, isn't it? So, all You blacklisted players out there, be nice! I watch You, my sources watch You, sometimes Westwood watches You too, always I will inform Westwood about You, You're not alone, You never was and You never will be.

Until now every real dirty player I made public on this site was somehow punished. Don't make the mistake to believe You would be the only one to get away with anything. I get You and deliver You right to Westwood ;-)

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