20 June 1999

Rquiem: "No new good players"


You should realize that just by looking at the ladder that there are no new good players. Every time me, CmdrCD, Mastablue, Rock, Pieman, or Oompah play we always dominate the ladder. I am kicking everyone's ass after 5 months of not playing and am #1 with only 34 wins and 4 losses. RodOfNOD is back after an absence of a year and is doing great. These new players (including ACnDC's 4 top 20 nicknames) are simply not as good, I beat some so bad they questioned if I had some mysterious speed cheat. This simply proves again that the masters will always dominate. I'm also playing C&C right now because of a few reasons: 1. Summer at home isn't nearly as fun as living on campus 2. Dial-up modem connections of 28.8 on AOL and Battle.net don't work out too well, which means no Starcraft 3. Easy games mean easy prizes (^_^)


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