base layout

There're 2 different ideas for layouting Your base:
  • Spider Base
  • Closed Base

they have different advantages:

A Spider Base keeps on extending towards the opponent and towards the Tiberium Fields. Engineers out of a destroyed APC have to travel very long ways to the different buildings. (Thanks to Rquiem!) They get killed. Harvesters have short ways to the Tiberium. That speeds Your earnings. See also Barracks Rush.

A Closed Base keeps all buildings close together. Such a base is easy to protect. Some defensive units (Mobile Rocket Launch System, Rocket Soldiers, Towers, SAM Sites) can protect the total base at minimum costs. You even can build effectively walls to protect the Construction Yard against Engineers.

and they have different disadvantages:

The Spider Base has trouble protecting all buildings against Engineers. The Closed Base has trouble with slow money.

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