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29. February 2000

ACnDC giving free wins

The player ACnDC was disqualified by Virtual Ted "for life for cheating a lot". But he's using lots of alias names to annoy other WChat players furthermore. Today he talked about giving free wins. Here's a log file of WChat:

BlaK519-> lol ac
BlaK519-> ac sadly cheated someone else :(
BlaK519-> or so i hear
HoooTrain-> dont even know how too out sync
UChitE-> LOL
HoooTrain-> but ill probly get win
HoooTrain-> why
HoooTrain-> why not just play
HoooTrain-> blak
HoooTrain-> wen i get free wins from tygr
BlaK519-> ya ac?
HoooTrain-> what u going too do
UChitE-> tygr wants to win
UChitE-> not lose
HoooTrain-> will see
BlaK519-> i doubt tank will do that
UChitE-> you retart
HoooTrain-> ill get the pass word
BlaK519-> tank played his absolute hardest against me
UChitE-> i have the password
UChitE-> i am tygr
BlaK519-> i doubt he will do any less against u
UChitE-> you git
HoooTrain-> ill give asp wins
BlaK519-> lol
BlaK519-> ok ac
BlaK519-> you do that
HoooTrain-> tygr out sync me now
private from BlaK519-> are you seeing all this?
<private> yep
private from BlaK519-> Send this to Ted.
HoooTrain-> your so lucky i did not get tygr pass word
BlaK519-> you can get all the wins you want ac
HoooTrain-> like u
HoooTrain-> fag
eVeNfLoW2-> sup dudes
HoooTrain-> why not just play me
BlaK519-> you will dc me
eVeNfLoW2-> you talking to me ac?
BlaK519-> or out of sync me like you did uchite
BlaK519-> or something like that
HoooTrain-> evenflood
eVeNfLoW2-> ac out of synced uchite
eVeNfLoW2-> what a dork
HoooTrain-> yeah sure
eVeNfLoW2-> acanker
HoooTrain-> the guy wont even play
eVeNfLoW2-> hmm ok
HoooTrain-> was that u evenflow
<MacMark> ACnDC was dqed for life by Ted for "cheating a lot" ... i think that says it all
HoooTrain-> you little fag
meino13-> who want s to play me in c&c
eVeNfLoW2-> nope
HoooTrain-> mac check hall of fame number 1
eVeNfLoW2-> just been doing an assignment for 4 hours
private from BlaK519-> you know acndc has about 5 nicknames in the top 20
HoooTrain-> something u will never be
<MacMark> Ted doesnt know all ACs alias names, ok
HoooTrain-> shut up mac
<MacMark> But "ACnDC" is dead
HoooTrain-> u think ted worry about me
<MacMark> The only life he can get is via alias names
private from BlaK519-> ac is powerrage, smokedham (this is mastablue's nick, but he gave it to ac), pointwhor, sloppyho, and hoootrain
HoooTrain-> yeah alias ACxDC
HoooTrain-> i have too use alias now
HoooTrain-> u got evenfag
HoooTrain-> and slanteyed faggots on here
eVeNfLoW2-> u have acanker

27. February 2000

Confirmation from Ted

Virtual Ted confirmed my mail about the refinery cheater I reported earlier. The last one who did that to me lost his WChat account. I hope Ted teaches this one a lesson too.

25. February 2000

Pennsylvania (by Evenflow2)

How can so many people come from Pennsylvania that win, isn't it almost impossible ? Could it be that the cnc legend has been controled by 2-3 players that come from Pennsylvania that get different ISP's?.
This may or may not be true but if you think about it, it all makes sense that some no life like ACnDC to have nothing else to do then try and win all the time, this might be a strange view of the situation but it's my view and it makes perfect sense.


  • Aurora69 won his from Pennsylvania
  • OOMPY won his from Pennsylvania and his first name is Aurora?

Notice how theres a gap of Pennsylvania winners from Octover 98 to May 99? And HOOOTRAIN is from Washington aurora Pennsylvania? It doesnt make sense that they are both ACnDC.

Some off topic extra:

<Private to Aurora69> Oompy
<Private from Aurora69> ARE U THE NEWZEALAND HACKER
<Private to Aurora69> NO
<Private to Aurora69> THAT WAS BADBOY50
<Private to Aurora69> Oompy

Good guys

Yesterday I found some time to play a couple of battles again. It was very positive. I don't mean tha fact that I won, but the fact that I played 3 honest players in a row! They all surrendered. Although leaving the game would have given me the wins too it's always great to see the map shaking in earthquake while the enemy troops blow up into a burst of fire. There've been times it was hard to find any good guys. If I lose I usually say "congratulations" and surrender. And yet since I play "whatever" to become even tougher I do that about every 4th battle I play. Extra hint: I will be playing today in the evening again (German time of course ;-)

23. February 2000

LordSSB on retreat

After I began to fight back LordSSB is in major trouble. He cannot keep up with me and published recently a cut copy of my news about him. He feels now the full power of this CnC site punishing him for spreading lies about the most honest CnC player there is. I keep him busy enough that he has no time for releasing new lies about me: All he did the recent days on his page was writing excuses for himself. And he still has not one single report about me from any player that supports his lies. I really enjoy toasting this fool. This is not his league. Maybe some of You remember the PO clan which is now vanished and gone? I helped them to retire ;-)

22. February 2000

Oldtimer in disguise

There's an old timer playing since ever but under several nicks. Every time he uses a new nick all the newbies (tough players of the actual generation) think here comes a new shooting star. Wrong. It's an old, very old player with lots of skills: The famous MrBuggy. He is also HeliWiper and Sergiy only to mention a few. For the complete list check the disguise page.

17. February 2000 (updated on 21st)

Lord unlike a lord

I have a new "friend": LordSSB. Since I claimed all my enemies are dead (e.g. LordSSB's old page hasn't been updated since months) he made a new page for me only full of "love and peace". Plus a counter that started at a suspicious high level of more than 8000 visitors.

"SSB" stands for the foolish clan "Sole Surviver Blitzkriegs" using the german word "Blitzkrieg" in a wrong way. Very funny, very foolish: "Blitzkriegs" is a word that makes no sense. The right spelling is "Blitzkriege" i f You mean more than 1 single "Blitzkrieg". "Blitzkrieg" is a fast and by the enemy unexpected assault that is finished after a very short amount of time e.g. one week. "Blitzkrieg" was not "invented". That historical term only describes the speed of finishing an assault. The clan "SSB" calls themselves "Blitzkriegs". Do they think they're a multitude of a tactic? A tactic never can be a person. It would be similar foolish if they call themselves "Sole Survivor <APC Rush>s". But "SSB" is an even more foolish name because they use the wrong spelling for the plural of the german word "Blitzkrieg". Every German laughs his head off reading such things. "SSB" is a very serious clan, hehe.

Back to the topic: LordSSB is one of my blacklisted players reported in January 2000. Now he goes mad for being famous on my site and launched his new site. But he still is unable to deliver the message board he promises there. Empty promises are a common feature of all "fan sites":

LordSSB has put me in his ICQ list but he still rejects me getting him on my own ICQ list. Even he isn't man enough to tell the world on his web site who he is. Why does he hide himself? Would You trust someone You don't know?

What makes me "boldly go" is that he's begging You for some dirty informations about MacMark on his web site and still cannot get any bad stories about the good old honest CnC player MacMark. Guess why?

But there's one thing I can't stand on his page: He calls me a "super star".

12. February 2000

More life out there (from macrox)

" last man standing": that is very wrong... your site is not the last C&C site standing: my C&C site, theAnnoyer's is still active. yes, the last update was last month, but hey, there hasnt been much activity for me to report on.

and yes, although i have introduced a player reports, only I have made reports. no one else. thank you very much.

MacMark: I was talking about the "dark" sides only ;-)

08. February 2000

Last man standing

Last year some other sites tried to make this CnC God site look bad. They envied it's influence because of it's high popularity among the CnC players on WChat. Although some of the bad guys (dcers and liars) tried to spread lies about it and me. Recently I checked all these sites out again: They're gone or have never been updated again and left to death. Even the site with the most negative energy which imitated the look and feel of mine and was full with nothing but lies is... dead. Some other sites copied the ideas of mine by introducing a "player reports" section and so on. But with updates done in August 1999 they're a waste of time. The most recent generation of other CnC pages is overloaded with Flash animations and little contents. Some of the "dark sites" used animations too to trash me. One site claims I would be "a little school girl". Well, they never read the "about page" of this site so they couldn't know better.

The CnC God was first introduced in February 1997 on another URL and has moved to it's 3rd location in December 1999. So this page is 3 years old now and the last page standing.

Ladder is back

After being unavailable for about one week Westwood's CnC ladder is back. I have no idea what was wrong.

07. February 2000

Asking Ted

Today I sent email to Ted regarding some common actual problems. As soon as I get his answer, I will publish it here in the news:

"I'm wondering what's wrong with Since about one week I get the message "document contains no data" when loading the CnCgold/Mac ladder page. I heard that none of the sysops on WChat have any idea what's wrong with it. I miss the rankings and so do lots of other players. Can we expect our page back soon?

Oh, one more thing: There's a common wish for 4-player matches on WChat for CnC including clan wars and so on. I heard You have no time doing such a patch. Consider the many players who like the classic CnC more than RA or TS. You would do us a big favor and it would increase interest in that good old game one more time.

A last question: Why aren't any official fan site links for CnC classic available at I only can see "new-games"-pages with much hype and little contents. "

05. February 2000

The next generation

Long time C&C on WChat was dominated by champions like CmdrCD, Pieman1, Rquiem, Oompah and Mastablue. In recent months several newer players improved their skills and partially can touch the glory of the first generation. This next generation players consist of Blak519, Monster ID, Agentnrkj, Sergiy, DragoNod, cSh2000, XT5ger2X and so on, only to mention a few of them. Since most of the first generation stars left the game I missed the cold shower running down my back when seeing one of them joining my game channel. It was because of my mediocre skills (compared to them) like Oompah stated right. Will I get back that feeling? Chances are good. Oh, one more thing to the other guys: Watch Your step playing the young guns ;-)

03. February 2000

Comments on yesterday's news (from Totoe a.k.a. Tygrtank)

As i read IllSpits's report i realized that AC and Goku may have beeen giving themselves free wins but i found no supporting evidence to support that theory so i didn't publish it.

02. February 2000

The other side of free wins (from illspits)

As i sit and read the one sided story form ToeToe i sit and think to myself, hmmm, i think ill giv emy sid eof the story: My bro wa sin the top 5 off of all honest wins and ACxDC aka webwidow aka toxicwasp doesnt feel my bro has enough skill to be there. So ACxDc decides he is goign to unite with GOKU aka teddytank, and give themselves free wins so my bro cannot win. I played 2 names and the ladder (Agnt0rnge and AgentBlak) so get it right toetoe, and got all honest and legit wins on them, then i find out this ac character is giving free wins so my bro couldnt win, so i gav emy bro my pw's and let him do whatever, just to let u know ac goku and toetoe started it and My bro finished it!!! Tell the story correctly not swayed to your side.

New Zealand hacker (from Evenflow2)

Also it was a hacker from south auckland in new zealand that has gotten 2 isps banned in aussie and the whole of new zealand banned he went by the nickname of "badboy" or something.

01. February 2000

The Free Wins Rush has taken a whole new meaning (from Totoe a.k.a. Tygrtank)

Hello Mac, Since you asked me to give you a report on BlackAsp1's free wins rush from hell here it is. well as far as i know asp started the month with two nicks cptncobra and BlackAsp1 cptncobra has a high number of losses as you would expect from someone like Asp1 who gives himself free wins. not much happens for the mid part of the month except asp killing newbies on his sets, then this friday and saturday things start to pick up with asp flooding the top 100 with his and his bro's nicks. Friday it was asp and his bro going on a newbie killing spree to get them up high. Then late Saturday morning the free wins rush picks up with WhiteLinx who was 30-1 dropping to 30-15 late that afternoon and BlackAsp1 gaining 5 wins and agnt0rnge gaining 9 wins. Sunday was a little slower asp only gave himself 4 wins if i remember right with the agnt0rnge name. and Drago went on a killing spree and jumped ahead of asp by about 70 points. then Monday brings us to the final and most lucrative chapter int his free wins rush someone got Teddytank's password and gave asp and agentblak (another one of asp's alias's names) a shitload of wins and asp gets it to 1200 points and Drago behind by 4 points. oh wow i just found something else Soletalon another alias of the brothers finished very highly and also recieved wins from the Teddytank name poor goku. I found it strange how everytime i looked at the ladder and noticed how many losses one of asp's alias's had he had gained that many wins and his allybye's never checked out ok, like the one he used today he said he beat voltimore BS i checked voltimore's rank he had just as many losses as he had before and teddytank had two losses asp had two more wins and the amount of points he got for each was so high that it could only have been from teddytank. he did get a win or two from agentblak at the end to get 1200 though. In the end Drago comes to tie with BlackAsp1 after beating me in two long hard fought games. Drago will get the win since he have better percentage and asp will get DQed when ted looks into this.

Kerplink's identity confirmed

I got another confirmation that the news about Kerplink were correct. He's indeed Blak519 and ZeroskilZ.

And let Westwood sort the rest

Evenflow2 found out what's going on with banning New Zealand from Westwood: A hacker from New Zealand caused this whole think to happen. Pocono (a system operator at Westwood) said that hopefully in 1 or 2 weeks they catch him and unban the rest. So we can expect Evenflow2 back soon. Evenflow2 was banned accidently.

31. January 2000

Free wins rush on the ladder

There're some top players giving each other free wins on the ladder. This way they can make it to the top without any skills. Let's call it the "free wins rush". I expect more details on this including names coming in tomorrow. If this turns out true another round of banning and disqualifying is coming down.

Kerplink revelead

According to a reliable source (I promised not to mention who, sorry guys!) the tough player "Kerplink" is "Blak519" also known as "ZeroskilZ". For more alias names of other players check the disguise list ;-)

28. January 2000

New Zealand banned

Adding to yesterday's news Westwood banned New Zealand from WChat. Yes, the whole country! Evenflow2 told me that someone using the same ISP like him made Westwood angry and so they k-lined that ISP. "Even" talked to his ISP and they will contact Westwood to fix that overreaction. "Even" is hopeful to be back on WChat in the next days.

And I hope nobody in Europe cheats again. Maybe Westwood k-lines the whole continent next time ;-)

27. January 2000

Evenflow2 banned

I talked today with Evenflow2. He's a winner of the WChat tourneys. He said he was "k lined" that means "banned for life" from WChat. The problem for him: He uses a dial in service to the internet with a static IP address. Westwood banned his IP address. So he has no chance by making another nick with another email to get back on WChat. He was banned for playing breaking the WChat rules. He played with more than 1 nick during 1 month and he played someone more than 5 times tourney. I have more info on Evenflow2 on the player pics page, on the disguise list and in the player profiles. He says he didn't know the rules and broke them by accident. Could be - I never got any bad reports about him and I don't think he belongs to the bad guys. Good luck to get Your account back, Even!

25. January 2000

Under cover

I infiltrated an undercover agent to the ladder doing some secret work for me. Don't ask me who he is. I won't disclose it. Right now he's digging up the dirt I think.

Unofficial tourney

RyanAT is thinking about another unofficial tourney as You can read on his site CnC-Extreme. Some weeks ago his first tourney using a KO system has ended. This time he asks You if You want to do it the same way as last time. If You have suggestions visit his site.

22. January 2000

More pressure on WW to do the patch

You may have noticed that some other CnC sites started to demand a patch for WChat too. I hope that Westwood will do that 4-player patch for WChat like I claimed long ago. The more emails they get the likelier they will do it despite of the fact VTed denied to make the patch.

20. January 2000

Top name hider

Kerplink teached me yesterday some lessons. We played NOD versus NOD on Green Acres. He used every time another tactic and killed me easily. He uses every kind of unit and takes over the map fast. He does a Green Acres expansion, uses Engineers, uses a mixed unit strike and likes Minigunners. He was very kind. As on my tough players page stated only about 5 players are able to destroy me like a Newbie: CmdrCD, Rquiem, Oompah, RodOfNOD and Pieman1. CD and RQ were sorted out yesterday by me. Rod is retired long ago. Remaining are Oompah as the father of the GA expansion and Pieman as the universal player liking Mini Gunners. If You have some hints mail me to

14. January 2000

Sheep and wolves

I played last month as a "one-map-wonder". That means only 1 settings. After winning nearly every game I decided to return to my old style: Playing "whatever". It's more of a challenge. Surprisingly I still win most matches easily. My opponents lack the basics of this game. They don't know that a Harvester-filled-Refinery cannot be sold and gives a good target for my Engineer. I get the money in it, the Harvester and the Refinery. Playing with crates on I often find a bunch of infantry including a Commando which I use to blow up his base. Do me a favor and tell all the players You meet they should read the tactics published on my site. They're from the best players of the world and cover every aspect of the game. I want more opponents, not victims!

No patch for WChat?

I was told Virtual Ted visited the CnC channel early this month talking in private with some players. He used [VTed] as his nick. According to one of them Vted has no time to make a 4-player-patch for WChat because he's doing the work of 8. This phrase is already well known, isn't it? I think they should hire more programmers if there's too much work to be done. Hey Westwood, we want clan wars for CnC and 4 player games on WChat!

09. December 1999

A-10 site coming back

Dean over at A-10's MacC&C Page announced today that his CnC site will be updated again. Some weeks ago they decided to stop further development. Now they changed their mind because of the high demand.

C&C God moves

Starting on 14.12.1999 this site will move to please update Your bookmarks now because the old address will expire at the same moment! My new email will be

ACnDC clones

ACnDC plays this month ladder under at least 3 different nicks: Kerria543, Hoootrain, Aurora69. As kerria543 he lost like a man versus me yesterday.

Westwood in trouble

WChat and Westwood's tournament page have been unavailable for one day. Now both are online again. I think they have fixed the recently messed up ladder which gave wrong game results.