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Beasty420 puts new virus into his hacker tools

Beasty420 publishes on his illegal hacker site beside several other things a program called "Relay32 IRC Nuker" and he gives instructions how to nuke with that hacker tool players on WChat and thus he's breaking Westwood Chat rules. But that's not enough for him, he goes even further by adding a very bad virus to this program again. As mentioned in earlier news - Virus in "CnC Hacked" confirmed - he did that some weeks ago for the first time with another program and now he's infecting a second program that is for download on his illegal hacker page.

The virus that he puts into the illegal hacker tool "Relay32 IRC Nuker" is known as "W32.Sircam.Worm@mm" alias "W32/SirCam@mm" alias "Backdoor.SirCam". This virus is classified even more destructive by Symantec / Norton than the virus he used earlier to infect his download files.

Beasty420 makes no secret of his main goal: He wants to kill the C&C community by offering hacker tools that enable dirty players to do nasty cheats to honest players and by infecting the computers of C&C players with at least two different viri. Don't use his tools, don't even download them. This guy isn't worth any respect of us honest players.

Here's an email of a poor guy that downloaded Beasty's illegal hacker tool and tried to use it. It didn't work for him as expected, but it caused him major trouble:

    Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 00:14:11 EDT
    Subject: Sircam Virus might be attached to RelayNuke on BeastyWWHacked
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    The other day, a little kid was being very annoying in WWChat, and I thought how wonderful it would be to just make him go away... so I figured Id just pop over to Beastys sight and get the Nuke Program to get rid of the little rat, and so I downloaded the program. When I went to install it, Norton noted a virus in my computer and told me to take immediate action. So I got rid of it, and the Nuke Program.

    That email I got strange emails like the ones described below, from browsers and places Ive never heard of, returned from them for "containing infected files" and such, which was wierd, because the files were .zips that I never sent out. So I wrote back, and even deleted the .Zips to stop the bleeding, and today I got a virus alert describing the virus:

    ***   SirCam has been described as the smartest and most destructive virus ever, whose actions include sending e-mails to self-created mailing lists through its own mail program, destroying the contents of hard drives, and filling drives with a text string. This worm also propagates via shared network drives

    This mass-mailing virus attempts to send itself and local documents to all users found in your Windows Address Book and all e-mail addresses it discovers in your temporary Internet cached files (web browser cache). Click here* for more detailed information on the SirCam Virus. The virus may be loaded on your system when you open an executable associated with any of the following e-mail messages:
    Subject: <filename>
    Body: Hi! How are you? I send you this file in order to have your advice or ->I hope you can help me with this file that I send ->I hope you like the file that I sendo you -> This is the file with the information that you ask for See you later. Thanks the same message may be received in Spanish. In such infected e-mail, you will commonly find two attachments. These attachments have double extensions (e.g., filename.ext.ext2; where filename.ext is the name of a file found on the sending PC). This will be a document file, such as a DOC, XLS, ZIP, JPG etc. ext2 is one of COM, EXE, PIF, LNK. A document file is included in the executable that the worm mails; this means there is a possibility of confidential or embarrassing material being distributed       ***

Apart from that in my opinion Beasty420 should be chased out of the C&C community.

A world looking at this site

I added a statistic link to the main page of this site. If you're interested who, when, from where, with what, how often and so on visit this site, just click on the colored little statistics icon on the front page's lower left corner. You can even check out some cities my visitors come from. I find the list of countries and providers very interesting. On one of the statistics the last ten visitors are detailed. I was wondering how visitors from Apple, Microsoft, US army and others found this site according to an older statistic. That Westwood is looking itself on this from time to time is a public secret I guess.

This is the very first time I give my readers access to the stats. You will see: you're not alone. The C&C community covers the whole world. See you next time same place ;-)

The incorrect spelling of Blitzkriegs revealed (by HarleySSB)

I got mail from HarleySSB explaining a strange clan name:

    Just for the sake of nostalgia last night, I brought up and searched for SS Blitzkriegs...what I found was interesting enough...old SL game links, squads long dead with links to SSB's homepage...but what I found most disturbing was the post on your webpage about the name SSB...I was the original creator of SSB (HarleySSB), and yes, I've been dually informed of the comment at the time had always been it was an 'Americanized' version of it...but the name stuck, and was really never meant to represent the tactic...and as for it being just didn't sound right being Sole Survivor Blitzkrieg...I went through a lot of names for my squad when I first started it, and finally came up with one that sounded good to me, not that it should mean something or be correct in every way...and if I had known at the time that it should've been Blitzkriege for the pluralized version, I still would have gone with really doesn't matter to me anymore, seeing as how SSB has moved on to Counter-Strike, and is just 'Blitzkriegs' now, still sporting the incorrect spelling >:-)

Mac versus Mac doesn't count on the ladder

I confirmed what I notified earlier: If you play C&C Mac versus Mac on Westwood Chat, your games aren't counted by the ladder (world ranking of players). Games between Mac and PeeCee count in contrast to this. I saw this after ladder games between MacMark ./. JimmyGiro, MacMark ./. BigPulsar and yesterday BigPulsar ./. JimmyGiro. I'm informing Westwood now about this problem and I will notify you, as soon as more informations become available on this.

Mac based hacker software?

In my mailbox I found a few days ago the following:

    Hey mac i just thought you should know i made a programe just like lords it works and you can do the same stuff with out OOS in game play along with this message is a picture of it you can post this in you news if you want i don't give a shit.I do not have a date to let me macintosh cnc players have it but one day it will be out


This guy claims having made a similar hacking tool like described in Hacker software by LordSSB and Beasty. This is - if true - not a good idea. There're so many good things one can do, so why start on a bad thing like a hacker tool? I ask everyone who makes such hacker tools to trash them and not to give them to anyone. Do something positive if you're bored!

C&C Top 100 is back online again

Sonic dropped me a line, that the famous C&C Top 100 ranking is finally back online again. This is good news for the community as that site puts the sites together. Boldly go!

    Host [] claimed to be homepc From: "Sonic" <>
    To: <>, <>
    Subject: Re: cnc top100
    Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 02:53:53 +1200
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    X-Priority: 3

    112123 ?????Just a quick to say that our C&C Top 100 is back online again... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris Seager [Sonic] | -- | EmpNet -- | [-lp-] --

Thanks for letting me now, I just joined again with my site :)

Suggestions for the blacklisted players (by Keith Bennett)

Wouldn't it be nice if people could have instant access to your reports index? Well, ya, they already do... but wouldn't it also be nice if they didn't have to manually search for the person they want to find?

It would be nice if they had a program that would do the search for them, and display a list of the reports you (MacMark) have on them, and maybe even reports that Westwood has on them. This could really punish those who cheat: If the people they cheat against report them, other people will know that they've cheated.

Of course, there is the legitimability (spelling?) of the reports. Thats what numbers are for. If the person has played 50 games. Let's say that out of those 50 games, only 10 of those players reported him as a bad guy. That is a 1/5 ratio, which tells players that he probably does d/c.

But, let's say that another player has played 50 games, and only 3 of those 50 games have been reported by players whom think he d/ced. Thats a 3/50 ratio.

This would not only show who does the cheating, but it would also show who lies...

If someone plays 50 games, loses 40, and says that all 40 of the others cheated, then you can pretty much say without a doubt that the player is a liar.

What do you guys think? I think it's a great idea! I could do the server/client programs, all I need is for one or both of you two to support my idea and submit reports to the server.

Or if either or both of you don't trust me (maybe you think I'm like Lord and would make the programs a trojan horse?), then you can do the programs. All I'm really doing is planting ideas in your heads. This is a good idea. Take it and run. If you need help, contact me at

Keith Bennett aka Kane, theAnnoyer
Macintosh DNS Services; Own a domain? Need a DNS server? eMail me at!

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