covert operations CD

updated 2001-08-12

missions & sound tracks

Thanks to Nikoomba1's MacC&C site "The Research Center" I found out how to use that DOS mission disk on my Mac. I tried the german version of the covert operations CD with my MacC&C (U.S.). Everything except the videos of that CD works fine. For playing the new missions copy the "SC-001.MIX" file from the "install" folder of the german covert operations CD into Your MacC&C folder. Start MacC&C with the mission CD and You will see a new button which leads to the missions. You can also choose one of the new sound tracks during game play. According to Nikoomba1 You should drag all files from the "install" folder of the U.S. version of the covert operations CD into Your MacC&C folder. Then You should be able to see the mission videos, too.

Steve Israelson (lead programmer for Mac C&C) indicates that Covert Ops should run:

  • Copy the two files from the Covert Operations disk that start with "sc" to your C&C folder.
  • Increase C&C memory allocation by 750k
  • Run C&C with the Covert Operations disk in the drive.

playing without CD

I made with "ShrinkWrap" (share ware) a disk image and copied all files onto that image. If I mount that disk image by a double click I can play the new missions without any CDs.

multi player maps

Because C&C Edit cannot open DOS mix files, the only way to get the new multi player maps from the covert operations CD working in MacC&C is: Install the CD on a DOS machine and copy all files named "scmXXea.BIN" and "scmXXea.INI" to Your Mac C&C folder. The XX represents 10, 50, 51, 52, 60, 61, 62, 75, 90, 97 and 98. If You see "Nulls Ville" as multi player map name in Your game window, change the format of the scmXXea.INI files with "BBEdit Lite" (share ware) to DOS like shown in this screen shot.

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