23 Mar 1999

Dawn of the gods (updated 24 Mar 1999)

Some players found a way to be on WChat at the same time with several accounts. So they can play under one nick while their other nick is in the chat room. They use different copies of the WChat application on their computer. You can easily recognize those guys in the chat rooms: They can't talk. Then they leave to play a match and their other nick takes his place in the chat room. Silent again.

Some players share some nicks. They share all the passwords for these accounts. E. g. Clor, Oldzulu, CCguyssuc, MrMonday, Bunzski and CCmafia are all accounts shared by Pieman1, Oompah and TonsOfFun. This explains why Pieman1 and some other good players were dqed in a past tournament. They used more than 1 single nick during that month. That means those guys are not honest as stated earlier. Maybe tough, but not honest. If you play one of these names it could be any one of those players, so just be careful. Each of them has the password to that account. They make a living on the ladder building up their multiple accounts to be high ranked, they're distributing wins to themselves. This is an extremely unfair advantage for them. (Mastablue contributed to this news.)

Rquiem told some lies on his CC page some months ago regarding who is ReadArmy01 and BlueArmy01. He tried to mislead us with those informations. ReadArmy01 was Rquiem himself and BlueArmy01 was not Mastablue but XxRockxX.

The shocking part of these news is that the really tough players begun to cheat on WChat. And I wondered why I was beaten 3 times by an absolutely unknown guy named Oldzulu. Doesn't have Pieman1 the nerve to play me under his original nick? I'm really disappointed by that.

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