April 1999 and older reports

Sunday, 25 Apr 1999

  • "The other day I played Bignod.  It was a battle in eye of the storm.  We both had a number of tanks & ssms etc etc and finally near the end of the game, I took his airstrip.  He then attacked me and I killed him.  He had two stealth tanks left.  He could  have hidden them easily and drawn out the game, but he attacked me with them.  I would like to give BIGNOD an honorable mention."
  • "I'm 100% sure that CptKikAzz = HunnyCakes, because i played him once, and then he came to play with another nickname. He aborts also when his helirush fails. If u are interested, then put that cheater who used two nick in the tourney on your page." (MacMark: Aborting is the same as surrendering.)

  • "Last night I played TONKAJOE. Well about 5-10 minutes into the game he asked "do you know any cheats" I said no cause I dont. He then said "type Cashier fast then hit enter 3 times". I did not do it right away and he said are you going to try it so I did. It turned out that if you do that it causes you to surrender. I dont think he should have gotten the win cause it was a cheap trick to make people surrender. What can you do about this?" (MacMark: If You type "r" during game play, You get the "Do You want to surrender?" question. "r" is the short cut for "resign". If You then hit <return> You decide to surrender and get the loss. That is no cheat. You simply resigned too fast.)
  • "i played with Webwidow once.I asked him not to s key on me.We play well at the games at first.But when under 2 minutes he try to flamers my power plant at he fail it.And that's he goes me lamer.Keep saying me as s keyer.When i'm gonna win on that game,he d/c me at once and i never got my points back.After that he came to my channel try to bullshitting this and that.Well of course i kick his ass out of my channel and he started spreading my nick out to everyone.By the way Macmark,can u do me a favour?If u could,hope u report to westwood that his account will be disabled for annoying people and try to keep he's nick clean.This people should be DQ always!" (MacMark: You should email VTed about that guy. You find Ted's email address in my links. My words don't have more weight than Yours at Westwood, but Ted knows about this web site and maybe he has time to check it out sometimes;-)
  • "I know that you have place for blacklisted players on your site. What about players with no honor and valor? Attached you will find a screenshot of BeamBlack begging me to resign when he is losing. I know that the quality is low, but couldn't make it better. The words are "Let me win it.....". We played game with BeamBlack on GA. The game was close and I was going to win. At the end of the game when BeamBlack left with one soldier I told him:

      "I will count to 10. If you are real champion you will resign, otherwise I will.
      BeamBlack - "Please man. I will help you a lot."
      "You are good player and you can recover fast from this lose."
      BeamBlack - "C'mon I don't want to lose so many points. Resign please."
      "You are not such a champion as I thought. Anyway"

    I resigned!!! It was sad to see a guy who whooped me so many times to beg me for a single win. I am very disappointed."

  • "i read a report on me that is not true it was made by c0mander, he is a cheater, we agreed to some rules they were: HT, No Engineers, and No Helicopters, I am kinda new in my second month as of April 6 so i wouldnt play him for a couple of days, but finally i did. So we were playing and i had him beat so he decides to engineer me (which was against the rules) and he did it succesfully. he got my airstrip did it again got another airstrip. so i new i was dead but i was mad but there was nothing i could do but i wasnt going to dc the game went out of sync and her go mad saying i did it and i didnt even know what out of sync was i had never seen it before. i talk to him he says i did i say i didn't. (i really didn't) he wants me to give him a free win so he get his win i refused because he cheated he sya he didnt because it isnt a real westwood online rule but i say he agreed to the rules he should stick with them ( he acts like he didnt do anything wrong he tells me " i wanted a win so i engineered you" but i think he should get disqualfied for lieing to you and cheating. (i wonder what the people would think if i went in their channel they had a rule and i broke it not even caring about it.) please take that report out about me i did ont make the gaem go out of sync and i did not admit to it. pleas eput his on for breaking rules that he agrees to." (MacMark: I suggest "no rules". You have much less trouble then. Why inventing rules? Look for Your opponent and demolish him! That's the game!)
  • "This pisses me off alot. Sundown46 and I have been friends since we were SIX. We go to the same school, and ARE BEST CnC buds. He never, i repeat NEVER lies about anything. Recently He played MARSLINK. She is the biggest cheater in the world. I have personly been told on Wchat by MORE than 3 people that she s-keyed them ALSO. (I cannot say the names) SHE SHOULD BE BOOTED OFF THE LADDER. He would never pretend to be V-ted, or do anything else like that. HE NEVER plays without HT, TRUST me. I always go to hishouse, and we play alot of people. He NEVER goes without ht. I recomend EVERYONE not to play MARSLINK. THIS IS RUINING HIS REPUTATION AS A LOYAL CnC playa. HE IS HONEST."
  • "Hey macmark I have a few dipshits for your lamers list.  miles3 d/c'd me after i was cleaning up his base after taking out two war factories leaving him with nothing and my base untouched.  I also believe he tried to come back after that game under another name b/c he talked exactly the same and wasted no time in accepting my very odd options.  The other lamer is kill911 he d/c'd me as well. p.s i tried out your strategy and learned on thing it's good but susceptable to the greenaider rush very early in the game !!!!!!!!" (MacMark: Hehe, I will publish my new tactic in 1 week or 2.)
  • "i was playing noreaga1 and iwas kicking his ass and then he made the game go out of sync then when i came back to his room he admitted it."
  • "i seen SUNDOWN46 hosting a game so i got on with one of my friends name just wanted too see for my self what's going on if he break he's own rules, well there was no ht very funny right. i was nod he was gdi so i took he's< base out easy with helicopters so the game went on he said finish him off i said ok. he said he usually much better find it hard too believe he did not even guard the bridges on river raid. i ask him who he was he said virtual ted then he said just joking. so i acted dum i said who's vted he told me who he was. Then I ask him are u him he said no. then I ask him do u work for WESTWOOD he said no I ask him a few time he said no. he seem too humble him self not making up story and no ht who's lieing. he like too talk a lot mabey now he wont make up stories n he resign like he did against my friend."
  • "I talking TO Mady1 AKA ImSoviet THis Mornin and He was talking trash about you, if you Want, i Logged it so you can view and Post it on page! lemme know if you want it!"
  • "I am writing to plead my case against MARSLINK.  She is the one posting my name as pretending to be v-ted.  I admit, I am not.  But she was the worst cheater I have ever heard of, and I tried to set her straight.  I want that message about me taken down.  we HAD ht, and she s keyed my units.  I am not a dirty player.  Play me and find out." (MacMark: If she really s-keyed You, please email VTed about that. She will lose her WChat account for that. Although pretending to be VTed is not nice, Your statement she would lose her account for s-keying is correct.)
  • "Leemon: Very Honest, Fights to The Last Man Standing, Tee42: Dishonest, Breaks HT and Leaves Under 3 Minutes, NodNose: Dishonest: D/C's" (MacMark: Regarding Tee42, HT is silly, leaving under 3 minutes isn't nice, but not forbidden.)
  • "A friend of mine said she played a guy name SUNDOWN46 who said he was vted. he said she broke the ht even know she did not kill any harvesters. then he went on about stuff saying she would lose her account this is vted other name he said saying crazy stuff. I told her I ask u about it seeing how u have SUNDOWN46 CROSS OFF COULD THIS BE REALLY BE VTED ?? If this is really vted he lost hes mind!!" (MacMark: even if Virtual Ted would play, he would be honest. Sundown46 tried to fool Your friend. By the way: I think any kind of rules on C&C suck. I play always "no rules".)
  • "Yep, prdark can't play too well, but he really knows how to disconnect. I played him a couple of months back and in some cases never got my wins. This month, he dced on me again, but I was lucky and got my win this time. I haven't met too many dcers this month that are worth mentioning but there were a couple and I wanted you to put them up on your page.
    And the winners are: PRDARK (I know he's already listed, but make his name in red or somethin so that everybody knows), Tdew712, kgfd, winomo.
    In other news :) I've played cmdrcd on s&n recently and he was pretty good. He really knew how to use that south advantage so in the end he overpowered me. Both of us had good possibilities for winning though. I plan to play him some more, sometime, to prove who's really the king of s&n (me of course:).
    Keep up the good work."
  • "I just played the worst cheater of my life.  His name is marslink.  First of all, I said ht before the game started.  He took his recon bikes and blew up one of my harvs.  Throughout the game, he was s keying my units too.  I took my apc behind his base, and it stopped all of a sudden, not where it as supposed to...and his units came and killed it.  Can u get this guy kicked off of the ladder?" (MacMark: Please mail VirtualTed Your case about him. Check my links section for Ted's email.)
  • "I have a statement to make about prdark.  We were playing each other in sand trap, and he tankrushed me.  I fended off his attack, then took my tanks down to his base.  When I was about to kill him, he said gg, and then the "reconnnecting to prdark" message came up.  I waited out the full 300 seconds, and then I killed his comp.  I have not got the win.  I WANT MY POINTS.  Could you put me in touch with virtual ted?  thanx." (MacMark: Check my links section for Ted's email.)
  • "the other day, I played prdark and jesus911.  I think that they are the same guy.  Jesus911 by the way, is also: love911, xxxiiixxx and vietminh. Prdark used the exact same building order, and the exact same strategy as as all of jesus911 and his other nicks.  Here is how it went. Pwr Ref Wep Wep pwr tankrush." (MacMark: Hehe, I played jesus911 too. You're right about him. Versus me he died as my Orcas and Grenadiers have had a meeting with his troops and buildings.)
  • "I played prdark today, and it has been about two hours, and my rank hasn't changed.  He aborted on me too.  I got the "reconnecting to prdark" message.  If I don't get the points, could u get prdark booted.  he has dced me several times." (MacMark: Please mail VirtualTed Your case about him. PrDark is a well known sucker and d/cer.)
  • "ok every body.  do u know somebody that comes back in to your channel countless times with different nicks, and u r sick of playing him, but u don't know who he will be when he comes back?  well, I am having that problem with: vietminh, also known as:  love911, jesus911, xxxiiixxx.  And sometimes he goes over his friends house, and plays as lililli.  He is very dishonest.  He is good, but u should never play him.  If u find out any more of his nicknames, E-mail macmark, and post em!   ( hey macmark, could u look in to this guy's account, and talk to virtualted?  This is really ticking me off.  Could u help me with this?" (MacMark: Please check my links section for Ted's email.)
  • "your page is right about this guy kilin4fun, we had agreed HT and then he breaks it almost right away. We were playing on green acres and the first time he attacked my harvs they were close to my base, He said it was part of his attack. My tanks went out and saved the harvs, he then proceeded to attack the harvs as soon as they went back out, further away from the bases this time. Nobody should play this cheese eater ever. Verrrry dishonest. Pass the word around"
  • "recently 0onasho0 or XxnashxX was in the cnc chat room and as soon as i arrived he began asking for password.. i then reported him.. to ww i don't know why he wanted people passwords but he was asking everybody in the room for passwords.. post this on ur site so people know what nash is up to"
  • "i have 1 person who clever do did that games out of sync and i wanna my 50 points back from ted. He's shocker01 who did out of sync!"
  • "So far I have only faced 2 disconnecters, but both of them are highly-ranked. It's too bad they don't have a lot of skill. They are Killin4Fun and Mischaa. Mischaa is either Fletcher5 or Coreana. He disconnected when I had a large amount of units headed toward his base after I sold the CY, I already killed 2 of his harvesters and was going in for clean-up when he pulled the plug and I got a loss! Those two shithead players need to learn how to play the game correctly, or they can go..." (rest censored, well he's very very angry about these guys) "babkuzy out of syncs the game also"
  • ACnDC: "He has been known as one of the biggest disconnectors of all time, and he has more names than most people I know. Names you have not listed on your page that are ACnDC are OOMPY, BUZZBALLS, TiffyTime, and aurora69. I recommend EVERYONE stays away from playing him. If you don't play a disconnector, he cannot disconnect! :)." MacMark: I added the names today.
  • Paksoldja: "Tried to heli rush my CY, I destroyed all but one of his choppers. He msged me "almost Ha Ha" then DCed."
  • Utepers: "i've play with utepers 6 games.Most of the games he resign under 3 minutes.Disconnect sometimes too.Very dishonest.He will resgin under 3 minutes or disconnect when he failed to engineer you at the starting."
  • ACnDC: MacMark: ACnDC lost 2 times versus me when he was much higher ranked than me. First game he played until the end. Second game he surrendered. He played GDI and tried a Commando-Chinook rush in the first game and a Mammoth rush in our second game. I won by using Orcas and infantry. It seems that the formerly as the bad guy known player changed his mind. Welcome ACnDC!
    I got emails from ACnDC and from Virtual Ted about ACnDC's accounts. Virtual Ted wrote: "Ah, sorry. We just checked your account, and it looks as if you have been cheating (a lot). You are disqualified now, and in all future online tournaments here at Westwood." Seems like ACnDC pays now the bill for being dishonest a long time.
  • sdj1209: MacMark: announced to d/c on me soon. i took a screen shot of that and told him who i'm. so he didn't d/c and died. and he said "ht" at the end. tststss, we had none. "no rules!" is my standard topic. i think if Virtual Ted would get this screen shot in case this guy would have d/ced on me, he could say good bye to his account. wise decision sdj! very wise...
  • iLLiLL: "I have a sneaking suspicion that utepers is also illill.  I am not sure for certain, would you please check in to it further?" MacMark: Looks like he isn't utepers.
  • Ludeboy: "is a disconnnector."
  • Kreepr: "He used the refinery trick, and admitted to doing so.  Please, can you get him kicked out of the ladder, and post him on your players list?  He dced me too." MacMark: He's already on the blacklisted players list. Please email Virtual Ted about him and tell him what he did.
  • Pericleet "is also a dcer.  We had a stale mate in sand trap, and we both had very good defensive positions.  Neither one would attack.  He dced me then."
  • ludeboy : "disconnecter"
  • "hi macmark can i put myself honest? if can i would happy about it thankx." MacMark: Actually You cannot. Sorry, even if You're not on my blacklisted players list. Other players have to comment on You.
  • Gunnie10: "is honest along with me. He is a great guy"
  • Kreepr: "S keyed on your units."
  • Sydney00: "S keyer." and "very very very dishonest. s keyer and say u d/c or pretending say never s keyed on ur units.becareful this guy when u play.he is totatly S keyer."
  • Warman001: "Pretending and say what s keyed use for."
  • "I've got around 15 message that Dungeon95 is becoming honest. He wont d/c on me when i play with him in tournament games this month. Not juz only me but many ppl also say that he r getting good. He tell me that he had change coz he say that he saw his nick was on the dirty list. At the 1st time i don't believe. But when i check his nick i found out that he is in blacklisted players. Hope you will disable his nick n giving him a chance. By the way i got 2 person who r dishonest in game.They r the following below:"
  • Wimplet: "He is totally losing when i attack.He have no units more and i have 6 medium tanks n a couple of minigunner.But i never get a win besides get a lose becoz the games was out of sync.I think he did that.Hope u will found out as quickly as possilbe."
  • Nikesguy: "Spooky35 friends. Juz like Spooky35 gonna lose n d/c on me.Still never got a win."
  • Pamparia: "is also weathaman."
  • MHMprince: "I just found out that MHMprince is also yanksfan.  If he loses to you as either nickname, he will come back with the other one and pretend to be a newbie."
  • mrwisdom: "tries to engineer you combined with some apaches and recon bikes. he d/ces immediately before he lose."
  • jjm: honest
  • mastroshi: honest
  • hawgrider: honest
  • Mseop1: "cheats you of sync error"
  • Redchaser: "honest once again"
  • Mascnfuse: honest
  • Tree11: honest
  • X5starx: d/cer admits it
  • Xxnashxx: d/cer also does not deny it
  • Pericleet: honest
  • Tankhog: maybe honest, not sure
  • Utepers: "acndc or coreana (d/c of course) more coreana than acndc"
  • burn15: "had fun beating him, well have to rematch sometime"
  • pericleet: honest
  • Ibeatubad: "got beat up pretty bad hihi hes honest baby"
  • Pcgamers: "left under 3 minutes I beat him"
  • banditjr: d/ced
  • Hilnder: "d/ced me after he tried to helirush and I chinooked him"
  • FDTFHFGH: d/cer. "soon as game started i can tell he was cheating the game like out sync it was 1 against 2 Ted i want my 40 point cause he dced me even no he cheated i still beat him, he had no cy left and had 3 tanks and a artillery i had two turrets cy 3 bikes and couple men we both had two refinery, so he figure he could not win and said look at the score he had 22 to 16 kills. time too dced he said. then i waited it out heres the cheating part the computer could build two thing at once EVEN NO HE HAD ONLY ONE AIRSTRIP he NEVER BUILT TWO so Hess hack stayed on wen the time ran out too reconnect I never seen the computer build something in one-second the plane did the circle thing like wen u have two coming in sideways."
  • xiburwolf: "While playing nod against my gdi he had two stealths left thats all and kept pulling hit and run on me in nowhere to hide. That was fine but after doing this to me for a long time he aborted the mission. I didn't want to disconnect so i had to play a long time to get the computer."
  • Cobrar5: d/cer. "this guy has the nerve to be top 50 and d/ced on me his w/l record is 30/1 but we all know what that means (nothing). i beat him and he d/ced me."
  • Tanghog: strange guy. "Imagine this - I'm ranked in the 200's and he is 30th (Note: my record is 7/0 at that time). Boy am I surprized when he comes into my channel and without saying a word accepts all of my options and we start playing.(You just have to get suspicious when somebody does a crazy thing like this. At that time I'm still puzzled why he's committing suicide.) Well it gets to the point (not too long in the game) when I have two airstrips and he has only one. I haven't uncovered all of his base so I don'tknow how many tanks he has but all of a sudden he rolls out about 20 or so NOD tanks and converts all my units to dust. I know it doesn't sound convincing but I thought there was something very weird going on. So we play a second game (I wanted to play it out of curiosity to see what he does this time). I start just like the last time but only build one airstrip - cause I think that the airstrip is what matters. Well not long in the game he builds two airstrips and brings in as many tanks as the last game (or even more). Then he attacks me again and of course converts all my forces to dust. Very suspicious. What I think happened was that he used some kind of a new cheat the first game and then, of course, in the second game I was experimenting whether one airstrip mattered, so he simply overpowered me by brute force. Note: he build about as many tanks in the first game with one airstrip as he did in the second game with two airstrips and without the CY. The timing of the games was about the same too."
  • Toqui: out of sync cheater
  • mxpxnod: honest
  • ACnDC: As PCgamers he seems to be honest.
  • Jjm: honest.
  • Mastroshi: honest.
  • Hawgrider: honest.
  • Mseop1: cheats ouf of sync error.
  • Redchaser: honest.
  • Nomad15: big cheater. dced on me while playing One Pass. He built up his base but didn't have enough units to defend it so he dced.
  • Va3wed: honest.
  • Lecollezi: d/cs, pretends to give You the win and won't. Must have an "reveal all" thing. s keys also. Very dishonest.
  • MLJS: honest.
  • Sgtfarmer: honest.
  • Mrkaris: honest.
  • Starsix: surrenders under 3 minutes.
  • Mattak1: d/cs under 3 minutes.
  • MxPxNod: honest heli rusher.
  • Gdilynk: d/cs.
  • Damander: d/ces after killing the CY.
  • Motombo1: honest.
  • MHMprince: resigns under 3 minutes.
  • Coreana: surrenders under 3 minutes and s keys.
  • Tonsoffun: resigns under 3 minutes.
  • Nick1111: s keys.
  • Levelup: ok.
  • Puttycatt: leaves under 3 minutes.
  • Batman95: ok.
  • Sundown46: plays You only 1 time, breaks his own HT.
  • Blerkin: his favorite map is Tiberium Garden. He plays GDI. He tries to engineer You early in the game. He uses helis and all start units to open the entry to Your base. He will also use the Chinook to engineer You. He is honest and will surrender if he lose.
  • Zzzz911: he plays Green Acres. He uses the standard easy-kill-tactics: If he's NOD he will have 0 start units and destroys Your CY immediately with some Apaches. If he is GDI he will have 6 start units and engineer You with his APC immediately. After that he won't play You again, because he has only this 2 cheap tricks and they work only 1 time versus each player.

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