GDI active defense

07/19/98: tactic from Jesophat
overview: To establish a good base ready for a long game, while able to commence instant Dead Bang (Thank You, MacMark!) or attack with heavy forces instantly. Use against NOD.

build in this order:

As soon as Your Weapons Factory is up, build three Humm Vees. Then start building MediumTanks. When You get the Barracks, build Rocket Soldiers for aerial defense against cheap heli rushes (I and II). Also build Guard Towers to protect against Engineers, however the Humm Vees can take care of any APC very well. As soon as the Communications Center is up, build Advanced Guard Towers, and as the Repair Facility comes, start building Mammoths Tanks if You can, Medium Tanks if Your down on money. Depending on Your whim, You can wipe out Your enemies base (NOD, of course, can't repel GDI firepower!) or aerial attacks. If You decide on Advanced Communications Center, sell the (normal) Communications Center.

Do not use this tactic unless Your enemy doesn't attack You or You want to have fun. However, the Medium Tank factor means that if You have to You can wipe out the enemy base. This is practically a more technologically advanced Dead Bang.

MacMark: There may be a problem with that barracks built too lately. The Weapons Factory takes quiete long building time and NOD could heli rush You before Your first Barracks is up.

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