GDI stands NOD

tactic from MacMark
abstract: GDI versus NOD strategy. GDI uses a defensive mode to eat up all NOD units trying to destroy her base. After GDI has build up, NOD will become a very little footnote of history.

Most tough NOD players do the following: They rush GDI in the beginning with NOD-Buggies (for killing the infantry) and Recon Bikes (for killing all other). Sometimes with Apaches, too. What to do?

Recon Bikes suck versus infantry. NOD-Buggies suck versus tanks. Both suck versus large amounts of infantry in guard mode "g". But stop Your infantry with "s", if they leave Your base.

Apaches eat infantry. So You need circa 3 Rocket Soldiers per Apache. Put them into guard "g" mode, but don't let them follow the Apaches to NOD's base: Hit "s" for stop! And then "g" for guard again.

so, how to build?

Build Grenadiers and Rocket Soldiers.

Build Medium Tanks.

Eventually later:

  • 3rd Refinery (if NOD don't use much Light Tanks).or a 2nd Weapons Factory (if NOD is very agressive with much of Light Tanks).
  • Advanced Power Plant.
  • Repair Facility. Sell it. You can now build Mammoth Tanks for mobile air defense.
  • If NOD sells her Construction Yard, do the same if needed for $.

NOD comes! what to do?

I hope You have scouted NOD's base. If You see Apaches, build 3 Rocket Soldiers per Apaches.

Note: 10-12 Rocket Soldiers kill 4 Apaches very fast, even if the Apaches target these guys! Use the Rocket Soldiers in groups of at least 4-5 men.

If You see, that Your opponent builds only a single heli pad, expect a Chinook with Engineers. The Chinook is extremly vulnerable and all loaded men die if the Chinook explodes. Use the Rocket Soldiers versus him. The Chinook needs some free space to land. Block the space with an Humm-Vee driving under the Chinook. Usually a landed Chinook gets killed by infantry before more than 1 men comes out.

Build continuously Grenadiers and some Rocket Soldiers. Spread them in Your base and towards Your Tiberium Field. As soon as Your Weapons Factory is available build continuously Medium Tanks. Mix them with Your Infantry. Maybe later build some Mammoth Tanks.

25 Grenadiers in guard mode should be able to take out 15 NOD vehicles (NOD Buggies and Recon Bikes). So You should stand 2 Airstrips shipping NOD Buggies and Recon Bikes.

If NOD brings some anti infantry units like Mobile Artillery use Your Medium Tanks to "neutralize" them. Same is for NOD's Light Tanks: Don't let them squish GDI's infantry. Use the superior Medium Tanks. Flamethrower Infantry should be attacked with Grenadiers or squished by tanks. Keep infantry mixed with tanks!

The Rocket Soldiers You have built are good versus APCs, too: They have a long fire range and hit the APC before they get squished. Nevertheless You will lose some. Expect some APCs! Spread Your infantry. A spread army of infantry and tanks eliminates every APC really fast. If You have the money and no other things to build then build a Guard Tower and don't deploy it. Should an APC survive, wait until it unloads. Then deploy the Guard Tower beside it.

After You have build 10 Medium Tanks and NOD wasted most of his units, You're near the victory. You can go on building tanks. You can build additional buildings like Refineries or a 2nd Weapons Factory or Barracks towards the next Tiberium Field. Extend Your base.

Watch the evening news about GDI's victory over NOD!

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