updated 2001-08-12
Kali is the way to tell Your games: This is not the Internet, but IPX! Kali lets You play IPX games over the Internet. If You have the Kali control panel (Get it here!) in Your MacOS active, every MacC&C "network game" will go via Internet and not via Ethernet as usual. If You want to play an usual IPX Ethernet game again, You've to deactivate the Kali control panel.

The Kali control panel will let You log into one of very much game servers available for nearly every game. You can try it out for 15 minutes per connect. If You want to play longer games, You must pay the shareware fee.

On WChat You can only play 1 on 1. On Kali up to 4 C&C players can join the battle like on Your IPX local area network. Kali is not as fast as WChat. WChat has the disadvantage of only supporting the few standard maps. Kali lets You play every map You like over the Internet like it's possible via IPX. But as usual You have to make sure You and Your opponents use the same map file(s).


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