06 May 1999

Oompah disabled

Rumor has it that Oompah lost his account. He was quite a good player, but recently not honest. That means he shared with other guys some accounts. MastaBLue reported them to Virtual Ted and informed me about all that stuff. I published everything about it in the recent weeks on this site in my news and discussions and obviously Ted agreed with MastaBLue. So do I. I wouldn't wonder if the other guys involved in that cheat would be disabled too.

LilMoosh yesterday told us "PoetDP-> c0 Im Zarnian Too" on WChat in public he uses 2 nicks for playing this month against the rules. I mailed Ted the chat log and expect PoetDP alias Zarnian to be disqualified by the rules. Lilly is ranked with both names. Sun set for him.

One more thing: As far as I know is that begging-on-his-knees-for-some-points-guy "BeamBlack" of last month the "master of the universe himself": Pieman1. Shame on You, buddy! By the way: He's one of Oompah's "gang".

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