08 June 1999

Rquiem about "Players"

"Hello MacMark, this is Requiem. Please post this on your site.

I haven't played C&C in the longest time, but I just checked out MacMark's page and read all that stuff about dishonest players and cheating. Unless MacMark has done a complete 180 on his honesty, those players who accused him of cheating are complete morons. I have played him at least 50 times, and he has beaten me only once. In all those losses against me he has NEVER disconnected. Even when he had the higher rank and I was below him, he still played to the end and nothing dishonest happened.

Another thing, why the hell do you guys still play C&C. Every strategy that is possible has already been done a million times over, and with the same old maps I can't believe people are still playing. And why is there so much bitching and whining about disconnecting and shit. Most of these new players probably suck and talk shit, so they resort to this retarded nonsense."


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