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[28 June 2000]
WChat to get an update

Rumor has it that WChat is going to be updated. I was told that some secret tests are currently running. But Westwood won't give out more informations while this is in the works. So You will read more informations here as soon as they become available.

[28 June 2000]
Cheaters punished in public

Today Mary alias "Buttercup", one of Westwood's people working on the ladder joined the CnC channel on WChat and talked. It began with a very interesting reducing of points. Several cheaters lost 300 points on the ladder. Westwood reduced their points for cheating and put them on top of the ladder to make them famous. Well they always wanted to be there ;-)

Here is the ladder screen shot and here comes the chat log:

"<MacMark> who is buttercup?
McCreadie-> The ladder mistress
McCreadie-> Why?
buttercup-> Hi, MacMark, it's Mary
McCreadie-> Wow
austin469-> hey mac
FoxCatRat-> What's up with the ladder?
<MacMark> hi Mary
McCreadie-> I did not see that coming
austin469-> hey Mary
FoxCatRat-> TOp 6
buttercup-> Have you seen the top 6?
austin469-> Foxcat, game?
<MacMark> yeah
FoxCatRat-> Yeah what's up with the top 6?
buttercup-> The cheating will stop
<MacMark> hi austin
<*action*> McCreadie sees the serious side of buttercup
<*action*> MacMark enjoys life today especially
buttercup-> If it means pasting the names at the top, so be it. Players caught cheating will be stopped. D/Qed
buttercup-> So if your rank changed a little, don't worry
<MacMark> well done
buttercup-> You were moved down for the good of all
buttercup-> thanks
buttercup-> :)
McCreadie-> Well I will be playing next month
<MacMark> i will publish a chat log and a screen shot
<MacMark> in 10 mins
buttercup-> Last month I warned all players. It was posted on the tourney page. It was VERY clear
buttercup-> Great
McCreadie-> Wow I have not flooded buttercup with private messages
McCreadie-> Heh heh
buttercup-> I know...
buttercup-> you feeling ok?
buttercup-> got a fever?
McCreadie-> Its just the ladder, I am laughing too much
buttercup-> hehe
austin469-> what is up with the ladder>
<MacMark> look at it austin
buttercup-> take a look. the cheaters can have a moment of fame
<MacMark> they are on top as they wished ;-)
buttercup-> But only for a few days.
McCreadie-> I still think the hall of shame was a good idea
buttercup-> You mean at the bottom? But then no one gets to see it
McCreadie-> No I did not mean that
buttercup-> After all, these guys want to be known. Now they are
McCreadie-> Yes
McCreadie-> Cheater of the month
McCreadie-> I hope my screen shots helped
buttercup-> More to come...
McCreadie-> I know
McCreadie-> How is are top secret tests on wchat coming along ?
<MacMark> i love it, its a great day for this game
McCreadie-> is -
sleigher1-> what happend to the rankings
buttercup-> very well, thanks
McCreadie-> Great :)
buttercup-> The cheaters have been given a few days of fame, sleigher1
buttercup-> The cheaters have been given a few days of fame, sleigher1
buttercup-> Hmm, so how many people have been in asking about this?
bill15639-> hi every butty
buttercup-> Have I missed much?
McCreadie-> ...
buttercup-> Bet this room has had a lot of traffic. More than Monopoly, I'd bet
<MacMark> mccreadie told us what happend
McCreadie-> Yeah
bill15639-> 66^9(::)
McCreadie-> You draw in the crowds
Seiglaff-> i don't know who u are =)
<*action*> buttercup curtsies
<*action*> McCreadie is glad ac did not turn up
bill15639-> (::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)
buttercup-> not yet, anyway...
<MacMark> is ac banned? he went away an hour ago and didnt return?
McCreadie-> Nah
bill15639-> (::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)
buttercup-> i haven't done anything to his account.
Seiglaff-> i haven't played for a very long time do they still give out prizes for top 3?
buttercup-> nope, not at this time
buttercup-> Have to remove the cheating first, Seiglaff
<MacMark> will the prices return for winners?
bill15639-> lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
buttercup-> Soon enough hopefully
McCreadie-> Legal thing
Seiglaff-> ohh
McCreadie-> Question time for buttercup
bill15639-> lol
bill15639-> lol
bill15639-> lol
bill15639-> llol
buttercup-> go ahead
McCreadie-> Not as bad as tech support
bill15639-> p
bill15639-> p
bill15639-> p
bill15639-> p
bill15639-> p
bill15639-> p
<MacMark> will the client of wchat be updated or the server?
buttercup-> tech support will be fun tomarrow
McCreadie-> Buttercup
McCreadie-> It always is
buttercup-> I'm not sure. I am not involved with that aspect
McCreadie-> Even when I have 5 system crashes and miss the quiz
McCreadie-> Well all is well now
buttercup-> Tim won't have much to do tomarrow
McCreadie-> Hint hint
buttercup-> The same thing happened on TS ladder last night
<MacMark> hehe
McCreadie-> buttercup have you got a copy of the channel log?
<MacMark> nice to see WW cares about the classic CnC too
buttercup-> From when?
McCreadie-> chat*
McCreadie-> Not really vital
CmdrCD1-> the ladder looks nice
McCreadie-> Tech support
<MacMark> hi CD
buttercup-> Thanks
CmdrCD1-> hi mac
RyanAT-> hello
<MacMark> ryan is back
CmdrCD1-> hey mac, you can win tournys with -300 points nowadays
soulcage-> whats up with the ladder?
buttercup-> Hi Ryan, It's Mary
RyanAT-> portugal 1 - france 0
RyanAT-> yipee
McCreadie-> Right on cue Ryan
<MacMark> cd: we got news
McCreadie-> Meet the ladder mistress
CmdrCD1-> portugal is top favourite anyways
McCreadie-> buttercup
<MacMark> say hello to mary
RyanAT-> hello Mary
CmdrCD1-> who is mary?
<MacMark> buttercup
buttercup-> The cheating will stop. Thats what happened to the ladder. The cheaters get a few days of fame
McCreadie-> the tennis was pretty good today
<*action*> buttercup is Mary-WS
CmdrCD1-> well, howdy mary
soulcage-> hackers?
buttercup-> Hi CmdrCD
buttercup-> 1
RyanAT-> tennis
RyanAT-> bah
soulcage-> thanx
McCreadie-> Yes
CmdrCD1-> Mary, do you have an explanation for the current ladder looks?
RyanAT-> watch the soccer dude
McCreadie-> Heh its ok
<MacMark> im working on the newspage now, read it in 5 mins CD
CmdrCD1-> ok, will do
RyanAT-> that spain - portugal games last week was one of teh best games i've seen
buttercup-> Yep. They are cheaters. They are D/Q, and I thought it may surprise them to see they are ranked #1
McCreadie-> Ryan
buttercup-> Surprise everyone else, too
CmdrCD1-> uhh..ryan, spain dodnt play portugal
McCreadie-> I agree
CmdrCD1-> didnt
McCreadie-> Some good matches so far
RyanAT-> erm
RyanAT-> yugoslavia
RyanAT-> lol
RyanAT-> ot portugal
CmdrCD1-> herhe:)
CmdrCD1-> yes, was great
CmdrCD1-> but greatest game yet was france netherlands..i think
McCreadie-> Hmmm
RyanAT-> gotta go back to tv now
RyanAT-> back in 45
RyanAT-> bye
McCreadie-> In fact the number one asked me if more names could be number one
CmdrCD1-> Mary, did you put the smilys on the ladder?
McCreadie-> He was a bit upset that he had -300 though
buttercup-> Nope, it just does that. There is no star or symbol for negative points
buttercup-> So it defaults to the connection icon
buttercup-> Oh well. He has his names for now...
McCreadie-> You can tell who it is
buttercup-> Nope
CmdrCD1-> well, mary, i doubt that you can stop the cheating
McCreadie-> He scrolls right down the page in chat
CmdrCD1-> there is much more than the ladder
CmdrCD1-> the in game cheating is the worst
buttercup-> You're right. There is no way to witness thousands of games a month
CmdrCD1-> well, yes it is
buttercup-> But there is a way to remove those caught doing it
CmdrCD1-> make WW games 4 player avaiable
buttercup-> hehe
CmdrCD1-> and have officials watch the big games
McCreadie-> Funny
CmdrCD1-> thats how we did it on kali
buttercup-> Not going to happen at WW though
CmdrCD1-> i know
McCreadie-> On kali too many people used dos editors
CmdrCD1-> would be possible
McCreadie-> Another story
McCreadie-> Anyway good job buttercup
buttercup-> THanks
CmdrCD1-> after cnc gold came out, very few players stayed with dos
corpand-> hello
buttercup-> Hi
McCreadie-> Hello corp
CmdrCD1-> for how long do you work for WS now, mary?
buttercup-> about a year
CmdrCD1-> ok..not too long
buttercup-> just a few months in this department, though
CmdrCD1-> I am glad they sent someone to deal with the matter here though
buttercup-> nope, not too long.
CmdrCD1-> mary, you need to bring some order in this room too
buttercup-> Thanks. Me too. It got to be more than a part-time task.
CmdrCD1-> there is a lot of insulting among the players here
buttercup-> I do, sometimes.
Andan-> insulting
Andan-> I would call it competetiveness
corpand-> hello
McCreadie-> To top it all
Kane41-> yeah
Kane41-> me to
CmdrCD1-> if you need help with something, you can ask me anytime, mary
McCreadie-> In comes Kane
McCreadie-> Hello Kane41
Kane41-> to bring disorder :P
buttercup-> Hi Kane41
Kane41-> hey mary
buttercup-> Thanks, Cmdr
CmdrCD1-> or ask macmark, he is even more familar with the situation
Andan-> hey Kane
corpand-> does someone cnow alkumus?
Kane41-> i heard that i had an evil twin in here
buttercup-> Thats what I understand
Kane41-> talking to tim
buttercup-> sure, real nice...
McCreadie-> Yes
McCreadie-> Kane1a
rk #theov34's_game 2 0 2 1 :
Kane41-> lol
Kane41-> you know you reached the big time when people impersonate you
buttercup-> We knew better, though
CmdrCD1-> one you like computer games? or is it a job you dont like ?
buttercup-> LOL
McCreadie-> Yeo
1 :
McCreadie-> Yep*
McCreadie-> I get it
Kane41-> :)
buttercup-> I love my job, but I'm not a gamer
McCreadie-> Shame really
CmdrCD1-> alright
buttercup-> I had one too. marybeal
Kane41-> i got to go to pcexpo in NY
buttercup-> and buttercop
McCreadie-> And
Kane41-> thats why i wasn't here
McCreadie-> nativ2Iv
Andan-> I had one too
McCreadie-> And
buttercup-> yep
McCreadie-> Heh heh
Andan-> he stole my other nick
CmdrCD1-> buttercop is
buttercup-> yep, I thought so too. He stayed for a few minutes
buttercup-> Best form of flattery
Kane41-> yup :)
Kane41-> lol i think i'll change tim's thing on the forum to "the fag - Tim-WS"
buttercup-> Well, I gotta run for lunch. All this rank changing has made me hungry. be back in 30 minutes
McCreadie-> Erm
buttercup-> LOL Kane
buttercup-> LOL
McCreadie-> Bye buttercup
Kane41-> can't wait to see his reaction
Kane41-> the first time he posts ;)
Andan-> change [Gandalf] the sysop to its suitable name [God]
Kane41-> have a nice lunch
buttercup-> It doesn't look good at the moment.
Andan-> sysops here seem to have too much power
buttercup-> Tim says to ban you forever, Kane
Kane41-> lol
buttercup-> hehe
Kane41-> i'll fight him
Kane41-> lets go tim
Kane41-> :)
buttercup-> hehe
CmdrCD1-> mary, you should improve the auto report ladder system
buttercup-> afk
McCreadie-> Th3shadow is pretty good to talk to
McCreadie-> oops
McCreadie-> th3shadow
Kane41-> tell tim to get in here
CmdrCD1-> it cannot be that the buildings you have decide weather you get a win or loss, no matter who disconnects the game
McCreadie-> Nah he is having lunch
<*action*> McCreadie thinks he might give timmy a ring to see if he is still working
dbv13-> hey whats wrong with the ladder
McCreadie-> Nothing
dbv13-> buttercup
CmdrCD1-> the smilys win this month
McCreadie-> AFK
McCreadie-> She is
dbv13-> why is there people at the top of ladder"

So long. I hope You like it.

[28 June 2000]
Ladder got rid of ACnDC - forever

ACnDC (alias ACxDC, aurora69, bushidoi, Buzzballsi, CactusJap, Galahad2, Hoootrain, Kerria543, MyZt3Ry, NodHead2, NOMAD15, Oompy, PCGAMERS, sugarpuss, TiffyTime, VrtuaLac) was disqualified for life during March 2000 for cheating a lot. In the last few month Westwood was somewhat sleepy regarding the C&C ladder: They didn't recognize his alias names being ranked. But that has changed. ACnDC got this email from Westwood:

    "You will not be banned this month. However, should your final score be in the top 3, it will not be posted, an alternate will be chosen. You are not being disqualified for breaking the rules of Westwood Online Tournaments during the month of June, you were disqualified in April 1999. You were aware of this at the time. Should you choose to continue tournament game participation beyond the month of June 2000, your accounts will be banned. Your option to play non-tournament games remains available.

    Westwood Studios
    Customer Support"

That means the following:

  • Westwood finally cares about playing by the rules
  • ACnDC has played his 130 ladder games this month in vain
  • Although he's currently ranked No.1 NOD, he will be disqualified and someone else will be No.1
  • As soon as he plays a ladder match again after 30 June 2000, he will lose all his accounts
  • We finally get a ladder without ACnDC

Did I mention Westwood has sent me a T-shirt and 2 CDs for my hints regarding this case?

As You can hear on WChat and read on my forum ACnDC goes crazy about this fact. He cannot live without the ladder. So You guys out there look at this example and be honest like an angel... or like MacMark.

[25 June 2000]
Feedback from readers

  • From: "Ron Lewis" <>
    Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 10:54:49 -0500
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    X-Fix: NTMail fixed non RFC822 compliant EMail message X-Script: \\filterscript.mml

    Hi macmark, this is titan731. I play C&C a lot on the internet, but i'm not very good. Could you give me some pointers for different situations???? I really could use them. My win/loss record is 3 wins and 12 losses. I suck! Anyways if you do send anything back to me (which I really hope you do b/c I really need it), send it to <> Thanks, I hope to hear from you. 
  • X-Originating-IP: []
    From: "Greg -Blink182 Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" <>
    Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 20:47:15 CDT

    Dude, I just wanted to say i love the site. I got soo much better after reading all your tactics. I have to say, minni gunners rock vs recons. I think it is cool how u have all the bad players on a list and also peoples alis. You should like make a list of different strategys that people have and then show people how to overcome their strategys. I would also like to tell you that covert945 is also a cheater. He does that cheat where the game doesn't end when u defeat all his guys. Could you also tell me what the best strategy for gdi and nod is??? So far i just build tons of mediums and for the nod i have various strategys. So email me back. Keep the site going. IT's sweeet.
  • X-Originating-IP: []
    From: "Stephen Garcia" <>
    Subject: HEY, GG, heh
    Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 21:23:35 PD

    Hey you left befor I could say GG.... You ever play much? That game was 2 hours long, my logest, and you tought me a new thing "Never give up never surrender", heh I olmost gave up. Now I will always fight to the end... WELL post this on your page, hehe.

I answered the first 2 mails. The 3rd I will answer here: Yeah, You got me. Thanks for the lesson.

[21 June 2000]
Westwood punishes dirty ladder players every end of month

Some players are not very happy to see the blacklisted players being on top of the ladder. One example is Hoootrain alias ACnDC. You know, the one wearing the "Ghostbusters" T-shirt ;-)

It looks like Westwood got some new back up forces assisting the ladder staff. Most prominent was recently "Buttercup". She was talking with McCreadie and writing in my forum. These're the facts:

  • Buttercup: "To clarify, action is taken when deemed necessary. That means: If we, the investigation team, email you, tell you to stop cheating, and you don't...action will be taken. You may be disabled, you may have points reduced, and, yes, you may be taken down to -300 points. We have no problem allowing the cheaters to waste their month playing, only to take all they have worked, I mean cheated for, removed on the last day. So play nice, boys and girls."
  • McCreadie about Buttercup: "So it has been a while coming but cheaters will dies, firstly wins will be checked on the top50 on the last day, -300 for all who cheat with giving out wins out of sync patch ect or even two names. Two, Ladder links said to be fixed and that I believe. Ladder people have came and gone, but this one will get rid of dc'ers and cheaters. Three any dc or unfair loss reported to her ( will be recorded in a database, leading to banned of the name. Buttercup spends time online in wchat and on other ww servers. Go on make more names, if you make more while others are on the ladder they will be stopped. Look fowards to a new and cheater free tournament (almost)."
  • McCreadie about Buttercup: "I know a minority still cheat on ww. But why they should not read this: At the end of the month my female hero (buttercup) takes her time in checking everyone in the top 50. I would like everyone to know that if you cheat, or reported, have two nicks, or anything like that you will have your points reduced.

As You can see, there's more than big hope to get rid of all these d/cers, multi name users, free win rushers, out syncers and so on. We will get a ladder as nice and clean as my CnC soul.

As a last hint: Don't forget to have the blacklisted players list as a reference beside You, before You decide to play someone. It's designed to let You find every name fast and easy. If Your opponent is listed there, better find someone else to play with.

For more on this issue You can read the ladder rules.

Special greetings to all people at Westwood reading these lines. You're welcome!

[20 June 2000]
CmdrCD going sysop

CmdrCD has applied to become a sysop of WChat. If You want to know how to do this read my older news. He makes a new name on WChat "CmdrCD1". His old nick "CmdrCD" looked somewhat insecure. Like I will do too, he got a new flatrate from his ISP allowing him to be online the whole month for some few bucks. This and that he's a honest WChat insider makes him an oustanding candidate to become a sysop on WChat. Because Westwood has at the moment plenty of sysops it may take some time until we see him at work on WChat. This will be great: Finally Westwood get's a skilled marshall in town ;-)

[17 June 2000]
Some Westwood people on Mac

In another mail I got from Mary, she told me this:

    "You got it.  I'll get you a C&C Gold shirt (although we only made 1 style), as soon as I know where to send it.  And, BTW, I too use a Mac, but for graphics, not gaming :)

    Westwood Studios
    Customer Support"

I like to hear this :-) Maybe she's not the only one at Westwood having a Mac.

If You go lucky she plays You on WChat. I heard she's doing sometimes a match...

[16 June 2000]
Westwood honors this site with a prize

Today I got another mail from Westwood regarding my informations I sent to them on ACnDC and the hall of fame. You've read the news about it yesterday. My mail was:

    "Hi Westwood,

    this is MacMark mailing from his job account.

    Virtual Ted knows me and my site at

    You updated the past champ list at

    Good. But You listed a guy Virtual Ted has already disqualified for life from winning: ACnDC. His other nicks are Aurora69 and Hoootrain. You should take him down!

    If You're interested in a list of alias nicks used by WChat players go to: of my site.

    You will also find tons of reports on:  

    Greetings from MacMark"

Westwood's answer was today:

    "VTed agrees that your site, although not official Westwood information, seems to contain pretty reliable information.  We would like to send you a tee-shirt of your choice for reporting the little problem on the C&C Gold ladder.  Please reply to this email with your mailing address and telephone number.  I'll get a package out to you right away.  Thanks again.  
    Westwood Studios
    Customer Support"

I told them that they won't do me a favour with something from Red Alert or Tiberian Sun, but with something from the original Command & Conquer I play on my Mac :-)

I didn't expect that honor. Thank You, Westwood!

update [25 June 2000]:

I got mail. I unveilt a very cool Command & Conquer T-shirt plus 2 CDs of CnC music: "The music of Command & Conquer" and "The music of Red Alert". The first CD e. g. contains improved versions of 22 original CnC tracks. Sounds very nice. The T-shirt has "Command & Conquer" on it's front side and Kane on it's back. "The game that takes no prisoners" is stated on the backside too ;-)

Thank You Westwood!

[15 June 2000]
Hunting down ACnDC

I informed Westwood (contests) that they made a mistake by listing alias names of ACnDC in the hall of fame. ACnDC was disqualified for life by Virtual Ted for cheating a lot. I told them about the reports and alias name available on my site. Read Westwood's answer:

    "I realize ACnDC has been posted in the hall of champs.  However, great strides have been taken to ensure February 2000 is the last month he will be on the ladder or the hall of champions.  I have seen the information on your site. 
    -Westwood Contest Coordination Staff

It looks like we have to say goodbye to ACnDC. If You know any of his alias names that are not listed on my disguise page, please mail me them. I will take care of our special friend who's only words are "cheat", "trainer" and "flooder" ;-)

[15 June 2000]
Westwood updates hall of fame

Long time Westwood neglected the hall of fame of Command & Conquer. They didn't update for a half year and they also made mistakes by putting up winners from other online games in this category. This has changed in the most recent days. The hall of fame is no up and running again. Some players had already thought Westwood would never take for this game again. This proofs the opposite and I think You will like this news as much as I do. If thinks go further on this way we will finally get the 4-player-patch and the top 100 links too :-)

[15 June 2000]
Westwood will update Tiberium Dawn links

I had some news about the bad sites linked by Westwood on their section for CnC Tiberium Dawn. I also asked some people at Westwood to change it. Here's the answer from Virtual Ted:

    Hi Markus,

    We're getting that worked out right now. Hope to have all the fansites listed soon.


Did I mention that today is the good-news-day?

[12 June 2000]
New schoolers are bloody newbies

Yesterday I got a big surprise on WChat. I was hosting a game on Pitfall as GDI (as the good guy I'm, I play often NOD too but I cannot identify myself with them), 3 units (to give NOD guys their beloved 2 start up tanks ;-), 5166 credits, AI Off, Tiberium On, Crates Off. Again a new schooler joined my game: Evenflow2. I like him, no discussion, but I was really surprised about what he told me. He said he knows this map well, but he refused to play me on a ladder match with these settings. That means he fears the low credits setting. Furthermore he told me that he and another new schooler are now teaching each other the other maps. That means these new schoolers cannot play every map. I cannot believe what I heard!

Every old school guy would laugh his head off about that. Guys that played already on Case's Ladder using Kali know not only the Westwood standard maps but also lots of other maps. They won't care about which map or which setting. But these new school guys focus on few settings only and look to maximize their rank on Westwood's ladder.

This leads me to the conlusion that new schoolers are bloody newbies. I admit that they're very strong on their few special settings but they cannot improvise for 10 Cents. Typical is also that they like fast connections. I use a 33 modem and get the medium speed of local area network games. That gives me the possibility to steer every single unit. And it removes the possibility to build e. g. an Engineer and to bring him in during some milli seconds. If these speedy guys haven't ever played a unit-control guy like me they fail with every Engineer they bring on. Most of these high ranked new schoolers are unable to play a normal speed game. They need their full 9999 Dollars to go on with their static building order and try a low skilled rush. Usually if I have a good day I can toast them. But I play only 20 to 30 games each month on the average and I play every settings and I don't care about how high I can get. But I like to see how I perform on the ladder. So I play ranked matches only.

What we old schoolers (playing since 4 years or so) have and what You new schoolers lack is: Fighting CnC battles for the fun of it. You new schoolers grew up with the ladder that is compared to us old schoolers very young. You never have had the chance to play without the pressure of the presence of such a ladder system. You fear to try out new things. You could lose Your image as a winner. And I know that some guys of You would give their right hand to prevent to lose. You never learned that losing shows You what to do better. You can learn from better players. If You stick to Your few settings You will remain a winner in Your mind but You will never gain complete skills in this game.

So if someone plays me and says "slow, too slow", I think "oh, a beginner, easy victim". Same if someone asks for more start Dollars or more start units. Like Rquiem once said: Learn to play or don't play at all!

I believe some of my readers will now be very upset. But relax! We have had discussions about game speed and so on some time ago on this site. Please read e. g. the older news of July 1998. Yes, it was 2 years ago. It was the time some of You didn't even play CnC. You might also be interested in the history of CnC if You're not an old schooler.

And remember: I didn't want to bother You personally. I only had to clean up some things that came to my mind. I don't hate anyone of You, I appreciate everyone who like to play this great game!

[12 June 2000]
Tiberium Dawn links at Westwood

We all know that Westwood is standing like a rock behind their released and sold games even if they're some years old. Okay, that was a bad joke ;-(

We all wish that Westwood is standing like a rock behind their released and sold games even if they're some years old ;-) That's the reality for now, but we still hope they change their minds.

At least they have a section for CnC Tiberium Dawn. This section has 3 links to fan pages. And guess which pages they chose! Not such pages like mine which are updated several times a week over years. They preferred outdated pages with small contents, broken links and huge animations that take a lifetime to load and bore You. I mailed them to add a link to my page too. Let's see if they will link to me. But I guess they like to make CnC look like outdated crap by linking to outdated crap.

I get from time to time the question if I would make a page like this for other Westwood Online games. Sorry, I won't. I run only pages for games that I love. And I'm kind of "married" with CnC if You know what I mean.

[12 June 2000]
Mistake on other CnC site

You might know the Tiberian Dawn Forever site which is linked by me. They promise on their "structures" page that the Advanced Communications Center of GDI "lets you see nod stealth tanks on the radar map". That is not true. Sorry guys. If You would have tried out to see a cloaked Stealth Tank on Your "advanced" radar map ever, You would have known better. You can only see it, if it decloakes.

I tried it out again yesterday on WChat: Someone was hiding his last Stealth Tank and showed up now and then to fire at unprotected units. I built the Advanced Communications Center and saw him only if he came out on the radar map. My Ion Cannon was loaded and after he showed up the next time I finished him off with a blast out of outer space. Sorry, I lack a screen shot of his face at this moment ;-)

Nevertheless there're still enough ways to find hidden Stealth Tanks. All of You familiar with this site know what to do. Knowledge is power, isn't it?

[10 June 2000]
Another good player returns

Beside some rumors that Rquiem is playing this month again (I'm verifying that yet), I got another email from a player I knew some days ago to be quite good at this game. He played recently Tiberian Sun but will return to CnC:

    Hey may not remember me as a legend- - - I was not quite in my prime when I left CnC...I now play TS, and it requires a lot of time to be good at it. Even though I do not have much time, I would LOVE to play in your CnC tourny, the only drawback is that I havn't played CnC, like Pieman, going on a year. *However* if you have a tournament this summer, count me in...I'll be playing CnC a lot in the August area.


[07 June 2000]
Increasing preasure to get the patch

Several signs show me that someday the walls at Westwood will be torn which prevent a 4-player patch for CnC on WChat. At first Westwood is getting more and more emails about that patch asking for it. They didn't expect that much! But it's not enough yet. You all should mail them! According to McCreadie (his CnC page):

  • "Well in tech support on tuesday I saw some funny things. Firstly Tim spoke to me a bit about the patch. He said 500 was a lot, but not enough. Tim said that he had been trying with some CO's of ww. The answer was and I quote "the game is too old". Well at least we will still try. AC came on saying he is going to pay a visit to ww staff. Watch this space."

But there's more good news: We got big backup forces at who started a petition for the patch. Lots of people already signed. Do it Yourself too!

Don't care about what Westwood says yet! Care about what they do after they got thousands of emails ;-)

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