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[2000-11-28, 30]
ACnDC plays under 3 nicks and cheats like hell

TheMavin, SmokedHam and Captashok are all 3 ACnDC ranked in the ladder today. There may be even more names of him. I guess You remember who ACnDC is and that he is both not allowed to play ladder matches (according to Mary) and disqualified for life (according to Ted) ;-)

The first 2 were already in my news section and in the reports and mentioned in ACnDC's dirty player entry.
The last one was admitted later by him, when he outed himself having played me (ForceMove). I remember that game on Marooned where he was top left and I bottom left: I occupied the Tiberium Field between us with Advanced Guard Towers, Concrete Walls, Barracks and infantry. His Harvesters had to travel the long way to the middle of the map and to the top right while mine harvested the Tiberium right before my base. I won, he resigned. Well, he knew that it was me as he admitted on my forum. Plus he admitted one of his DCs of this month.

Furthermore he was reported at least 3 times this month:

  • 2000-11: admits his DC
  • 2000-11: dced as "CaptAshok"
  • 2000-11: skeyed as "CaptAshok"
  • 2000-11: dced as "CaptAshok" another time

Is there any reason not to punish him as much and as hard as possible? I think no. I expect Westwood will disable these 3 nicks like they disabled his original "ACnDC". Recently "CaptAshok" was point reduced to 0 :-) 49 wins, 9 losses, 0 points. Hehe, good move, Westwood! Before "TheMavin" got the same punishment.

He used the following IP adresses on my forum. Maybe this can help Westwood to proof he's playing those 3 nicks:

Strange bugs surfaced

Some month ago a Humm-Vee of mine showed very strange behavior: While scouting it unvealed much more terrain on the left than on his right side. That occured when moving from the south west to the middle north of the map. Before and after that the Humm-Vee was normally. Other similar strange things happened to other players:

BlaK (a quite relieable sourde) wrote this on my forum:

    acernod wrote u a report saying how his opponent started controlling his units.. i want u to know this has happend to me before 3 or 4 times in all. sometimes when you are both the same side your units can be swapped

    like if im blue and my opponent red, on his screen my blue units will appear red to him and he can control them like their his... on my screen they are blue and i can control them as well... this pose problem when one person try to move them ... other person think they cheating

    sounds unbelivable but has happend... one of the times it was with noreaga.. i think he took screen shots of it, ask him for them... cant remember who the others were with

ACnDC (so handle this information with care) wrote this on my forum:

    I seen a few time people build stuff without cy...ALSO on control other guys unit i seen in a game were there was bad lag my units would land off airstrip and go to other guys base like they were his..the strangest thing i ever seen was i put a enginer in apc wen i got to his base not enginer but a silo guy came out of apc..they are just bugs in game Like this month i built a fence so the guy could not get to my base,wen i sold the fence later it was next to my refinery and it sold my only refinery instead of fence a bad westwood bug that made me lose a game.

Other famous bugs are the skey-bug (only in the PeeCee version), the scout cheat and the Refinery-selling-bug (not confirmed to exist in Mac-version too). Using any of these bugs to Your advantage is against the rules and You would be disqualified at least for that. Some players lost their account, if You like that even more ;-)

Silence is golden - not on WChat

Maybe You're one of those guys/girls visiting the CnC-chat channel sometimes. Many players in there during the last few months and even during the most recent weeks. But only few talk. Do they use WChat that their internet service provider doesn't cut the line for being idle? Some do. Others just use this as a stage for acting cool and bragging about imaginary skills they have.

Eternity for CnC

When RA arrived CnC was declared dead by many. When TS arrived CnC was declared dead again. Same for RA2, same for several newer games made by other companies. Fact is: CnC lives and lives. It looks like there're really fans sticking to this game. Unlike the play-every-new-game-guys: They moved to RA, left RA and moved to TS, left TS and moved to RA2 or whatever. Meanwhile the CnC channel consistantly has more visitors than RA. That was impossible months ago.

What about this site? Living since years, being updated every few days, since years the number of visitors per month is still climbing. First I was happy to get 50 or 100 visits each month. In 1999 I got 1000 visits every month. In 2000 the visits increased to 3000 visitors each month.

This game is like Chess.

Better reports coming in

Westwood's ladder team has more to do now. Earlier they looked into their empty in-box. Now they get some more mails about cheaters. And they really love it, believe me. Many reports I get now from players are sent cc to as I suggest on my report page. Furthermore often all necessary details are mentioned in the mails. I'm very glad to see that. We're on a good way to get all those cheaters out there. Thank You for Your help, every single report sent to me and is another brick in the wall of the cheaters' prison ;-)

Fools play ladder with 2 nicks

ACnDC -dqed for life and not allowed to play ladder games- breaks the rules like an outlaw. Plus he plays under 2 nicks again this month, what's against the rules too:

  • TheMavin: 37/6 - points reduced to 0
  • SmokedHam: 12/12 - 278 points

The other fool is a newer one:

  • killah14: 5/0 - 143 points
  • noowayout: 38/15 - 349 points

Let's see how long...

Winners of October check

Westwood posted the winners of October 2000 in the hall of fame:

  • GDI
    • M0f0m0j0x: no reports. Congratulations to Your win, Sundown46!
    • Akacgw18: He seems to cheat now and then. In October I got no reports about him. Hope to get never any report about You again.
    • Grace88: The same story hear. I hope You're an ex-cheater.
  • NOD
    • McCreadie: no reports. He had revealed the scout cheat and some guys had the suspect he would use this to win the tourney. Usually Westwood checks indeep before they name the winners. I know McCreadie as a honest guy and got never any reports about him. So the bad rumors about him spreaded by LordSSB were lies. Furthermore LordSSB was already known to me as a liar before. That Westwood didn't found anything bad about McCreadie gives another proof that LordSSB is a liar. Congratulations to Your win, McCreadie.
    • Kingofnl: This guy is a major cheater recently. But I have no reports about him dated October. Should You end up in the top 3 this month, You're disqualified already. At least I hope Westwood will do it, if that happens.
    • Longnu: An unknown name. No reports. Are You a name hider? I think yes. I hope You're not a cheater playing under a clean name.

Looks like Westwood's ladder team did a good job. No known cheater of October was listed. Although 3 out of these 6 guys aren't angels.

Westwood crashed today

Last night WChat went slower and slower. Then rien ne vas plus. Today morning no WChat connection was possible and all web pages were disabled. Only the main page of Westwood showed this:

    Attention Westwood Studios Fans!

    Around 6PM (PST) on Tuesday, November 14th, a critical piece of
    Internet hardware failed which severed our users connections to the
    web, chat, and game servers. We are working nonstop to fix the
    problem and expect to have it resolved soon.

    We will update this page when when there is either more to report,
    or when the problem corrects itself. Please hang in there with us!

    Thank you for your understanding.

    -Virtual Ted

Now everything seems to be fine again. Even the search for a name on the ladder is possible again. Searching for a certain rank is still not possible.

Funny footnote: ACnDC -who cannot put on his shoes on his own- claimed on my forum it was him who crashed Westwood. What kind of stuff does this guy smoke?

ladder to be fixed

I noticed 2 days ago, that the search function on the ladder didn't work. I emailed Westwood and they're fixing it right now.

My mail was:

Virtual Ted asked his co-worker Gavin to fix it and sent carbon copy of that mail to me and the other guys at Westwood:

    Gavin, can you work on this? Thanks.

    Please let us know when it's fixed.


Hey, You players out there! I'm convinced I'm not the only one who noticed that problem. Next time don't be so lazy and mail Yourself to Westwood too!

Currently the ladder is unreachable. It's under bug fix obviously. I expect it to be up and running again later today - hopefully.

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