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updated 2003-03-01
Westwood's Worlwide Ranks Of Heroes is (now: was) the official world ranking for C&C players. (It was canned in March 2003.) You can compete with other players using the Westwood Chat program coming with Your copy of MacC&C or C&C Gold. Playing Mac versus PC is no problem. Every new month the ladder is cleared for a new start from scratch. The ladder is updated every full hour.

If You want more details visit the C&C ladder help pages at Westwood. They're important and include the following:

  • Calculation of points: You win/lose 1 to 64 points per match depending on the point difference between You and Your opponent. You never lose more than 10% of Your current points. If You beat the same person more than 3 times You may get no more points for such a match. If You play more than 5 ranked matches versus the same person You may be disqualified. Same if You play a person living at the same address as You.

    Calculator - win/loss points on Westwood's ladder

    Ladder points calculator
    Your points:
    Opponent's points:
    Who won?
    You  He
    Your point change:
    Calculator made by Øystein Hunnes
    and improved by MacMark

The K-value is the maximum number of points You can win or lose (64 at Westwood's ladder).You never lose more than 10% of Your actual points at WChat. (Calculator taken from Øystein Hunnes)

Score graphic. Click to see the full size picture. (Made by JimmyGiro.)

  • Short matches: Matches lasting less than 3 minutes are not reported to the ladder system.
  • Disconnects: If You clearly win/lose and a disconnect (d/c) or out-of-sync-error (sync) happens, You will get the win/loss in the ranking system and a d/c point, too. The faces indicate how often someone had a (passive/active) disconnect:
    • 20% of Your matches or less = ,
    • 21-30% = ,
    • 31% or more = . Westwood recommends not to play someone with the red face.
  • Unfair tactics like hiding Your very last unit are recognized, too. If Your opponent does that, You can disconnect and get the win. More "Don't do that!" which results in being disqualified.

If You want to play a ranked match join a yellow (as a PC user) or green (as a Mac user) highlighted game. Or host a game Yourself and check the tournament button.

Winners of May 2000 (screenshot made by MacMark)

  • GDI: Xtiberman with 90 wins and 7 losses at 891 points.
  • NOD: Agntasp with 58 wins and 4 losses at 870 points.

Winners of April 2000: I missed to do a screenshot.

Winners of March 2000: The ladder has been reset 1 week too late for March on 08. April 2000. So I don't post any winners for this month.

Winners of February 2000 (screenshot made by MacMark). Congratulations to both!

  • NOD: Blak519 with 63 wins and 2 losses at 1200 points.
  • GDI: Tygrtank with 85 wins and 9 losses at 1043 points.

Winners of January 2000 (screenshot made by MacMark). For comments on the winners read the news.

  • NOD: Agentblak with 44 wins and 5 losses at 987 points.
  • GDI: Blackasp1 with 96 wins and 4 losses at 1214 points.

Winners of December 1999 (screenshot made by MacMark). ACnDC won both GDI and NOD using many names. Actually he sucks, so don't be impressed too much with that.

  • NOD: Aurora69 with 95 wins and 1 losses at 1057 points.
  • GDI: Hoootrain with 95 wins and 9 losses at 1004 points.

Winners of November 1999 (screenshot made by MacMark). The same as in October! But they needed more wins this time ;-)

  • NOD: Evenflow2 with 42 wins and 0 losses at 1008 points.
  • GDI: MonsterID with 136 wins and 6 losses at 1002 points.

Winners of October 1999 (screenshot made by RyanAT)

  • NOD: Evenflow2 with 69 wins and 10 losses at 1079 points.
  • GDI: MonsterID with 48 wins and 10 losses at 961 points.

Winners of September 1999 (screenshot made by RyanAT)

  • NOD: CmdrCD with 29 wins and 3 losses at 880 points.
  • GDI: XrockX with 159 wins and 17 losses at 829 points.

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