14 June 1999

My friend Rod

My friend RodOfNOD returned to the Command & Conquer battlefields after years. Welcome back, my friend! Thought You were gone forever :-<

Once there was a time before the ladder system. No game was counted. I was new to WChat and looked for guys who could stand my Dead Bang! strategy. Only some few Commandos have had the brain to survive my attack. One of these guys equal to me was RodOfNOD.

Then the ladder of Westwood was introduced in a beta test. The test lasted some months and the ladder wasn't reset during these month. Westwood updated the WChat for WinDOS and later for the Macintosh. During that few months no matches between Macintosh and WinDOS Commandos were possible. So RodOfNOD, Ferroid and me remained as the only really tough Mac warriors on WChat.

Now the band is complete again and ready to roll. Ok, meanwhile some new Mac heroes entered the fields too, but we three have a long history.

By the way: Yesterday the C&C channel outnumbered RA again ;-)

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