updated 2001-04-29


    I played an abvious name hider "nameh1der". I killed him NOD versus NOD and I hat no idea who he was. To be honest I didn't care about that very much, I just enjoyed to show the name hider the way to play. In the end he began to make excuses why he lost and I answered him, that he suck and that he should visit my page to improve his game play. Man, he was angry.

    A few days later he played me again and this time he won. He missed the respect for his person. You cannot expect any respect if nobody recognizes You, man! I treated him like a bloody newbie. He disliked that very much and finally he told me who he was, but I didn't ask for that. He simply couldn't stand that I didn't give him any respect under his name hiding name. I don't tell here who he was, because he's just a newbie ;) No, in fact he's one of the very best players around today.

god mode

    I played a first-timer of WChat. He really had no idea what to do. He didn't scout me and built useless things. Now the fun part: He built 5 Flamethrowers and sent them towards my base. I attacked them with 2 Grenadiers and 1 Minigunner from different sides. 1 of my soldiers survived, his 5 men died. Then -even more funny- he sent 5 grouped Rocket Soldiers. I countered with 1 single Grenadier who took these 5 guys out and survived of course. Ever seen a Rocket Soldier killing a Grenadier? After that he told me: "That is crap! I cannot win, if You play in god mode!" and left the game.

    Did I miss something? God mode in CnC? Maybe playing like a CnC god, but a god mode? This finally made my day ;-)

blind macmark

I played a guy named "XxAlertxX". He was unranked. I was No. 26 a few days before the monthly tourney ended. I didn't see one of his APCs and lost my Construction Yard. I felt very silly and resigned some minutes later. I fell to No. 48 after that. But I have no fear playing anyone who's unranked. I'm quite tough, bring them on!

impertinent or "and u have the nerve to call me a cheater"

There's a guy on my blacklisted players list called "PrDark". He was reported by someone (no name here!). Today he joined my game channel. I played him. He asked me if I'm cheating and called me a cheater. (Nice guy!) Later I had to sell my CY because he successfully landed his Chinook with 2 Engineers. Then he wrote: You lost! (Wait, wait...!) I had 2 Barracks, built masses of Grenadiers and Rocket Soldiers and 2 Engineers. I killed his Orcas, his infantry and engineered a Refinery incl. Harvester. Then I destroyed with my 20 men his 2 Guard Towers and his CY. After that he d/ced. I waited the 180 secs, left the game and my WChat sent the game results to the server. That means: My connection was still established. After hosting a game channel again someone joined me. This is the copy from my clipboard:

PrDark-> hi dc/er...
PrDark-> cheater...
PrDark-> too bad this won't help you get any prizes
PrDark-> u r just another pathetic cheater who can't win without cheating...
PrDark-> btw, you have been reported...
PrDark-> have fun .... at the bottom of the ladder...

What should You learn from that? Read my dirty list and don't play anyone who's on it!

Update 1: I finished the November tourney above that guy :-)
Update 2: I won 3rd place GDI in November and a prize, PrDark won nothing ;-)

no fear!

Stnick636 said: "You have such an impressive C&C site, You will toast me probably! How long do You think it will take?" Hey, don't give up before the game ends! Especially don't give up before it begins! He fortified his base with lots of Turrets and an Obelisk of Light waiting for a tank rush of mine and sold his single Harvester. Oh, my god! All Tiberium for me. I built as much tanks as I like without being disturbed. No need to tell, who won that game.

MacMark SUX

Yeah! I did it: sucking! The problem is, that many players play only their favorite settings. I accepted these often and went into some traps. I should fix it. A good player should be able to play all settings. But there was a bigger sucker than me: He destroyed my Construction Yard with Apaches because I didn't scout him. I had 2 Refineries, 2 Barracks and 1 Power Plant left. Guess how long it took to beat me! Long. Very long. He tried to engineer me several times with APCs. They died between my Rocket Soldiers and Grenadiers. After his 3rd try failed I wrote: You suck! He got really angry because of this. After a while he found the solution: 4-5 APCs driving together over my soldiers. Finally! A sucker without a brain, who can do nothing but heli rush.
P.S.: I won many games without CY and WF only with some Barracks left. :-)

top 10 loser

I played versus tanker9. He is in the Top 10. Was a nice tank battle. I beat him. But before the game ended, he disconnected.

liar with a red face

The player nseals joined my game. I checked his rank and saw his red face on the ladder. I asked him: "Why the red face?" He answered: "Because xyz and uvw disconnected on me. That sucks." I played him. Before he lost, he disconnected. What a liar!

real tough guy, hohoho!

There's a player named total103 at WChat, who's ranking was No. 7 of all. This indicates usually a very tough player. He joined my game and asked for Tech Level 5. I refused to go down from Tech Level 7. He had so much fear, that he didn't want to play it.
But he beat me a week later, because I thought he suck.

take a look

One player -don't remember his nick- was scouted by my troops. He tried to do that, too. But because I closed the gaps to my base with tanks and infantry, every vehicle of him trying to take a look of my base was killed. So he said during another try: "PLEASE, let me in!". I answered: "I'm not Your girl friend!". LOL on both sides. ;-)

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