dead bang!

tactic from MacMark
abstract: 1 GDI- versus 1 NOD-player. GDI builds immediately Medium-Tanks, attacks and destroys NOD in the beginning.

building order

Build Your base directly beside a Tiberium-field as described below:

Build Medium Tanks non-stop! Depending on the map and Your opponent, it may be wise to build a third Refinery.

Use Your 4 Humm-Vees to scout NOD and drive back. (0 start units: Build an APC. Scout Your opponent's base. Squish his soldiers.)

If You see Your opponent is

  • building Apaches he will probably try to destroy Your Construction Yard respectively Your Weapons Factories. This could cause You major trouble! Prevention: Get 3 Rocket-Soldiers per Apache. Let these guys, Your Mammoth and Your Rocket Launcher guard Your buildings. Don't buy too much soldiers! You need Your money for tanks.
  • having Engineers he will probably try to get Your buildings. As well major trouble! Prevention: Get 3-5 Grenadiers out. Together with the start-up-Grenadier the Rocket-Launcher and the SSM-Launcher You should be able to kill them. Use tanks to block APCs from moving. Eventually build 2 Humm-Vees to kill the Engineer. But mostly Your APC and the first Medium Tank You build are enough to kill the Engineer! Don't buy too much soldiers! You need Your money for Medium Tanks.

Little later Your money runs out. Sell Your Construction Yard! If an Engineer comes out, load him and the Rocket-Soldiers and Grenadiers in Your APC. Money runs out again: Sell one of Your Weapons Factories! Money runs out again: Move all units close together in NOD's direction. NOD cannot stand the fire-power of GDI at this moment!

There are now two cases for "Dead Bang!":

  • NOD has a strong base: That means NOD spent most of his $s for turrets and obelisks. NOD has therefore not many tanks/bikes. You split Your tanks in groups of equal size and move them in front of the entrances of Nod's base and kill NOD's Harvesters. If there is only one entrance don't split them. After some time NOD has no $s. NOD has no power to get rid of Your tanks. If he tries nevertheless he lose his tanks/bikes. Keep Your groups together and fire always at the same time only at 1-2 targets! Go on and build further tanks. If NOD has no more money: Look for the weakest way into his base, drive in and kill all. I suggest heading to his Power Plants and squishing his infantry. New built tanks/bikes are no match! Kill them on Your way. Attack like this that only one turret/obelisk can fire at You at the same time, but fire at it with at least 4 tanks. You may use Your APC to split NOD's attention.
  • NOD has lots of vehicles: That means NOD has very few turrets/obelisks. Kill all his vehicles in his base (or if he comes to You: in the field) and then his base. Medium-Tanks are unlike Mammoth Tanks fast enough, to squish infantry and to remain close together. A horde of 30 Recon Bikes/Light Tanks cannot stand 15-20 Medium Tanks. Keep Your tanks together and fire always at the same time only at 1-2 targets!

Use the Engineer in the APC as psycho-weapon. Disturb his defense with it. Only for fun. Not necessary. If NOD attacks Your three remaining GDI-buildings (Weapons Factory, Tiberium Refinery, Power Plant): Sell them and set Your infantry to "guard-mode" ("g").

This works if NOD builds 20 or 30 Recon-Bikes, Light Tanks or whatever. They are no match for the Medium-Tanks. Builds NOD Apaches, have fun: The heavy armor of the GDI-Medium-Tanks needs 5 to 6 Apaches, to kill one in one round. Before 2 tanks are killed You are in his bad defended base, because he spent all $s for helis. Wait beside his heli-pads and do what GDI has to do. This tactic must be executed consequently.

some screen shots as examples

The following screen shots are taken from matches MacMark (GDI) versus M00nraker (NOD):

  • Here I took the shortening through a wall (in map "Paradise Valley" contained from startup) . At this time I have killed most of NOD.
  • Same map, other game. NOD 10 seconds before surrendering. My APC squishs infantry coming out of the "Hand Of Nod", the other tanks have fun. I drove through the wall lower left corner.
  • Other map. What You can't see: there are new Medium Tanks on the way to NOD. 10 minutes before there was a great battle with lots of NOD-tanks/bikes. I lost 10 tanks, he lost all. This map has a little disadvantage for GDI: long way to NOD over rivers and through gaps.
  • Again "Paradise Valley": At every bridge are 4-6 Medium-Tanks to kill NOD-Harvesters. NOD's bikes get killed by trying to prevent that. Obviously the Obelisks Of Light are a waste of money for him. NOD surrendered a few seconds after this screen shot (no money and no vehicles).

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