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Hello World!

According to some statistics, this site is visited every hour of the day. There's no hour this site isn't watched. Furthermore the visitors come from around the world. A look at the domains which invoked this site during the past two weeks shows the following:

  • BRAZIL (.BR)
  • CANADA (.CA)
  • Commercial (.COM)
  • Educational (.EDU)
  • ISRAEL (.IL)
  • ITALY (.IT)
  • Networks (.NET)
  • NORWAY (.NO)
  • Organizations (.ORG)
  • SPAIN (.ES)
  • SWEDEN (.SE)
  • TURKEY (.TR)
  • United Kingdom (.UK)
  • Unknown (.???)

You're all welcome and please tell the rest of the world about this site too ;-)

All names rank again in February

As a follow up to Still fixing the non-ranks I can add now: Aranand was in tech support some days ago and Westwood told him that the name which aren't getting a rank in January will be able to rank in February again. As soon as the ladder is reset for the next month, these names "are back" according to those informations.

LordSSB admits to impersonate MacMark

Everybody should know that impersonating is forbidden. But LordSSB ignores that and breaks the rules of Westwood Online. He admitted that too. You can see him admitting that on his own forum, which is linked under, which is a wrapper frame of his original (Yes, it's the same link that he used for his illegal page that harrassed me some time ago. Read here more about it: LordSSB lost his illegal site. And yes, he still uses my name "MacMark" for his site although he has no permission from me. He must really like me to title his site with my name).

He wrote in his forum:


    Posted 1-22-2001 06:51

    yeah that happens! i just about laughed my keesters off when i saw that pic. I know that i
    have a "few" of my own make fun of macmark names. Its great fun making fun of a
    compleat idiot!

For impersonating another player, he get's a one more entry on the blacklisted players.

Blink24 tried to impersonate MacMark

I wrote to Blink24 (meanwhile he took the complained links down after this mail):

    CC: MacMark <>,, Subject: Blink24 impersonates "MacMark" on WChat much

    Hello Blink24,

    this is MacMark mailing from his job account. I found You impersonate me on WChat.

    You prove it on Your own homepage: which belongs to Your CnC site

    I attach that JPG to this mail too.
    I finally found who was talking to me on WChat using names that look like my "MacMark" and harrass me under these names. Some of these names are pure insults for me.

    Impersonating other players on WWonline is against Westwood's rules: No Impersonating (this site) or if You prefer Westwood's original.

    You cannot hide behind Your wrapper frame, which You call "". CJB-net puts Your original HTML page into another HTML-frame with a name You wish. Anyone can open the contents of that frame in a new window and see the original URL. Sorry, You cannot hide.

    Kind regards,

Blink24 admitted that JPG and his posting

    Topic:Go See MacMark names in WWChat

    Me [guest]

    Go See MacMark names in WWChat
    Posted 1-21-2001 23:28

    Go here-

on LordSSB's forum:

    Return-Path: <>
    From: "Greg -Blink182 Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" <>
    Subject: Re: Blink24 impersonates "MacMark" on WChat much Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 10:36:34 -0600
    Mime-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed
    Message-ID: <> X-OriginalArrivalTime: 22 Jan 2001 16:36:34.0586 (UTC) FILETIME=[7BA43FA0:01C08491] X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000

    Dear MacMark,
    I am sorry i did this. But, those aren't actually my names. I just used paint. I have taken down the pic, so its not there anymore. I hope this makes it better. I dont go on false "MacMark" names and talk crap to you. I have better things to do than that. So i ask for your forgiveness and that you wont think of me as this kind of a guy. I have never gone on a name and talked crap to you like you say i have. I'm sorry for the people who have. Its wrong. But i assure you i will never do it again.

Nice to hear this, Blink. I forwarded his mail to and too like the previous one from me.

Verified prizes from Westwood

I wrote yesterday to Ted:

    Hi Ted,
    I heard LordSSB asked You if the prizes in my tournament are real. He told me You said, that they're not real.
    I want to verify this. The 2 mails I got about it came (like Your mails and Mary's mails) from <secret>. So I think it's real.
    The 2nd mail was <I published it earlier here: Westwood offers prizes for our tourney>:

    At 17:24 Uhr -0700 10.10.2000, Contests wrote:

      How is the tournament going? We offer the following prizes, as you see fit to give them out:

      1 Copy Red Alert 2
      2 Red Alert 2 posters
      2 Tiberian Sun sound track CDs
      2 Command & Conquer mousepads.

      When you have chosen your winners, please forward the names, mailing addresses (including country and postal code), telephone number, and the prize they won. They will be shipped post-haste. Good luck!

      Westwood Studios
      Customer Support

    The first mail was <I published it earlier here: Westwood support for our tourney>:

      At 8:41 Uhr -0700 21.09.2000, Contests wrote: From: Contests <>
      To: "''" <> Subject: Your Tournament
      Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 08:41:43 -0700
      MIME-Version: 1.0

      Hey MacMark, I recently saw your posting about a tournament. Thats GREAT! If you need any assistance, Westwood Studios would certainly be willing to help out with some prizes, contacts, etc. We would need to know a little about the tournament, of course.

      How will you score and store the winners i.e. what sort of scoring method will you use? What rules would you require participants to follow? Are other prize sponsors involved? Which champions would you like? If they were found cheating after they were posted, would they still qualify for your tournament? How many placements and how many prizes (do you have a scoring bracket available with potential prizes)?

      If you would like some assistance from Westwood, we will need to start working on this rather quickly, as you can imagine. With Red Alert 2 soon to be released, we are limited with time. If at all possible, please submit a proposal to this address within 3-5 days. I really must have it by Sept. 26. Thanks, and good luck!

      -Westwood Contest Coordination Staff

    What do You think? Are these mails real? Or did someone abuse Your Westwood mail server <secret>??


Ted answered:

    From: "Morris, Ted" <>
    To: "''" <> Cc: Contests <>, "Rubyor, Chris" <>,
    "Hoffman, Sam" <>
    Subject: RE: faked offer? i think no
    Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 12:54:09 -0800
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Hmm. Must be something different than what I'm doing then. I'll check with Sam, but this looks legit.


Sam answered:

    From: "Hoffman, Sam" <> To: "Morris, Ted" <>,
    Cc: Contests <>, "Rubyor, Chris" <> Subject: RE: faked offer? i think no
    Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 13:19:29 -0800
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Those emails are legit, the offer of prizes still stands. We, of course, will need the shipping information for those players who have won. Thanks for the follow up.

    Westwood Studios
    Customer Support

Why did LordSSB ask Ted about the prizes? As can be seen here: Westwood support for our tourney and here: Westwood offers prizes for our tourney, Ted had not much to do with these prizes. But nevertheless LordSSB spread lies again.

Hall of shame

The hall of fame looks like a hall of shame according to a reliable source. But I'm not willing to give details like names and log files to anyone else but to Westwood (if they ask for it).

Now let's take a look at the past champions:

  • 1999-11
    MonsterID: Won fairly.
    Evenfow2:Free win rushed.
  • 1999-12
    HoooTrain: Free win rushed.
    AgentBlak: Free win rushed.
  • 2000-01
    BlackAsp1: Free win rushed.
    Aurora69: Free win rushed.
  • 2000-02
    Same winners as last month? A mistake probably.
  • 2000-03
    Austin469: Free win rushed? Jumped in points quite a bit on one day.
    Jeremy543: (Tygrtank) free win rushed.
  • 2000-04
    Honestman: Dced and cheated his way to the top.
    Totoe: Took some free wins.
  • 2000-05
    XTiberman: The biggest free win rush ever.
    Akansloos: The biggest free win rush ever.
  • 2000-06
    Foxcatrat: Won fairly.
    XTheManX: Won fairly.
  • 2000-07
    Dkrulz1: <no information available yet>
    Austin469: <no information available yet>
  • 2000-08
    CnCXtreme: <no information available yet>
    HHHXXX: <no information available yet>
  • 2000-09
    Orcionm: Won fairly.
    MonsterID: Won fairly.
  • 2000-10
    M0f0m0j0x: <no information available yet>
    McCreadie: Got free wins from oldskool.

Still fixing the non-ranks

I wrote to Virtual Ted (manager of WChat):

    Hi Ted,

    please let me know when the bug (no ranking for "MacMark" and some other players on the CnCgold ladder) is fixed. I will go on playing nearly every day, as usual. So You can check some log files or similar things to find the bug.

    Kind regards,

The answer from Virtual Ted was:

    As mentioned before, we will let everyone know once the problem has been fixed.


Dragonod impersonating

You read Westwood's rules? No? You should! One part of them is

    No Impersonating
    This includes impersonating other users, SYSOPS or telling people that you work for Westwood. Any use of a nickname that is meant to deceive others into thinking you are someone else isn't allowed.

This rule was broken by Dragonod in a way hard to believe. According to reliable sources he shared passwords for his name(s) with some of his online friends like Sergiy and Evenflow2. They have each other's passwords. Why did they do it? They trust each other, they wanted to have some fun and they wanted to fool other players. I didn't believe them until Dragonod forced Sergiy to tell me via his ICQ account that they're the same person. After that I put their alias names together on my disguise list, but I didn't resort them foreboding I will have to reverse that any time soon. I guessed it right. Since yesterday the disguise list was corrected again.

Now it becomes even more strange. These guys heard about ACnDC being hunted by the FBI and what happened. Dragonod decided to harrass ACnDC somewhat. He made 2 names and made everybody believe it's ACnDC: ACzDC and LeeAugust. Even I believed it until yesterday. "ACnDC" was disabled a long time ago. ACnDC made some new names, one of them is "ACxDC". So "ACzDC" looks like a name of his. Lee August is ACnDC's real name and Dragonod used that name to annoy him. I'm not here to fight for ACnDC, but what Dragodnod did to him, was not acceptable. Nor by me, neither by anyone and neither by Westwood's rules.

I expect Westwood will disable his name or punish him in another way like they did with other players who shared names and fooled the other players. All these guys learned one lesson: In the end, we will get You all!

All these informations came from reliable sources. But I'm not willing to give details like names and log files to anyone else but to Westwood (if they ask for it).

FBI hunted ACnDC

ACnDC is famous for his misbehaviour on Westwood Online since years. Now we got another example. He sent an email to a member of Westwood's ladder team (I know to whom, let's call him/her "Flower") and threatened to kill him/her. "Flower" was the target of some dirty pictures posted on my forum too, about which the poster said it was showing "Flower". I removed them and helped "Flower" to get the poster's IP address, host name and so on to enable "Flower" identifying him. My forum logs many things.

After the "I will kill You"-email from that player, a private investigator was hired and the FBI activated. The FBI found the sender of that mail when they knocked at the door of the house the player lives who's known to us as ACnDC. He's a 20 years old boy named Lee August.

On WChat ACnDC told "MacMark sent the FBI to my house" or so. I thought he was joking then, but now we all know the whole story or at least a big part of it.

These informations came from a reliable source. (You know I like that phrase very much, but a fact is a fact is a fact.)

A-10 CnC site revamp

I got an email from the maker of A-10's MacC&C Page (missions and maps) saying he will do a relaunch of his not updated for a while site:

    From: "dean.aceto" <> To: <>
    Subject: A-10 Coming Back At Yah!
    Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 17:48:24 -0600
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    X-Priority: 3

    I have decided to revive a-10's cnc page and do a total revamp!!! I will buy the domain  and everything. Im gonna sign with one of those 10bucks a month sites. If you want space let me know and we can work out figures on who pays what. It's gonna rock man. Can you get the word out on yer page?


It's nice to see You making a comeback. Welcome home in the CnC world! I've always kept Your site in my links, because it was still usefull although not updated for a long time.

VTed hopes to fix the ladder soon

I wrote to Virtual Ted (manager of WChat), Gavin (ladder maintenance) and comments (management and design team):

    Hi Ted, Gavin & Westwood,

    I played the recent days again as "MacMark" on the CnCgold ladder several times. I still have no rank, although it was always tourney.

    Do You have meanwhile an idea what's going wrong with the ladder? I met more players who couldn't get a rank too. This is very strange.

    Hope to be ranked again,

The answer from Virtual Ted was:

    We're looking into it and hope to have it fixed soon.


CnC Universe still queued

I continued my recent mails about the planned C&C Universe site:

I wrote to Virtual Ted:

    Hi Ted,

    a site without an URL isn't a web site. Did Westwood cancel plans for the C&C Universe site?


The answer from Virtual Ted was:

    No. It has not been scrapped. When we have more information, I'll post something on the website.



Still no rank for MacMark

I wrote to Virtual Ted:

    Hi Ted,

    when will I be ranked again on the CnC ladder? My games still don't count. I'm very very sad about that.
    Some other players have the same problems.


The answer from Virtual Ted was:

    We're looking into it.


Cleaned forum

Some users of my forum wrote repeatedly ugly stuff while insulting me. I warned them not to write any sex related stuff on this game forum and I told them to be nice. They didn't obey me. So I removed now every message of them and I banned their IP addresses. I rule this forum and You've to follow my rules.

Missing files in updates section

During the recent weeks me and some other players found, that the update files for MacC&C and C&Cgold were gone in the appropriate update sections on Westwood's site. The sections for updates have moved and the new ones are empty. So I wrote to Virtual Ted:

    Hi Ted,

    on Westwood's website none of the update files can be found for both MacC&C and C&Cgold. But there're "file update" sections. Why aren't the files in there?


My best guess is they're rebuilding some sections of their website. One part of these should be the "C&C Universe".

I wrote to Virtual Ted:

    Hi Ted,

    I'm very curious: Which URL will the C&C Universe site have?


The answer from Virtual Ted was:

    Not sure. Might not have a URL at all.


I wrote to Virtual Ted then:

    Hi Ted,

    a site without an URL isn't a web site. Did Westwood cancel plans for the C&C Universe site?


For MacC&C You can find all updates on my site. For C&Cgold You should check the other sites I've linked.

VirtualTed checks the rank problem

I wrote to Virtual Ted:

    Hi Ted,

    when will I be ranked again on the CnC ladder? My games still don't count. I'm very very sad about that.
    Some other players have the same problems.


The answer from Virtual Ted was:

    Hi MacMark,

    What is the name you are using to play under, and how many tournament games have you played in the past 5 days? We'll look into it further.


I wrote to Virtual Ted then:

    Hi Ted,

    i played as "MacMark". There should be 5-10 games of me in the past 5 days. I play tournament always. The players "Aranand" and "AdamAnt99" are known to me to have the same problem.

    In ealier months it happened too, that some games weren't counted, although they ended with a normal win or loss. But this month all of my games are uncounted.

    Many thanks for Your help, I miss the rank very much. MacMark

Recently AdamAnt99 is ranked in the world ranking of players finally at least. I hope my games will be counted too soon.

Some players not listed on the ladder

I wrote to Virtual Ted today:

    Hi Ted,

    I played 12 hours ago a game vs AdamAnt99. I won after he surrendered. Now (12 hours later) we're both still unranked.

    The about 5 games I had earlier this month weren't counted too.

    I noticed that several games of mine weren't counted by the ladder during at least 1 year. But about 80% have always been counted. Now 0% are counted.

    So doesn't work for me.


This mail went cc to

  • comments: management and design team
  • contests: report cheaters
  • Gavin: ladder maintenance
  • Mary: contest coordination staff and customer support
  • support: technical help

and as a forwarded mail to

I hope this helps to solve the problem. If You can get no rank on the ladder too, mail to the addresses above and complain about it please. The more mails they get the likelier they will fix it.

Top50 CnC players

Yesterday on WChat a reader told me to do a Top50 for CnC players on my site. Basicly he wanted his name somewhere published here, hehe.

I think such a list is a good idea and I want to know what other players think about it. Should I do a poll like I did some times before? Or I could think of a constantly updated Top50 based on Your emails, where You could say "put player x to place y" or "a is better than b they should switch places on the Top50". If You want such a thing let me know it on my forum.

Extended delay in ranked games

In an answer to my yesterday's question Virtual Ted wrote today:

    I think there is an extended delay in ranked games that we are looking at. Check again and see if they have been added.


I played today a game again and we will see, if I will get a rank...

Interesting too: Yesterday "Sam-WS" was in the CnC channel and told me WW has had a major power outage... I had asked him why I'm not ranked.

This means the people at Westwood aren't very sure about the reason why some people get no rank. It could be:

  • Extended delay in ranked games, according to Ted.
  • Database trouble, according to Westwood's network team.
  • A major power outage, according to Sam.

Maybe it's all together: A major power outage caused the database server to go down and so some games weren't ranked. But this is my private speculation.

More on AppleEvents

In addition to the ACC-effort Jon Merriman wrote on my forum:

    Get yourself a copy of Resourcerer. It is capable of displaying the info contained in the 'aevt' resources which tell the system which events Command & Conquer will respond to. After that just get a copy of Inside Macintosh: Interapplication Communication (available for download on Apple's site) and you should be able to figure out how to interact with C&C.

So we have finally a way to find out how MacC&C and WChat interact. Thanks for Your help, Jon.

He already helped out yesterday.

Cooperation against cheaters

Today I got an email from another CnC webmaster who made an interesting proposal:

    Well hi mac i got this cgi script running on my site would you like me to configure the script so it processes the form and also send the reports to u? just wonderin cos, yeah i wanna get these cheaters blacklisted and i got a few reports (approx..15) last month so it would contribute to the evergrowin blacklist. TheAfRiKn

My answer was:


    as You can read on my site I want to get certain infos in every report. Maybe You could modify it in that direction :))) But I would appreciate to get the reports anyway. Thanks for Your help.


Database trouble on the ladder

Recently I found that none of my January 2001 games was counted on the ladder. And it looks like I'm not alone having that problem. I wrote to Virtual Ted:

    Hi Ted,

    I played some games in January 2001 and I'm still not ranked on the ladder:

    At least one other player "aranand" has the same problem.

    Obviously the ladder doesn't count games of certain persons'.

    What's wrong?

    I won some great games this January and I'm unhappy that they didn't count at all :(


Interesting in this case is a new link I added to my links page: The network status shows the operational status of Westwood's game servers. If they have any problems, then it's shown here. Currently You can read there:


    01/01/2000 : 17:00:00 PST

    We have made modifications to our Red Alert 2 Game Server which should allow everyone to log in and play normally.

    However, we are still watching our servers closely for a recurrence of the previous database problem experienced earlier. We will continue to keep you informed 24/7 if and when this becomes a problem.

    Thanks again for your patience, and happy holidays!

WChat for Mac background informations

Today I got an eamail from another (formerly) MacC&C webmaster who provides some background informations about MacC&C and WChat. Looks like he has some interesting connections...

    Hello MacMark,

    Not sure if you remember me. I was the webmaster of the recently shut down Mac Gaming Research Center web site. About four months ago my iMac died and I've been on an old PC laptop ever since. I'm trying to get ahold of a good Mac 8600 on ebay... hopefully I'll have decent Mac soon.

    Just recently I've re-interested myself in the C&C universe of games. This machine can't play Tiberian Sun or RA 2 so I went out and bought Red Alert and Aftermath.

    I just found this site today. I haven't seen it in a year or more. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it was still being updated.

    I read up on this ACC program that was being developed. I'm not sure if it has been abandoned yet, but I thought this information might be useful:

    The lead programmer of the Mac port of C&C was Steve Israelson. Ever since he abandoned Phorte, his level editor for Marathon, he had been out of public reach. I just happened to meet him by accident. I had been offered a beta testing position for TotallyHip's Livestage. He was one of the lead programmers for the project, so I wound up communicating with him a great deal.

    At the time I was interested in hacking C&C to change units around. I asked him if he could remember anything that would be useful but he remembered little of C&C. That means you'll have to figure it out yourself.

    As for the AppleEvents bit... on my old Mac's hard drive I have some source code that may prove to be useful in getting ACC to interact with Command & Conquer.

    It shouldn't be difficult to get 4 player games going. Westwood attempted 4 player games with the legendary RA 3.03 patch, but later abandoned it. I believe the WChat server should still be capable of 4 player games, however I don't think the tournament ladder will like it... not sure though. I'd have to do some fiddling around with a packet sniffer.

    Westwood's WChat server is based on a modified version of IRCd. If worse comes to worse someone could create a third party WChat server for 4 player games that should still support the tournament ladder.

    I hope you find this info to be somewhat useful. I look forward to helping out more with the C&C community once I get on a real computer again.

    Jon Merriman

    P.S. Has Westwood shown any change of opinion toward porting its games to the Macintosh?

Currently they show no change in their opinion. But that may change someday. Thanks for Your mail.

Source code of WChat

I wrote to Virtual Ted:

    Hi Ted, Mary & Westwood,

    the players on MacC&C & CnCgold still have some interest in 4 player matches on WChat.
    The main problem is that WChat doesn't support 4 players, but CnC does. I heard Westwood doesn't plan to do such a 4-players-patch.

    So, we consider doing such a 4-player-able WChat on our own. For that we would need some informations about WChat from Westwood regarding Wchat's communication and interfaces.

    We don't want to make any money with that, we would give the source code to You.

    What do You think?


The answer from Virtual Ted was:

    Hi Mac,

    I'm not sure we can make the source code available. Sorry.


I guess they fear some serious hacks would trouble Westwood's online games.

URL of the planned CnC Universe site

In addition to some older news about that planned site I got some more informations:

I wrote to Virtual Ted:

    Hi Ted,

    I'm very curious: Which URL will the C&C Universe site have?


The answer from Virtual Ted was:

    Not sure. Might not have a URL at all.


Well, I'm not sure what this answer means. A site without an URL is... not available. Correct me if I'm wrong.

3rd party WChat for Macintosh status quo

Code named "Advanced Communications Center - ACC" (like the Ioc Cannon) the third party WChat for Mac is still under development. The current status quo is described by the maker of it:

    My Advanced Communications Center has the ability to create game channels, that have a different name than <yournick>'s_game

    Also, my ACC can be in multiple channels, as well as has the ability to automatically kick/ban certain people from the channel, based on their name..., so, you could create a channel, and then ban all cheaters from it :)

    The only problem is that I don't know how to get ACC to communicate with C&C, so you can't play any games :(

I told him to ask Apple about the so called "Apple Events" which are used to let programs communicate together. If You thinkYou could help us, then mail us: Kane & MacMark

The work on the ACC started a while ago. The goal is to get a compatible, but improved version of WChat. I asked Westwood:

    Hi Ted, Mary & Westwood,

    the players on MacC&C & CnCgold still have some interest in 4 player matches on WChat. The main problem is that WChat doesn't support 4 players, but CnC does. I heard Westwood doesn't plan to do such a 4-players-patch.

    So, we consider doing such a 4-player-able WChat on our own. For that we would need some informations about WChat from Westwood regarding Wchat's communication and interfaces.

    We don't want to make any money with that, we would give the source code to You.

    What do You think?


I hope to get some positive feedback about it.

In November 2000 the maker of the ACC told me:

    hello, as you may or may not know, i am a programmer. off and on, i have worked on the 3rd party westwood chat, and trying to find various fixes for sending and receiving data to and from the game application, on both mac and pc.

    in case you dont remember, i had posted a question about "appleevents" on your forum several months back, and the only reply i had gotten was to go get a pc.

    anyways, i have asked westwood for help, and they told me to ask totally hip for help, since they were in charge of porting it to macintosh

    i then asked totally hip (the guys who ported the mac version) for help, and they told me they would contact their programmer that was in charge of porting C&C to macintosh, and i have not gotten a reply since then. (i asked for help over a year ago)

    i then asked westwood again, and they refused to offer any assistance.

    then, 2 months later, i asked westwood for the last time, and they, again, refused to help, and even denounced my making of a 3rd party westwood chat program.


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