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[25 March 2000]
Selfmade update for MacWChat? (by Mac1rox)

"Should I make a 3rd party Westwood Chat program? There is a new poll for my site theAnnoyer's. Do you want me to make a new Westwood Chat with what we, the Mac C&C community, want?"

MacMark: Is that a real question? Sure! Of course! Absolutely! Yes! Do You get the source code of WChat? I already have some wishes for improvements in MacWChat ;-)

In case someone doesn't know already: Westwood apparently doesn't love to improve the Mac version of WChat as much as they could.

update 27. March:

  • "no, i do not have the source code of WChat. but, i do have an open transport stream watcher, which will show me everything that westwood chat sends and receives. and, by using that, i can probably understand what to send to the westwood server, when, and with what else. so far, i think its basically a beefed up IRC server, so im gonna see what all i can learn about IRC."
  • "i think ive just cracked the hard part of figuring out the westwood chat "protocol" now all i gotta do is figure out how everything works, now that i know how to get it to connect :)"

MacMark: Looks good. I hope You succeed ;-)

[22 March 2000]
Girls playing CnC (by GemmaG)

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 03:37:05 EST
Subject: Hi mac its me GemmaG also known as (IamShe) other WW nickname.

"Hi i am 20 yrs and female playing C&C why????? i dont know get bored of watching my boyfriend play i suppose but i think your site is great lots of good reading material and well layed out i have been playing only 4 days now but with the help of my boyfreind i have learnt to build fast and gained some good unit control i lay the setts green acres units 3 tech 5 credits 9999 and also OPFA, Tiberium Garden and marooned. I like too challenge people better than me as it gives me more chance to see there build technique i still would rank your site 10/10. I will send you my photo later on so i hope you can stick my picture next to my boyfriend HTTbull. And another thing id preferr not be called ho thankyou just a little respect would be nice not even because im a good player (because im not) but maybe the fact im one of the only women playing online thanks forproducing a great site! see you soon yours faithfully Gemma"

MacMark: You're welcome :-)

[16 March 2000] updated 17th March
The BALU-ASK question

"I must agree with aus here, altough we finished 1-1 im sure hed beat me on any other map, and im very impressed by this guys skill and unit control, i think we all would want to know who he is, at least i do." (by Invizible)

You're right ;-) Yesterday BALUASK joined my channel and we talked for a while and hat 2 games. I felt like a beginner and lost both matches. We played on Marooned, 0 units GDI versus NOD. He likes Mini Gun Infantry and uses spider bases. Surprisingly he made no use of Apaches. I brought an APC into his base although he had about 10 Recon Bikes and NOD Buggies. He wasn't consequently in blocking the entrances. But his infantry and his vehicles finished my 3 Grenadiers and 2 Engineers off. I have to mention that I used a 1st APC to get his attention. He explored early with a Recon Bike and discovered my 2nd (loaded) APC though :( He attacks Harvesters with groups of Bikes and Buggies and retreats when I go with Medium Tanks and Grenadiers to protect them. Then he makes another sudden and short attack. He builds NOD Turrets (many versus tanks) and Flamethrower Infantry (some versus infantry) too.

What I know yet about him is:

  • He played Pieman1 only twice
  • He's on HeliWiper's top 50
  • He wants to be higher on mymy tough players list.
  • His top finish on WChat was 2nd for NOD
  • He played XxRocKxX over 40 times
  • He's probably not listed on Case's ladder anymore
  • He has ICQ.

He's not Pieman1 as many others guessed. Any better guesses? According to <secret> I "should write BALUASK with mixed caps". That would look like BaLuAsK. Looks like a mixture of Blak and Austin. Could it be a shared nick by Blak519 and Austin469? Would make sense because Blak519 played last month as Kerplink too ;-)

update 17./18. March:

BALUASK is a name shared by Austin469 and Blak519. Only Austin469 has played tournament games under "BALUASK". Blak519 played only non-tourney under "BALUASK".

I got at least 1 vote for BALUASK in my poll. I request all players who mailed me votes containing "BALUASK" to vote again without that nick. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry, Blak519 and Austin469, I have to save my poll results from being useless.

Austin moved up on my tough player list to the top group.

Blak519 started in February a "who the hell is Kerplink" topic on the message board of CnC-Extreme.So did Austin469 in March with "BALUASK". So I guess if in April another topic "who the hell is xyz, he beat me..." is started on that message board, we all now Blak's and Austin's latest disguise name ;-)

[14 March 2000]
MSEP1 gave free wins (by MSEOP1 )

N1ke, isnt it really funny that a guy like this whines about someone stealing his passwords, hmmm would one wonder how i would get them, perhaps he gave them to me to get his free win rush's, well he asked me if i would give him free wins and i said no, so then he asked if i would use some of his other names Ineedfood and CCowner to give him free wins, so i said yes, he gives me the password and i give him his free wins, so knowing that i gave him some yes, i did give other free wins too just to teach him a lesson, i know that i am not good enough to win against the top players, so this would have helped me in no way, it just amazes me that this kids whines like this and doesnt put the full truth to it all, and that was to get his free wins to beat other players, i am not ashamed of this i did it to teach him fair play is fair play so too bad for him, beside how many names did he have on the ladder i can name 5 atleast CCowner Ineedfood and DBV13, perhaps N1Ke Npfn1ke and the list probably goes on.

[14 March 2000]
Some facts about MacMark

I see more and more players caring about if I win a tourney or how high I would finish. I don't care about ranks. I played versus an unranked Rquiem (some years ago) while I was in top 100, facing certain losses vesus him. I play everyone on every settings (but without rules!) and look for the fun and what I can learn from this match.

I found out that it's easy to be top 20 if You play only 1 single setting. But it's not a great challenge. Usually I don't play more than 50 games a month. It would take too much of my time to be on top, so don't expect me there.

My top finish as No3 GDI was in November 1998 as I published earlier here: "I finished the November tourney in the 20th or 30th ranks. But after a lot of players were disqualified because of unfair playing / disconnecting I moved up to the 3rd place GDI." Let me say I don't really need any T-Shirts for free ;-)

So, my goal isn't to be on top any day. I play straight and simple for the fun of it. But since I'm on WChat since MacCnC was available (that was a half year before the PC-version has been able to play on WChat!) I'm a very old old-schooler. The real tough guys of the early days like Rquiem don't play CnC yet. And I know for sure they handed me my ass more than any of these 2nd or 3rd generation players. Between us old-schoolers it's public sense that every time they want to capture the ladder they only have to play it. Read my older news of 1999 for more details.

Let me give You an advise: Don't look at anybody's rank. Just play and have fun.

Most top ranked guys use more than 1 nick per month on the ladder. Many out-sync or d/c if they lose. Some accept free wins from others. And You believe being on top makes You a tough player? No way.

I'm not the best CnC player, but there're only about 20 players of all times that trouble me really. I don't mean by this beating me once or twice by some cheap tricks while I'm sleepy. I mean the ones with real skills: micro-managing their units, being able to play every map, liking every settings, playing without any rules, knowing and using all possible tactics and counter tactics, doing several attacks at one time from different sides and so on (only to mention a few).

Now come some newbies and claim they've beaten one of the greats. Relax! I did that too. I beat all of them sometimes. Everybody can do that. But I still know they win 95% of their matches versus me. To be as good as the real greats they have to fear You.

But what do You do? You fear even me while I'm low ranked. Many players come into my game channel and then say: "Oh, sorry, I play You when You get higher." Players that are assumed to be the best actual players right now. That means the new-schoolers. The real greats laugh at You, believe me!

I see I'm now a little bit off-topic. Sorry for that ;-)

[14 March 2000]
Virtual Ted fixed the ladder page

The last few days Westwood's CnC ladder was not available. The browser returned "document contains no data" which meaned the automatically by the server generated ranking page wasn't delivered. I mailed Ted the problem and he told me to look at it. Now I checked the ladder page again and it's working. Thanks, Ted!

By the way: I have had some furious winning matches the recent days. But they weren't counted because of the down time of the ladder. I think You will have noticed the same for Your matches :(

[12 March 2000]
HTTbull is honest (by HTTbull)

hey mac
i dont understand u ! I am an honest player as you have seen me play i do not do free wins and will gladly play you or anyone else please can u take the wild wild west part off the site? i am no chaeter i am a honest player i have not heard of the nickname "foufcfk" and am insulted i am only ranked as httbull and if me and leader were using this name to do free wins why only 25??? when i have 31 wins 0 losses and he has 28 wins 0 losses u can ask anyone if they hvae seen me play! and they will tell u they have hey mac i thought i was ok with u??? Anyhow i found out who our new mysterios champion is i.e. Waxedpapr=Turrok55 ok so he is old i would appreciate you to take this stuff off about me at any rate thanks mate!

[12 March 2000]
Tough name hider Baluask (by Austin469)

Perhaps you should add some news on the name hider "BALUASK" because he killed me and others.....he beat me 4-1 and has beaten people like blak and mljs, i dont know who he is. probably ID or heliwiper, but he is very very good.

[12 March 2000]
Tygrtank for GDI cheated (by N1ke)

Winners of feb. 2000: Tygrtank for GDI cheated, some newbie kid "mseop1" stole my password from "dbv13" and lost to Tygrtank 5 times on last day... I would have finished third and Tygrtank would have finished 2nd he is just cheap...

dbv13 alias n1ke

[07 March 2000]
Evenflow2 undercover

Evenflow2 is undercover playing this month. A few other players know his actual name. I know it too, but I promised to keep it secret until middle of this month. So I will reveal him next week. Stay tuned!

Update [12]

He plays under the nick FlameLion. One of the other players knowing his under cover nick leaked that information recently. So I open the gates now too. Evenflow2 wants to proove he can make it to the top again - squelshing other mouthes. Good luck!

[07 March 2000]
Wild Wild West on the ladder

At the moment WChat looks like wild wild west. We got several players using at least 3 different nicks during this month to play ladder matches. That's against the rules and usully Virtual Ted disqualifies such fools. Until then they're doing some free wins rushes. E. g. HTTleadr and HTTbull are probably giving each other wins using their other nick Foufcfk. Foufcfk has had 30 wins, 0 losses and shortly later 25 losses. Strange and very suspicious.

Update [12]

HTTbull disagrees with this news item.

[01 March 2000]
Top players poll - March 2000

Email me Your 5 actual top players on WChat. Deadline is 31. March 2000. I will publish the results on 3rd of April. The last poll of that kind was in March 1998. My tough players list is my subjective ranking and You asked me for another neutral actual ranking of WChat players. Here we go ;-)

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