17 May 1999

Skylord with some defense

O.k macmark here it goes.  Your trying to mess with the PO's ? why ? yea i have some dirty members but not all whom u have listed.

c0mmander,tankhog, and miles are under investigation and i'm sure they won't be PO's for long.  Meeting is Thurs. i'll be doing some reorganizing.  Noreaga and agent are clean........ I don't give a flying rats ass what your "sources" think.  By the way maybe some of your info. should be under investagation being that your accused of more things then you accuse others of.  I'm just saying what i hear.  You cut down my clan site.  Yours is great ?  you just have alot of time on your hands.  You give me props on your site why ? shouldn't you make me another one of your enemies?  Reason for making a clan is because i'm bored with old CnC and i'm excited for TS.  bottom line that tells it all...... it's a project.  It's like asking your why you made a CnC site.  Another announcment i'm going to make Ais4apple is joining PO.

P.S:   I hope you post this message on your site. I had somethings to tell you and i told them.  I hope we won't become enemies but u cannot keep taking this in the direction it's going and if you do then i cannot take listening to it.

I just do my work. I updated today that news page with newer information. Well, if You insult my sources remember: You're just another one, but only stating "they're clean" isn't very much, isn't it? I'm informed about that guys who try to touch my honour. Regarding ais4apple: Be sure that he's not a bad egg in Your nest. I got 2 reports about him. I suggest You and Your PO guys read Your own "PO member rules" and follow them. Wait! First read them, then talk.

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