stealth tank finding

most recent update 2002-04-10: tactic from MacMark
Stealth-Tanks decloak only firing, in the immediate vicinity of infantry or almost destroyed. Otherwise exist still three half-visible-states:
  • smoking: Just hit Stealth-Tanks smoke a few seconds like other vehicles do too. The smoke is visible, the stealth not. you can nevertheless shoot at him using "Force-Fire": Control-Click.
  • shadow:
    • Moves a Stealth-Tank past certain units it's outline gets visible as a grey shadow. But he remains cloaked.. These units are Humm-Vees , NOD-Buggies, Recon Bikes, Mammoth Tanks, Obelisk Of Light, Communications Center, Advanced Communications Center, Guard Tower and Advanced Guard Tower .
    • A hit of tank-grenades in the stealth's vicinity makes him visible as a shadow as well. Use "Force-Fire" (Control) for checking a suspected area.
  • blocking: you cannot place a building on a cloaked stealth-tank. Move the building's outline around your base and look for red squares in it.

Sometimes your NOD opponent tries to hide his very last Stealth Tanks instead of surrendering to you. Hiding the last unit is against Westwood's rules and is punished if they get knowledge of it. He writes: "You will never find my Stealths!" He he. Big error! If you're NOD too try this: Build a lot of Stealth Tanks yourself and block every gap, every bridge. your hidden enemy cannot see you as you cannot see him. He will try to drive through your Stealth Tanks, gets blocked, automatically de-cloak itself to open fire and will be destroyed by your invisible wall which is now returning fire. If this don't work, use some Buggies to make him move. Imagine his face standing in front of a gap and guessing what's wrong here... He will find out soon.

If you're GDI block with Humm-Vees and chase with Humm-Vees. That works quite well too.

If you have a Communications Center you can find every Stealth Tank easily: Select some of your Minigun Infantry and move the cursor over the radar map. You will get the red attack cursor when you pass over a Stealth Tank. Click and your Minigun Infantry will follow and attack the hidden enemy. Although you won't see the Stealth Tank, your units won't stop following the enemy. Earlier or later you get him. Helis and Stealth Tanks can find enemy Stealth Tanks on the radar map too and will follow them, but they don't attack him until he decloakes.The helis are fast enough that they show you were he actually is located and you can send other units to block his move.

Another nice trick goes as follows: Let's assume you own an Advanced Communications Center (You have time enough to build this, if your opponent has no base anymore), then your Ion Cannon charges. you should apply a bait and switch. Use an Engineer as the bait, place him loneley somewhere and wait until the Stealth Tank fires at him or squishes him. Sooner or later he will do that because he's quite bored. Fire your Ion Cannon and destroy him in that moment.

If you play with Crates on, you can expect your enemy to take some crates hoping to get a brand new MCV. Guard the crates with infantry and Stealth Tanks in Guard mode. The infantry will reveal him and the other units will kill him then.

Bottom line: With a Communications Center in your base, you will seek and destroy every hidden Stealth Tank of your enemy.

Thanks to MaCoBoiY who showed me another trick, you can see the enemy stealth tanks on your radar: If the enemy allies with you, you can see his stealths on the radar map. If he declares war, you still see them until he moves them. If you ally with him, he can see your stealths on the radar. On this screenshot you see:

  • my 2 grey stealth tanks and 1 of his red stealth tanks in combat
  • plus 2 red stealth tanks of him a little west who're invisible on the big map but visible on the radar map!

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