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updated 2002-12-17
There're some cheaters out there who use their cheats against You. I want You to know what's happening and I want You to be able to recognize those cheats and to know how to counter them. (Special thanks go to RyanAT for his constructive hints regarding the contents of this page.)

There're two kinds of cheats:

  • Cheats versus the computer, that's okay and may help You to learn the game. Cheats that help You for this can be found on my links and my files. This kind of cheats focus on editing saved games so that You get more money. Some of them edit other aspects of the game like what You can build and how long it takes. A god mode or similar type-in-cheats that You might find in other games don't exist in C&C.
    Caution: If You edit the program files (not saved games) games with other players will go out of sync earlier or later.
  • Cheats versus other players online. This is not honest; it's punished by Westwood and by me. You can believe me You don't want to pay the price for that.

I will tell You now what cheats exist versus human players online (the' re all punished by Westwood and by me) and how You can recognize and counter them. If You found someone cheats versus You read what You should do on my reports page.

The major cheats are:

  • Skey cheat
    You can recognize this cheat, if a single unit of Yours' like an APC stops moving suddenly without any noticeable reason.
    Important: Some players think they are s-keyed, but they weren't: If Your unit encounters an enemy unit, Your unit will return fire and it stops itself when firing. The alt-click (force-move) ensures, that Your unit ignores hostile fire and moves on. Even helicopters stop and return fire if Rocket Soldiers are hitting them. Your APC cannot load / unload engineers etc. if it's under fire from hostile units and returns fire automaticly- that's normal and no cheat! Furthermore MacC&C has no skey-bug: Mac user or cheater?
    Counter: Use alt-click to force-move Your unit again and again. This neutralizes this cheat nearly completely.
  • Cannot-surrender cheat
    You can recognize this cheat, if a Refinery of Your foe is sold and the Harvester makes some crazy circles in front of it. Players who did that can resign and blow up their whole army by that or You can kill their whole army with Your own forces and they stay in the game instead of that the game ends.
    Counter: Who did that cheat should simply leave the game. So You get the win and he gets the loss. If necessary wait until he gets bored and leaves voluntary.
  • Scout cheat
    Some guys enlarge the range their units can see on the map. You can recognize this cheat if he can attack or move to areas he hasn't scouted before. But keep in mind: He could have scouted them with a Stealth Tank and didn't cheat.
    Counter: If You're a decent player with some skills, this cheat won't give Your opponent much edges.
  • Start without accepting
    Some guys can press "start game" without You having accepted their settings. They change the settings right after You've accepted very fast and start the game. So You won't see the changes in settings.
    Counter: Host Yourself a game. Or leave the game under 3 minutes - that's what this rule is for: Games under 3 minutes don't count.
  • Out-of-sync cheat
    You can recognize this cheat, when You get the message "games are out of sync" or "package received too late". Although this can happen due to regular Internet trouble, usually it's provoked by the player. Some players are able to outsync the game. Here's nothing You can do except never playing that guy again ;-)
  • Disconnection cheat
    Usually called a "dc", You can recognize this cheating when You see the message "reconnecting to <Your enemy>, <xy> seconds allowed". Although this can happen due to regular Internet trouble, usually it's caused by the player. They use various ways to break the connection between You and themselves. When this happens, You should wait until the countdown is over and then beat the computer as fast as you can. This should save your win.
  • Broken Pipe
    You can recognize this, when You get the message "broken pipe" and You lost Your connection with WChat. (For details on this issue read the news of April 2001!) An easy way to protect You from this attack is to install a firewall onto Your computer. Thanks to XTheManX for this helping hint!
  • Build cheat
    You recognize this cheat, when you see your opponent building visceroids (don't mix this up with the occasional visceroid that surfaces sometimes in multi player games and attacks your northest building), gunboats or hovercrafts. You don't need to counter hovercrafts, they're harmless. The visceroids don't have much armor and the gunboats can be destroyed by SSM launchers (longer range) or obelisks of light (a single shot destroys a boat). If you destroy the airstrip / weapons factory the gunboats belong to (they move through it), the gunboats will leave the right border of the map and won't reappear on the left side as they would otherwise. So just kill their airstrip / weapons factory and they're gone. More on this here.

    A recent email from MaCoBoiY, who's familiar with gunboats, because he cheats by using them, told me:

      From: "MaCoBoiY" <>
      To: <>
      Subject: Regarding the GunBoat Cheat
      Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 22:28:46 +1000
      MIME-Version: 1.0
      X-Priority: 3

      Hi Mac,

      I thought u might want to add this counter cheat to your website. I recently stumbled on a way to make the gunboats disappear, as we all know, SKEYING the gunboats makes them go faster, to make them disappear just keep on SKEYING the gunboats when they are at the end (edge) of the screen, this makes them disappear and not come back, unless more are built, doing this to all the gunboats will make them all disappear. Unforunatelly this cant work for Macintosh's, but for the PC it would work.

      Regards MaCoBoiY

    Thanks for that info.

  • Technology cheat
    You recognize this cheat, when someone builds units or structures of a higher technology level than you're playing at. The only way to protect you from this bad surprise is to play always technology level 7 (max).

Mad tricks:

    The counter to all these tricks is: Don't let them fool You!

  • Kick words
    Certain words are prohibited on WChat. If You type them You're banned from WChat for different amounts of time. Some players fool newbies by telling them in private what to say. Usually those words contain somehow the forbidden words.
  • Free Resign
    During a game You can resign by pressing the r-key. The upcoming dialog asks You if You wish to surrender. The return-key or pressing the OK-button let's You resign then. The cancel-button returns You to the match. Some guys try to trick You and tell You to type some words that contain the "r" and that You should hit <return> then fast. C&C tries to interpret every key You press as a short cut. So any word with "r" plus <return> let's You surrender. Examples: "winner", "air". You're save as long as You are in chat mode after having pressed F1, F2, F3 or F4 (read the short cuts for more on these).

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