short cuts and keys

updated 2003-02-10
These're the keys and shortcuts, that are used in game play. You need them to control everything well. The "option"-key and the "alt"-key are the same. I prefer "option" ;-)
  • escape or spacebar: Shows the options menu.
  • tabulator: Shows and hides the right menu bar.
  • apple-click or right-click: Deselects units, if you do it in the field. Puts building progress on halt, if you do it on a building progress animation. Cancels building, if you do it twice on a building progress animation.
  • click: Selects a unit. Builds a structure or an unit. Continues a halted building progress.
  • r: Resigns by blowing up all of Your units and damages other units in immediate vicinity.
  • s: Stops selected units firing, moving, harvesting. Helis return to base.
  • g: Puts selected units into guard mode until they get another order from You. They will be looking for trouble in that mode. In normal mode they would only respond fire.
  • n: Selects and centers onto one of Your units. Hitting the n key again will cycle to another unit and so on.
  • x: Scatters selected units. Units scattering will continue to carry out attack orders. If You want them to continually scatter, You must keep the units selected, and continue to hit the x key every second or so.
  • h: Selects and centers Your head quarters, the Construction Yard.
  • control-option-click: Gives selected units the order to escort the unit You clicked on.
  • control-click: Forces selected units to fire at where You clicked.
  • option-click: Forces selected units to move to where You clicked. Force move prevents crawling and firing.
  • shift-click: Selects the clicked unit and adds it to Your actual selected units.
  • control-0-9: Gives selected units team number 0-9.
  • number 0-9: Selects all units of team 0-9. The only way to control Your helis in the air.
  • option-0-9: Selects and centers on all units of team 0-9.
  • control-F5-10: Gives the actual part of the map the name F5-10.
  • F5-10: Shows the F5-10 named part of the map.
  • F1-3: Talk to opponent 1-3.
  • F4: Talk to all players.
  • double click buildings: If You have more than one unit-producing building of a kind, You can select the one which brings the units out by double clicking it.

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