updated 2004-09-26
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Get C&C

  • C&Cgold is available in Germany in many shops, for example the "Media Markt" for a good price.
  • MacC&C is available in some game bundles in shops.
  • Try eBay!
  • Buy it at Pearl!
  • FreeCNC: C&C for MacOS X, Linux, WindowsNT, BeOS and FreeBSD!


  • C&C Support: Mac related
  • C&C Warrior: news
  • hibix: C&C section of that directory based game search engine
  • MacGamer: news & reports
  • WW-underground: units, maps, missions
  • Totally Hip: They ported C&C to the Mac. This Mac version features better graphics and internet play (both not available in the original PeeCee version) and is available since late 1996, a half year before Westwood made C&Cgold for PeeCees, which has comparable features.
  • CnC Top200: A list of other CnC sites.

Ladder sites

Mac editors

  • C&C Edit: Managing the contents (file elements) of the .MIX format files that Command & Conquer uses. You can also view and edit game maps (even the hidden ones!) and the color palettes that are used for the graphics.

PeeCee editors

  • Blood patches: Patch the german censored C&C games to get the original features "cry" and "blood". The original has no "bots". Bots are for the children version only.
  • WW-underground: Editors, patches, trainers, cheats, manuals for C&Cdos and C&Cgold.

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