07 July 1999

New ladder rules!

As You can read on this page of Westwood the rules for the CnC ladder have been changed! The change happened on 01 July 1999. It's a great move to stop cheating. I think the CnC games on WChat will become as much fun as they've used to be:

No longer prizes for the top ranked guys! The prizes are now randomly awarded to players who played 25 or more games that month. That means You can win a prize by losing 25 games. The blacklisted players have no longer a reason to disconnect or to cause sync errors or to s-key or to use the ... and so on.

If You use more than one nickname in the same tournament, You will be disqualified permanently. This will reduce the alias-names-guys. You're still allowed to use another nick during another month. But who wants that? I like to be recognized by my friends and by the other guys.

Congratulations Ted, this is a great move!

Now the pure fun is back. I really love it. Thanks again!

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