straight and narrow

09 Oct 98: tactic from MacMark
Straight And Narrow is a multi player map where You should move Your Mobile Construction Vehicle before deploying it. This map has some horizontal areas to build in separated from each other by mountains and rivers. The only connection between these areas is a vertical path in the west. If You deploy Your MCV where You start You will usually be dead: You're surrounded by Tiberium and can't build much. Some areas have more space to build, but You should move instead of this because You should get control of the connection path in the west.

Move to the west and build there. If You have some start units find Your opponent's base and protect the gaps to Your base. Without start units build infantry and walls to accomplish that. Nobody can attack what he doesn't see. You can easily close the gap towards Your enemy by building some Advanced Guard Towers (GDI), Obelisks Of Light (NOD) and NOD turrets combined with some Concrete Walls. GDI should build no Weapons Factory in the beginning. Single tanks passing the bridge would be killed too easily. For NOD I suggest SSM Launchers. With their incredible fire range they can target the enemy behind the mountains and rivers. And they can kill towers from a save distance. Furthermore You should use helis. A good idea is to expand Your base towards the enemy. You will get the Tiberium of the next area and Your opponent doesn't.

Usually You win if Your opponent hasn't moved from his starting point or You own more of the Tiberium by occupying some additional areas. Vehicles are used to finish Your opponent off. The main fight is done by building (towers) into new areas (to occupy them), helis and SSM Launchers!

update (25 Nov 98): If You're GDI and are trapped into one single section of that map You should tank rush accompanied with 10-15 Grenadiers.

update (17 Jan 99): If the gaps are closed and You can see the enemy base the Temple of NOD is appropriate for hell on earth.

update (07 Feb 99): If Your opponent uses SSM Launchers combined with building Obelisks of Light towards Your base You should draw back Your troops and Your base slowly. Let him waste some money for these both kinds of units. Draw back so far that he has to move his SSMs over the bridge. Now he can only move single units towards Your base to open fire. And he has to build over the bridge to place Obelisks near enough. Maybe he has to sell earlier build Obelisks for that. Make sure to have a Weapons Factory, 2-3 Orcas and 2-3 Barracks left outside his range in the backyard of Your now half sold base. Orcas, Medium Tanks, Rocket Soldiers and Grenadiers should be able to stop NOD's progress. See my units discussion if You're not sure about using which unit versus which enemy unit.

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