heli rush II

06/24/98: tactic from Jenksie
I have a NOD tactic. Ok here it is: First You pick NOD with tech level 7, 9999 dollars and 11 units. After that find Your opponent's base right away before You even start building. Then build in this order:

Once done with the Helipads attack his or her Construction Yard. 3 Apaches can destroy one but against NOD they have Recon Bikes and Steaths and GDI has Mammoths and Rocket Launchers. If they are trying the same tactic I suggest after the using a SAM site. I know this is expensive but it work like a charm.

MacMark: This tactic should work versus new players. An experienced player who scouts Your base and sees Your helis can defend with Rocket Soldiers. If he stops Your first attack, You will usually be dead.

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