wchat rules

updated 2001-01-16
You will be punished by Westwood for doing that (original document at westwood):
  • Using more than one nickname during the same month for playing tournament. (But: You're allowed to use for different tourneys different nicknames. You're allowed to play non-tourney using as many different nicks as You like. You're allowed to possess as many nicknames as You like.) This rule was introduced in the end of 1998.
  • Sharing Your tournament nickname with another player.
  • Using a nickname that is registered to any free email provider.
  • Playing another household member at any time in any tournament.
  • Using the s key on Your opponent's units.
  • Hiding Your last units.
  • Using the Refinery cheat. (If You accidently run into the Refinery bug and You want to resign and surrender then just leave the game: click the "abort current mission" button. This will give You the loss and You stay clean and fair!)
  • Giving or getting free wins.
  • Disconnecting during a game. Only exception: Your opponent hides his last unit. Then Westwood recommends to disconnect. Disconnecting "dc" means pulling the modem plug or interrupting the connection to the Internet in any other way. During game play the WW-server moves out of the way. So a dc can only be blamed on the players themselves. Aborting (leaving) the game by using the CnC game menues or resigning with the "r" key is not dcing.
  • There may be other cheats giving You an unfair advantage. You will be punished for using them too.

Your punish can be:

  • Westwood removes Your WChat account.
  • Westwood bans You from WChat.
  • Westwood removes up to 300 of Your points at the very end of the month.
  • Westwood disqualifies You from winning for this month.
  • Westwood disqualifies You forever from winning.

Some few expamples (there're even more):

Leaving under 3 minutes when You face a sure loss is not punished, but it's very poor sportsmanship. Every game under 3 minutes isn't counted by the ladder system. Westwood had introduced that to prevent free wins, where 2 people play and someone resigns early. The problem with this 3 minutes rule is that for fast game speeds, tough players can finish off a weak player under 3 minutes and won't get the win. This is beside better unit control another reason for me to play on medium game speed.

If You think someone is a dirty player report him: mailto:contests@westwood.com. Your cry will be heard and Westwood punishes dirty ladder players every end of month!

According to official Westwood information:

    Disconnects work the following way:

    1) If you or your opponent disconnects within the first 3 minutes of the game, no score will be recorded, and no disconnects will be awarded.

    2) If someone disconnects after three minutes (either by pulling the plug or using abort/resign), he loses. Period. The person still in the game should wait until the reconnect timer runs out, then you can exit the game normally. The remaining player will be awarded the win, and the other will get a loss and a disconnect.

    3) If both players disconnect due to an Internet problem, both players will receive a disconnect. In this case, you will either not receive any score (if the disconnect caused the score information to be lost in the server), or the win will be awarded to the person who was winning by 30% or more.

    Westwood does change any ranks, wins, disconnects, etc. on the ladder page without review of all complaints. All scores entered by the ladder server are final. In instances where you think the person was cheating, we will review the case, but this will only happen in official Westwood events (such as contests for prizes).

    Harvester treaties, timed treaties, and other agreements made between players are NOT part of the official rules. If you use them, you do so at your own risk.

Westwood Online rules of conduct:

    Westwood Online is a gaming service for people of all types to chat and compete against each other. Please read through the following rules of conduct to ensure your time spent here is as much fun as we hope it will be.

  • Language, Nicknames, and Channel Names
    When speaking to others, please don't use foul language or create nicknames or channel names that would offend others. Any profanity, sexual references or comments said in bad taste will be grounds for removal - or worse!
  • Don't annoy or harass your fellow users
    If you can't leave someone alone or like to "cyberstalk" your fellow netizens to the point of being annoying, then we recommend you seek professional counseling. Just because no one will pay attention to you in real life doesn't mean that you can pester others on Westwood Online. Good examples of this bad behavior are threats, continuous scrolling in channels, starting fights, and calling your fellow users childish names.
  • Hate Crimes
    We will not tolerate racial bigotry or offensive behavior toward any particular group of people for any reason. Westwood Online is a gaming service for people of ALL types and ages.
  • Illegal Stuff
    And discussion of hacking, phreaking, pirating, illegal use of drugs, or anything else considered illegal activity in the United States is prohibited on Westwood Online. If you want to be a criminal, go somewhere else.
  • Advertisements
    While we're happy that you have the secret to making a million bucks, we would rather you kept it a secret. Westwood Online is for gamers, not for your sales efforts.
  • No Impersonating
    This includes impersonating other users, SYSOPS or telling people that you work for Westwood. Any use of a nickname that is meant to deceive others into thinking you are someone else isn't allowed.
  • No use of software other than the official Westwood client to connect.
    There are some very lame programs available that we have not verified as 100% safe for you or your computer. Use of these pirated programs to log into Westwood Online could result in unknown consequences. Only the Westwood client, which is downloaded from the Westwood site, is authorized.
  • Sysops are here to help!
    SYSOPS or system operators monitor the system for troublemakers. SYSOPS are not employees of Westwood Studios, but Westwood Online users that have volunteered their time and help to make the system safe for everyone. Because SYSOPS are users just like you, they can't help you with technical questions regarding Westwood Studios games. For that, we suggest you visit our technical support page

    Basically, we know that 99.9% of you aren't troublemakers. As long as you treat others as you would expect to be treated then everyone will get along great.

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