player profiles: ACnDC

updated 2001-05-07

ACnDC is the classic bad guy of Westwood Chat and Command & Conquer. Here's his dirty player entry. I first took note of him when Westwood introduced the beta test of their ladder system. We players were joking about his name, because he features so obviously the "dc" also known as "disconnect". His name was his program thus. As the initial cheater of WChat he's somewhat the father of all cheaters out there.

When Westwood established the ladder system they also start to care about cheaters. Before the ladder there was no disconnecting known to me. They checked ACnDC's playing behaviour and found that he cheated a lot. Thus Westwood disqualified ACnDC for all future tournaments. He's still allowed to play non-ladder matches, but he isn't allowed to play ladder anymore.

ACnDC went angry about that. He threatened and harrassed both: Workers at Westwood and me. And he went on playing ladder matches. Westwood then disabled his original account "ACnDC". Then he used his other nicks to play ladder. Westwood disabled some more of his nicks, which were known to them.

The only reason he still plays ladder although he isnt't allowed to do so and although he's disqualified for life for cheating a lot is: He wants to ruin other players' ranks. He doesn't play to win (cause he cannot without cheating), but only to make others lose. For this he uses new names on WChat again and again.

Is there anything good to say about this guy? Yes, he provided some fun tactics You can read on the tactics section. This brings me to his skills and playing style: He has no real skills. He doesn't use advanced unit control or well thought tactics. Basicly he does heli rushes. Or Mammoth tank rushes. Or Commando rushes. You might think: "What? Is this a joke?" No, this is not a joke. He really does it. He makes no reasonable strikes. He only does crazy things.

Some of his nicks are listed in hall of fame and You might ask why that? Westwood oversaw that it was him. He was playing ranked matches although not being allowed to do so anymore. Westwood promised to prevent him being listed accidently again. Unfortunately this shows how much success (on the surface) You can have by cheating on the ladder. He invests half of his life into cheating (at least!) by playing under several nicks each more than 100 matches a month. He breaks Westwood's ladder rules intentionally.

Some of You might wonder about his picture. Ask himself, it's really him. And yes, he likes the Ghostbusters movies and he's a fan of the Rock legend ACDC.

Oh, one more thing: If You beat him (regardless who You're) he will claim that You cheated him, hacked him, froze his screen, skeyed him, sent him a virus, used an editor and so on. He will never admit that You beat him by Your better skills. For ACnDC there're only two kind of players: The ones he can beat and the ones he cannot beat because they cheat him. In his mind he's the best player on earth. He's a real psycho and You better don't believe any word he says.

In WChat he claims that some Westwood workers have personal wars with him or vice versa. Well, looking at his bad emails to Westwood workers, he's at least working on that. He never could stand the fact, he was punished for cheating a lot. He got what he deserved and is unable to take it like a man.

He has no job and spends all his time cheating on WChat. Recently he admitted that.

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