news of February 2001

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DragoNod spreads a virus

Today I got this important looking mail from HeyBIGGY:

    Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 15:52:00 EST
    Subject: This is very important please put this on your front page MacMark To:
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Hello, This is HeyBIGGY, I was recently talking to people in the CnC Chat, and DragoNod was in there. He was telling everyone to go to AC's webpage and download Drago's calculater called the "Dragolater", However IF HE EVER TELLS YOU TO DOWNLOAD THIS ITEM, DO NOT BECAUSE IT IS INFECTED WITH THE CIH VIRUS!


Thanks for Your hint, HeyBIGGY.

ACnDC point reduced

Today I got news from BlackAsp1; he mailt:

    Check it out..........

    • 3 Field Marshal Patmckula 19 wins /  2 losses 571
    • 1105 KGB Spy Patmckula 19 wins /  2 losses 0

    Westwood took care of this guy. He free win rushed. Today's date is 2/13/01 , and the update from 8 o'clock to 9 o'clock  USA eastern time, this happened. Westwood is taking care of all the cheaters. See ya MacMark. Your welcome for the info  :-)

Good to see that. Unlike some other guys I never doubted Westwood cares about cheaters on Command & Conquer. "Patmckula" is one of ACnDC's nicks. He uses more than 1 nick (as usual) to play ladder this month. Let me state it this way: It won't be the last time they got ACnDC. Expect the unexpected. Should I mention the famous "reliable sources confirmed" as You're used to hear from me?

LordSSB tries to fool MacMark

In the early hours of this day (german time) I was on the WChat C&C channel and LordSSB was present there too using his other nick "ELVIS". He tried to get me banned by the helpbot from WChat by a mad trick: If someone tries to impersonate the helpbot, he will be banned from the channel automaticly. So he wrote me a private message which contained the string "[helpbot]". Usually I copy and paste his mad comments which he tells me in private mode to the public. So he thought I would do it with that private message too. If I would have done it, I would be banned. Instead of this I took a screenshot of that occurrence. Click the image at left to see the details.

LordSSB lies again

LordSSB has a long history of lies. For the details check his dirty player entry.

Recently he couldn't resist one more time and lied again:

On his homepage he tells straight lies about me. He lies about an ICQ talk between him and me, that actually never took place. He feigned what I should have said and he feigned what he should have said. It's an impudence. It's simply a fairy tale. Click the image to see the details.

Then he goes on and uses his own feigned fairy tale to spread some more lies about my person and my country. As You can see LordSSB isn't a very nice guy. But in this world there will always be some bad guys like him besides the good guys like me. You cannot have the light without the shadows - unfortunately.

ACnDC made a website

ACnDC made a website ("" respectively reserved the wrapping frame "") that's joking around about my site ("" respectively ""). Furthermore he's joking about some of Westwood's people too, but mostly he makes fun of the most prominent WChat players of today. Interesting is the part where he speaks about LordSSB. It looks like their unholy alliance is broken now. I like to see this. If You wonder who're the three guys on his banner, they're Virtual Ted, ACnDC and me. ACnDC used my site as a template and edited the copy to fulfill his needs. He even left the HTML meta tags unchanged. It's not the first time my site was subject of a parody. I didn't know it's that famous.

Ranks for names

Starting in February 2001 some names, which weren't ranked (world ranking of players) in January, get ranks again. Westwood fixed that bug for most of these names. But some guys were lazy and didn't mail Westwood (Virtual Ted: manager of WChat) about their problem. It looks to me like those players still can get no rank on the ladder.

You can find more about this issue in January's news:

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