rumors & reports July 1999

These are rumors and reports about C&C players. The purpose for this page is that You all have a public forum and that no bad (or good) behaviour remains secret.

I don't forward Your reports to Ted. I suggest You mail Ted Yourself because it's more authentic. But I inform Ted about players who do bad things to me.

If You want to contribute to this page:

  • mail me real details of that game and
  • include Your WChat nick. I mention my sources by name. If You lie You will never get the chance again and You will be listed on the blacklisted players.

I won't publish any reports regarding games with any treaties. Only "no rules" games are of interest for me.

27 July 1999

Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 21:18:01 -0500
Subject: Hey
From: "The McMichaels" <>

Hello MacMark. This is xTankeR. (Formerly known as xTankeRx) I just played DONKEEDIC on green acres and he d/ced me. it was GDI vs. GDI, and i had the better building order. it was no rules. he built pwr, ref, i already had up pwr, bar, ref, ref, and almost a wep complete. i sold my barracks before he scouted my base so he couldn't know that i was going to apc him. (i built another one further along into the game.) he just put up his first wep and i brought down the APC. i stole the wep, sold it, and he swore and whined like a little baby. then our building order continued. he now had pwr, ref, (a stolen wep), bar, ref, pwr. i had pwr, (sold bar), ref, ref, wep, wep, pwr, ref, and bar.he rushed me with two APC's. i had already set up my APC defense, and both APC's and engi's were killed. after that, he d/ced. i recommend none to play him. thanx xTankeR
( i included the screen shot, but i dont know if you can translate it.)

21 July 1999

Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 02:11:02 EDT
Subject: HEY I AM REPORTING BlueySY ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey MacMark here is the story.......... I was playing BlueySY and on GA/3/9999 with crates on. I got top middle and we all know that is the best base becase you are right by all the tib. Ok his scouter gets killed by a nuke crate so he doesnt even see my base so then i scout him then look for crates then.... i find a 1500 Money crate adn an open all up crate I dont know if he saw these ( even in the black you can see crates icons ) and shortly after he got his AirStrip up not even a buggie yet he D/Ced. I was about to put AirStrip up adn I had flamers on the way to hsi base ( he didtn build a Hand of NOD....... ok the bottom line is he D/Ced and said I did it. Now that made me mad it also took him a while to get back to WW I was rigth back on. i also have AOL and my firneds can see when I sign off and i have 2 that saw i never left so he can't say i did.

Thanks Noreaga1

( PS. Blueysy woudl you PLEASE stop cheating. )

Thanks for sending. This confirms the other reports I got about BlueySY. Check his entries on my actual blacklisted players listing. This guy seems to be the new top bad guy of WChat. He was reported since June 1999 and the reports keep coming in through July 1999. If someone of Westwood read this, please check him!

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 14:54:31 EDT

yes MacMark what GOKU4000 is saying is true he didnt D/C he is no my buddy list and when he signs of his anem goes away and i am posative that it didn't so all I KNOW is that GOKU4000 didn't but I don't think c0mander did either I htink it was jsut WW or there ISP messing up. thanks - Noreaga1 -

From MacMark: Yesterday I played two of the PO clan guys, Noreaga1 and Blueboy (alias Swarcoff). Well they took their loss like real men.

20 July 1999

From: "Bill Hine" <>
Subject: once again, a cheater
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 12:11:59 -0400

Hey macmark, I just played a player almost as bad as blueysy.  tekk15 played me on ga.  It was unit 0, tech 5, ga, and we started out.  I had recons, and he hadn't made any units yet, and I took out his harvs, and he got stealth tanks, and came up and took out my base.  I got an apc with engineer,  and got down to his cy, and almost took it, but the little bastard s-keyed it.  I managed to get his airstrip with a seconda attempt.  soon, i got his base whiped out, but the dickhead hid his stealths.  eventually I beat him, but, he should be kicked off the ladder. this is what he said: I'm a pecker, thats how I play.

19 July 1999

Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 00:18:12 EDT
Subject: c0mander

First off i would like to thank you for not thinking that I goku4000 is a cheater, b/c i am not. yes he did resign the first game. i went back to chat under my other name and he was saying stuff about how i dced. #1 i had lots of money and was building lights turrets and flamers. it was short into match so i wouldnt dc. and i would have never said he dced on the PO page if he didnt start saying stuff first. i know that ww has been being very laggy lately so i didnt play anything on him. but he blamed it on me. Noreaga1 is my proof i didnt disconnect. i never sighned off aol. i am on his buddy list. And as far as me dcing skylord???? he whooped me about 5 times. i only gave him a fight one of those times. me and sky arnt best friends but we arnt enemies either. i am sure skylord will tell you i didnt dc. well l8r Goku4000

15 July 1999

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 05:39:58 EDT

hey, i just lossed a game of C&C and my comp immediately crashed. it ended about 2:27am pacific standard time. i dont remember who it was against, but I was Kan3. the date was 07/15/1999 (mm/dd/yyyy)

In the beginning, i had put 2 units, no bases, and no crates. when i attacked the guy, he had 3 units!!!! *3* UNITS!!!! I HAD PUT NO CRATES AND NO BASES!!! HOW THE HECK CAN HE HAVE 3??? I dont have a screen shot, otherwise i would send it along. Also, this was my second ladder game, so im new to the people that play ladder games... how do they cheat??? is there a way to counter it?

there were no rules.

macmark, if i did know who the guy was, i would tell ya, but I do remember that he currently is not on your list of bad players.


Relax! If You play no bases and 2 start units, GDI gets 1 Medium Tank and 1 Minigun Infantry, NOD gets 2 Light Tanks and 1 Minigun Infantry. It's because NOD has lighter forces than GDI. That's no cheat, that's normal.

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 01:12:14 EDT

well mac i recently played goku4000, after i lost a game to him i resigned and i wanted a rematch so we had a rematch and, well i turret rushed he had 1 ref and no guys i had 2 turrets and 4 grand and i was pumping out guys he had nothing, accept a airstrip which he didn't have enough money to build units with, so after this the game gets d/ced it is about 2 min into the game after this he goes and puts lies on the po page that i d.ced, goku also d/ced skylord, well thats 2 d/cs now, well this isn't good, i guess the new rules aren't working to well thanx.


Mmh. Maybe not everybody knows already the new rules. But I have some doubts that goku4000 is a bad guy.

12 July 1999

X-Originating-IP: []
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 17:16:51 PDT

ok, i am very mad. today I was 13-0. I played kaiserdrg, and the little cheater out of syncs me on sand trap. We were in pretty close quarters, and I tank rushed him, and beat him. He out of syncs me, and now I have 14 wins, and 1 loss. I want that loss taken off. He got some points by cheating his way to a win. Maybe those rules of v-ted's aren't going to work that well. You have to figure, some people just don't like losing period.
another person I want to mention, is ashok. we played a non-t on ga, and it was a great game.

09 July 1999

From MacMark: Yesterday Nick1111 confirmed the report I got about him. He admitted he had d/ced the guy who has reported him.

From: "Bill Hine" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 18:41:51 -0400

hey.  macmark, here is a harraser, that mouthed me when he didn't get his way. blatnick said this

blatnick : hi
<tSTOPaz> hey.
blatnick : ht?
blatnick : ht?
<tSTOPaz> no.
<tSTOPaz> no rulz.
blatnick : son of a bitch

pretty nasty.  later.

08 July 1999

From MacMark: I heard that C0mmander tried to keep his actual nick secret. Well, yesterday he played me and revealed that he is APaRlTloN. I played NOD versus NOD on Green Acres with him according to his wish. As everybody knows I'm usually a GDI guy. But I had no problem to "Power Overwhelm" this PO clan member. He was honest enough to resign. I think they should rename their clan to "Easy Victims".
Furthermore Wusau told me he would have been Ais4apple. But he didn't disclose his original first nick. Bummer.

From: "Bill Hine" <>
Subject: once again, a cheater.
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 20:15:37 -0400

Recently, I have had the privilege of crushing two players, who took there losses like a new born.  In other words, they didn't.  The first one, was Fatman934, who out-of-synced me when I attacked his harv (this was a no rule game) and he rushed me, I fended off his attack, and went in, and crushed him.  Then, he out of synced me. Secondly: I played pacpac2 on green acres and beat him, and he did the ref trick before aborting.  tSTOPaz

Please mail Ted about pacpac2 too. For using that cheat a player usually loses his account.

06 July 1999

From MacMark: Yesterday I played Scott51. He tried to engineer me in the beginning with an APC and 2 Engineers. My 3 Orcas killed the APC. My infantry and my just in time placed Guard Tower took care of his Engineers. Right after this the connection was lost. An accident? I think no.

05 July 1999

From: "Dustin Fontenot" <>
Subject: Skylord here on BlueySY
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 02:22:27 -0700

Hey macmark.... I played BlueySY today.  Man, this guy is unbelievable.  Not in skill but cheating.   Here is the story.  
O.k six units on GA i'm GDI he is GDI.  I heli and APC.... he s keys the APC, then taunts me a little on how i can't win.  So i take out his power and warfactory(kill the WF twice) and he builds a little I use a Golden Eagle type approach keeping him off guard.  Finally i'm even with him in buiding b/c he's rebuilding everything and wasting money on slow rocketmen for defense.  I get another APC up as i forget about his S keying ability and i get it to the CY and guess what..... S key again.  I was pretty mad then..... so i started attack his harvs with naiders and choppers..... then he d/c's....... I GOT THE DANG LOSS........ i guess b/c he  had more builidings but i think that was even as well.  After the game when he gets his connection back, he brags about how he has won tournies.  Vted this is uncalled for.  Fix things b4 TS !!!!!! and may GOD be with you.

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