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updated 2003-08-19

MacC&C (version 1.72)
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Mac WChat (version 3.7)
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These both files above are necessary for Mac users, who want to play versus PC guys on WChat and to be on Westwood's tournament and ranking system. Earlier versions won't work any more.

C&C Mission Editor 1.0.0
A great graphical mission editor. Seems very easy to use. Made by ThermOptic Software. Create custom missions for Command & Conquer on the Macintosh. This is achieved in a way that makes it easy to make missions, even if you have little knowledge of the mission structure. Original can be found here.
(1,1 MB)

CnC Mission Making Kit: Learn how to make missions on Your Mac. Includes a tutorial and examples showing you how to make your own map, how to program your own mission and how to edit missions that you find in the game and how to make your missions playable.
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Desktop icons:
You can use these icons for folders or files. Thanks Rward209!
(85 KB)

MacC&C MoneyCheat 1.3:
Edit the amount of money for NOD and GDI at mission start and at the current time. Works with saved games.
(77 KB)

IADD Picker
This lets You turn off Apple's Internet Address Detectors for certain applications to let You use the control clicks that are needed in that application. Open the "IADD Settings" control panel and pick the application You want to turn off IADs for. If You do it a second time, they will be turned back on. The IADD Picker was made by John Moe. Many thanks, John! Check my MacC&C trouble shooting section too.
(51 KB)

C&C Edit:
Managing the contents (file elements) of the .MIX format files that Command & Conquer uses. You can also view and edit game maps (even the hidden ones!) and the color palettes that are used for the graphics. Original can be found here.
(296 KB)

"Yet Another Command And Conquer Editor". Edit extracted map files (.BIN files). Original can be found here.
(200 KB)

Put this into your MacC&C folder. The game will use this version of the library then and any other program the newer version in your system folder.

Keith: "These programs have been made for people whom don't feel comfortable using ResEdit, and for the people whom are on OS X, since OS X does not have ResEdit (that I know of). As well as they're for people whom are lazy, such as me."
(Thanks to Keith for these files and descriptions!)

C&C Dino Maker:
Drop or select a Mac C&C application in C&C Dino Maker to enable the dinosaur missions on that copy of Mac C&C. Do it again to disable them. This file is provided "as is" and not tested by MacMark.
(660 KB)

Mac C&C Video Deinterlacer:
It does exactly that... it it makes all of the game videos deinterlaced. And then reinterlaces them if you drop C&C onto it again. This file is provided "as is" and not tested by MacMark.
(660 KB)

Mac C&C DinoVideo:
It does the work of both Dino Maker and Video Deinterlacer! This file is provided "as is" and not tested by MacMark.
(660 KB)

Keith: "The attached program will calculate several things regard the ladder points. It calculates the pre-game player point difference, the post-game player difference, the game modifier, your new points, and your opponent's new points.-
I've compiled for both Win32 and Macintosh. However, since I don't have any .zip compression utilities, both are compressed using stuffit. Thus, unless the Win32 user's unzipping program supports .sit files, they will need to aquire stuffit expander from"
(Thanks to Keith for these files and descriptions!)

C&C Rank Calculator (Mac) This file is provided "as is" and not tested by MacMark.
(6556 KB)

C&C Rank Calculator (PeeCee) This file is provided "as is" and not tested by MacMark.
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