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updated 2002-12-17

Author of this site

This is MacMark, I play at WChat using "MacMark" as my battle name. I have other nicks, but I don't use them usually for playing. If I'm not ranked as "MacMark" during a month maybe I'm under cover then.

"MacMark" comes from my favorite computer I use: the Macintosh. I played on WChat since I got MacC&C. MacC&C was the first version of C&C able to play on WChat. C&Cgold for WinDOS was available a half year later and C&CDOS was unable to play on WChat.

History of this site

The "C&C God" was founded in February 1997 during my study of computer science and marketing. "C&C God" names this site, not myself. I chose that name for it, because it collects all the knowledge about C&C from all the best players around the world, thus containing a C&C knowledge only a C&C God could have.

The site was first hosted by the internet server of the university and started as a single page between many other pages of mine with different topics. I played with some internet tools and wanted to make something useful. Time has shown that the C&C part of my private site was the most interesting for my visitors. After some months the C&C part took over 100% of my site. Since then this is a C&C only site and updated several times every week. This site was hosted on several different servers over the years.

Objective of this site

The "C&C God" provides advanced tactics for Command & Conquer. I publish everything I know about this game because I want opponents not victims. Many other good players send their tactics too and You can read them at this site. Furthermore I publish everything related to C&C: news, infos, discussions, player analysis, units descriptions, new missions, new maps.

Westwood's opinion about this site

Westwood honored this site with a prize for it's informations. This is what Westwood says about this site:

  • "Lots of luck, and keep up the good work!"
    Mary, Westwood Studios, 2001-05-07
  • "I visited your site again today, and found a few pieces of information (as usual) that I wasn't expecting."<...> "I should check back more often!"
    Mary, Westwood Studios, 2001-05-04
  • "... and keep up the good work. BTW, I didn't see links to your tournament. If its over, and winners chosen, please email the address you were contacted by about prizes. I think your site is the perfect stomping grounds for a user-based tournament system, and you a good adminstrator of such a tournament. Good luck to you, see you online!"
    Mary, Westwood Studios, 2000-11-02
  • "MacMark, thanks for the site...you really know what you're doing."
    Mary, Westwood Studios, 2000-09-14
  • "VTed agrees that your site, although not official Westwood information, seems to contain pretty reliable information"
    Mary, Westwood Studios, 2000-06-16
  • "I like the wealth of information on your site. I think you will be my first listing."
    Ted, Westwood Studios, 1999-03-01
  • "Hey, cool site! And on a Mac!"
    Ted, Westwood Studios, 1998-11-25

Yours MacMark (ICQ #: 17461243 – my ICQ nick is "MacMark" too.)

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