mixed unit strike

05/15/98: tactic from CmdrCD
This strategy was developed by CmdrCD in the days of the kali ladder wars....later on further developed and perfected for the use on the map "Southern Utah 2067".

It is primary used in NOD duels on open maps where neither side uses a heli rush.

the main ideas

  • NOD uses the powers of the light side (no helis or APCs) to take out its NOD opponent in an open field battle with several groups of different units attacking simultaneously. Using supreme unit control and a sharp mind....NOD ground units seem to fight with 120% performance...each group taking it's most appropriate target.
  • Use Light Tanks as the main force...flanked by several small groups of light vehicles and infantry. While taking Your opponent's Recon Bikes and tanks as Your primary targets during Your attack....Your own tanks will become invincible once the opponent has only NOD Buggies left..no matter how much of them.

the execution

Building order for the "Green Acres" version (2 ref version) of the "Mixed Unit Strike":

Sell the Construction Yard.

Note: A heli rush or a close base combat will stop a mixed unit strike unit building order.

  • Once hand is up ....build a mini gunner and a bazooka...don't complete the baz production ...hold it near to finish....since the money is a bit wasted when the enemy don't attack at the start...
  • When strip is up.....start building a small group of bikes (6 to 7) and a small group of buggies (6-7)...they will cover You against APCs and against Harvester attacks...
  • At about when Your 2nd strip is up.....start building tanks...and some mini gunners when money runs out..sell 1 strip and move Your units in attack formation...
  • With the infantry from the sell...You should have about 15-20 infantry..assigning them as group "4"...tanks are "3"....buggies "2" and Your primary APC defense, the bikes are #1.
  • During attack...start building bikes or buggies again...they will be fast and join while the main battle takes place....

unit control during the attack

  • Keep the infantry mixed up with Your tanks..like in GDI stands NOD.....the light vehicles move separately....but close in formation..
  • Attack with everything You have....while assigning 3 different targets to Your force...avoid Your units moving useless around instead of shooting.....I speak here of unit effectivity.
  • Move Your infantry in the heart of the battle ...put them in guard mode there...they will win the battle for You since the opponent is supposed to have more vehicle than You (cause You're the attacker)...avoid flamers and enemy tank formations.
  • Use Your buggies to take out enemy infantry especially flamers that may threat Your bikes....
  • Use Your tanks vs. enemy tanks and bikes...and vs. large infantry groups...keep them together...make sure to assign them always a target where all tanks can shoot on...without moving to the target assign Your bikes another target ...bike or tank...and keep them away from those flamers...
  • Make sure Your reinforcements join the battle as soon as possible.....
  • Take care of the enemy artillery...it may crush Your winning infantry


The weakness of this strategy is defense....when Your opponent decides to attack You earlier...maybe along with an APC.....You'll find Yourself in a mess when Your units are not grouped accordingly yet....You need to come out with that what You have in the moment of the enemy attack.. and now... Good luck!

P.S.: The Kali version (3 refs) of the Mixed Unit Strike strategy was never stopped up to this day .....but rarely used though.


add-on (06/14/98)

  • After several games using the ideas of the "mixed unit strike" on Wchat I found out that it is necessary to change a tiny but important detail that will protect the user best against enemy APCs. Since the Kali bikes can stop an APC on it's approach.....I found it a bit hard when not almost impossible doing the same on WChat. So the difference is that You kill the Engineer with Your buggys while the APC is unloading....and therefore You build the Buggy group (6-7) first and then the bikes.
  • Another little add-on, again only for the use in WChat, is that You don't need the first Minigunner and the nearly completed Bazooka. It's early enough if You start building Minigunners along with Your tanks. Just make sure to have Your Hand Of NOD placed above Your Construction Yard.....or at least very close to it.


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