21 Mar 1999

Ladder up again, ACnDC still bad boy, "god" button

Westwood's game server was down because of some repairs for 1 or 2 days (as published on their main page). Now WChat works again and the ladder page is available too.

ACnDC sent to me and to some guys at Westwood mad thinks about Virtual Ted.

Background information: ACnDC was disqualified by Virtual Ted. Ted wrote to ACnDC : "Ah, sorry. We just checked your account, and it looks as if you have been cheating (a lot). You are disqualified now, and in all future online tournaments here at Westwood."

I really expect him to lose his account at WChat for that. He now deserves it.

A10's C&C site uses a new animated button to link to my site. It displays "the cnc god - Mac Mark". Mmh, soso. I'm pleased about that honor, but they should read my about this site page. They have one of the rare C&C sites which are updated frequently.

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