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User channels to be removed

The rumor that I published a few days ago has turned out to be true: User channels to trash

What does it mean? For C&C players nothing much. The C&C chat channel will still be alive. So will every other game related chat channel. Westwood only got rid of the custom-made channels with topics like "over 30" or so. You will still find Your online friends at WChat and You can still talk about Your matches. The change will be made on Monday, 2001-04-02. My source is Westwood themself this time: Just log into WChat and You will see those news in the welcome message.

Some guys out there will make a big sing and dance about Westwood's decision and how "bad" it is, but I have never really used user-made channles and won't miss them. Custom made channels have nothing to do with C&C. So relax and enjoy C&C online matches as usual!

LordSSB pirate

LordSSB (aka "ELVIS") has a little page. The bad think about it is, that he links to a forum, and this forum links to his other forums. And one of them does nothing else but helping software pirates with cracks, hacks and so called "warez" (illegal pirated copies). Another dark shadow on a bad guy.

This is a screenshot of the actual topics on that pirate forum.

This is not the first time LordSSB made an illegal site. In earlier news LordSSB lost his illegal site.

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ACnDC pointreduced to zero

ACnDC, playing under several nicks again this month, breaking WChat rules as usually, was pointreduced to zero by Westwood: His NOD nick "KingAshok", which was leading the ladder by far, was stripped off all his points. When You check the world ranking of players You can see it by typing his nick.

A great move from Westwood again, confirming they still care about cheaters on the C&C ladder.

User channels to trash

Rumor has it that Westwood will disable all user made chat channels from the beginning of April 2001. I give this rumor a probability of 50%. My source is like the last time Daniel "D" McCreadie. I'm sure many of the WChat users won't like such a move. Speaking for myself I can say that I usually use the CnC-channel only.

ACnDC labels his homepage with red face

On ACnDC's homepage You can see the famous red face that marks dcers on the world ranking of players. This icon on his page is animated and rotates the little ugly red face and states nearby "ACnDC cheater".

It's exactly this:

He hasn't updated since 4 complete weeks and left his site to death. Again it seems as if the C&C God site is winning another info war (as usual).

From time to time some silly hate pages pop up on the web publishing lies and after a while, let's say 2 months, they're vanished and outdated.

Maybe You wonder what happend here to ACnDC? Well, he lost the infowar. His failure was to link images directly from my site. This gave me the power to modify his site virtually: I kept the linked files on my site, but changed their contents. So the picture he linked on his main page switched from the original spinning Apple-logo You can see on my start page to a red nasty label for a cheater.

But don't be afraid: As long as You're honest, You're safe and You're allowed to link directly to my pictures. Did I mention how much I enjoyed this lesson for the world's biggest C&C cheater out there? And remember: I only changed one of my very own pictures on my very own site. It's tricky, isn't it? MacMark brandmarks the cheaters ;)

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Players not appearing on the ladder

On the C&C GOLD H.Q. Ojomym published some interesting news for players that still have the problem not getting a rank on the world ranking of players:

    In other news, I received an E-mail the other day from a very helpful Westwood employee named Kim Talbot. I have had a good conversation with this employee and he told me a bit about Westwood I didn't know. Thanks Kim. He explained what was going on with the C&C ladder and that they were trying to fix it. Here is the E-mail...

    Subj: RE: TechHelp: Request for more information
    Date: 3/22/01 7:57:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
    From: (techhelp)
    To: ('')

    Clearly not.  Obvious mistake on my part, forgive me?
    We are aware of a few customers that are not appearing on the ladder.  They are accumulating
    points as normal but are not appearing on the ladder.  We are working on this issue and hope
    to have it fixed soon.
    Again, sorry for the misspost.
    Kim Talbot
    Customer Service
    Westwood Studios

Apparently Westwood is aware of this problem and wants to fix it. Readers of the this site will remember many news about this problem, that occured in the beginning of 2001. It seems to be a bigger problem than it looked like in January 2001. The list of players claiming that they get no ranks is growing every day. This (and not the childish-looking RA2) is the reason why we see fewer players on the world ranking of players during the recent 3 months.

The related news have been:

CnC Top 100 resurrection

I told Sonic about my news "CnC Top 100 closed" and he answered me to it this:

    X-Authentication-Warning: Host [] claimed to be oemcomputer From: "Sonic" <>
    To: Markus Möller <>
    Subject: Re: C&C Top 100 To Close
    Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 14:59:07 +1300
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    X-Priority: 3


    The C&C Top 100 is actually back online, same name and same button image at

    I have to disagree with your comments on your site. It won't hurt because it was never considered part of our site or our network. It was something I set up since a friend mine said there should be a C&C Top 100.

    The better top site list are the ones from anyway. The C&C Top 100 was more of a novelty and never taken seriously until people started add the crap to it.

I like to hear that the CnC Top 100 list is back again. I added the C&C God today to it and hope the other C&C sites will follow me. I found that the new CnC Top100 list has a much faster response time and no more problems caused by wrong HTML coding.

CnC Top 100 closed

Some days ago I got email from Sonic:

    Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 02:34:28 -0600
    Subject: C&C Top 100 To Close

    The C&C Top 100 top site list is now closed for good. The decision was made because we have had nothing but trouble with it. People were always adding obscene sites that offered adult content. Its a case of these people have spoilt the fun for everyone who used it correctly and stayed with in the rules.

    Please remove the Top 100 link image and code from your site ASAP.


I was sorry to hear that and I think they resigned much too early. I got rid of such stuff for example on my forum too. How? Well, just delete it consequently as soon as You see it. In Sonic's case he should have deleted those accounts a few times and they would have seen that their efforts are futile and without any bigger success.

If I would close my site each time somebody tries to post some ugly stuff, guess how often I would have shut it down already? Often, very often. The internet is like the real world: You don't like everything and You've got to deal with it. Or do You try suicide everytime You dislike the evening news?

I seriously ask Sonic to be somewhat tougher! Your top list was about C&C, it's a game of fighting, not of shuting down as soon as You encounter the first difficulties. I hope You make a comeback with Your top list.

Ladder without prizes

Daniel "D" McCreadie is meanwhile a channel moderator (or something like that) for Red Alert 2. He's a little bit related to Westwood and thus closer to the sources of informations than me. He posted a few days ago this message on the C&C God forum, which gave me a not so good feeling:

    Out with the old and in with the new - Contest update!

    Contests is now going to be better with cheaters ie banning them and serial codes but here is the bad news :

    We will take every report of cheating in RA2 seriously, and we will make a concentrated effort to investigate ALL ladder players, not just those reported. This is our new POLICY, not just a plan. As of March 1, 2001, the tournament team will concentrate on Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun contests only. Although other ladders will remain open and functional, prizes will not be awarded. As you know from our website, we are planning to release several new products in the near future. In order to ensure we can hold contests for the upcoming titles, we need to streamline contests we are currently supporting. No patches are planned for previous titles.

    All known bugs for cnc gold still work and without contests worrying its possible a cheater could win the tournament. Sorry but thats new policy.. on the other side of things Mc&c is looking sweet even if I do say so myself. Its not really ready to be announced yes though.. hope you understand

    Thanks for listening!


This sounded quite harsh for me, especially if I count in that "D" usually is promoting Red Alert 2... So I decided to ask Virtual Ted about it:

    Hi Ted,

    Daniel "D" McCreadie told me on my forum, that there won't be any prizes from now on for the C&Cgold ladder. Furthermore he said, that Westwood won't look for cheaters on the C&Cgold ladder anymore.

    Is this all true?


Virtual Ted answered:

    No, this isn't necessarily true. We will continue to investigate complaints, but we aren't awarding monthly prizes anymore.

So it's not all that bad as it sounded at first. I never played for prizes and I never put much effort into climbing up the ladder. My goal is to have some interesting Chess-like matches with opponents who give me a good challenge. I know some of You will say now: "Being a challenge for MacMark isn't very difficult, because he sucks at C&C." You see: It's that easy to make me happy :-))

Let's think about the main points of these news:

  • No more prizes for C&C ladder players.
  • If You report a cheater they check him and he will be punished as usual.

Look at the good side of that: All the players, who cheat like hell for getting a mouse pad will now play Red Alert 2. C&C doesn't need prizes to be a funny game to play. I see You on the fields ;-)

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