rumors & reports May 1999

These are rumors and reports about C&C players. The purpose for this page is that You all have a public forum and that no bad (or good) behaviour remains secret.

I don't forward Your reports to Ted. I suggest You mail Ted Yourself because it's more authentic. But I inform Ted about players who do bad things to me.

If You want to contribute to this page mail me (real details of that game) and include Your WChat nick. I mention my sources by name. If You lie You will never get the chance again and You will be listed on the blacklisted players.

Monday, 31 May 1999

  • MacMark: smokeup42 dced being in my base after I toasted his remaining 20 bikes with infantry. It was his last effort to do some damage. He had no CY and no idea how to fight versus infantry. I killed 4 APCs of him with my Orcas including the loaded Engineers. 1 APC got into my base but it took only an empty heli pad. He was no match for me, but told me that I suck. Silly boy.

Sunday, 30 May 1999

  • CoRnZtar: Hello id like to report plaer "dominates" as a D/Cer. We were playing a game, he thought he had the upper hand, and was attacking my bas with a SSM, when i started to roll out my tanks ( NOD, light tanks) he just D/Cd. If annyone wonders, YES, i have ss (screen shot) of the screen when i waited the whole time full, waiting for connection to the idiot, but offcourse i wouldnt get it, since he most likely had D/Cd me.

Thursday, 27 May 1999

  • MacMark, I am VERY upset!!!!! I just got a "packet recieved too late" message while toasting DrTumB. It was also one of the game-speed wise fastest games i had played. He had asked me before hand if I was a "newbie killer". I said No, but apparantly he thouth that I was. He Had: His starting unit, His CY, a barracks, a Power, A Ref, And a wep. I had: My staring units, 12 tanks, 2 power, a barracks, 2 weps, 3 refineries, and my CY. I had just succesfully engineered his CY, almost blowing up his Power plant after i sold it, and then he tried to engineer rush me. It failed. The game had been going SO fast. Then it Just Said, "Packet recieved to late". An it shwed the little d/cing thing. He was ranked 45, i was 43. I WANT MY GAME POINTS!!! Ill mail Ted about this also. Thank You, xTankeRx
    I list him now.

Wednesday, 26 May 1999

  • Hey I would like to report Jasmic for D/Cing me. It was kinda close ( I had him) and then he D/Ced. Please do not put my e-mail address because people Instant Message me all the time because they know my name is my E-mail address with AOL. Thanks Noreaga1
    This is not much detail. Why did You had him?
  • MacMark's report: I played yesterday possess GDI versus NOD. I used my "Golden Eagle" and he survived the first minutes. He concentrated on my Orcas and neglected my Weapons Factory producing tanks one after one. I had about 30 Minigun Infantry and Grenadiers plus 10 to 15 Medium Tanks in the end. We both sold our Construction Yards before. So his light forces (Recon Bikes and NOD Buggies) were the only opponents for my task force. When I headed with all my units towards his base the game d/ced. After ESCaping my game results were sent to Westwood. That means my connection was still established. Probability is high he d/ced.
  • MacMark's report: boarderx9 played yesterday GDI versus my GDI units. He suffered under my "Golden Eagle" tactic. His APC failed to transport his Engineer into my base. I toasted it with some salvos from my Orcas. Later he tried to tank rush with his 2 Weapon Factories. I destroyed 1 before with my Orcas and he rebuilt it. As usual in that situation about 4 remaining tanks made it into my base and were welcomed by scattered infantry and the reloaded Orcas. I built then more Grenadiers and had 5 or 6 Orcas targeting his defenseless base. The game lost connection, my game result were sent. Probability is high he d/ced.

Monday, 24 May 1999

  • Hey, Theman466 here, i got two things to say, first off, i'd like to give an honorable mention to Ccavenger. Earlier this month we played 3 games, and the first two times we played i beat him. He took the losses like a man, and even complemented me on my skill. Second, i'd like to report Ludeboy. First time i played him the game d/c'd after about 4 mins.... i figure we were about even... so i'm assuming it was his ISP. Well... the second game we played, which was some days later, he builds one War factory, and about 5 refinery's then says... "this is for d/c'ing me last time!" Lucky for me WW doesn't base a win on the number of buildings you have only, and i avoided a loss. I know he's on you "list"... but this guy is too much.
    CCavenger is Oompah and a known good player. Good to hear he's fair. Ludeboy was reported in April 1999 or earlier. Looks like he didn't leave the "dark forces". Thanks for the confirmation.
  • c0mander (xCnCx for this month): "please take down the report yhcmbomber made about me as i recall, i had his cy and some other buildings and my start units and 4 helis he then made the game go out of sync so i pressed continue and won. i got the win he out synced me. he said i was the biggest cheater with no proof what so ever and you colored my name red, that itsn't fair becuase he is the cheater and i also heard from other players he out synced them too so please take that down, thank you."

Sunday, 16 May 1999

  • "Ais4apple is most likely tons of fun. He gives out the fake site url every day and s-key every game like tons."
  • SuNdOwN46: "i want all this shit taken down about me being a "suspected cheater."  i have never broken any rulz on purpose.  you take all this crap about me down.  i don't even know how to dc, i respect ht, and all of the other rulz.  recently, i have even been going without rulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!  in other words, you have no right to say that i am a dirty player!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Relax! My words were "suspected dirty player". Got the difference? And Your name is struck through on the blacklisted players list since a long time. That means You've been reported, but I later found that report was false. I will add some comments to that page to prevent further misunderstandings.
  • "Just had to tell you about iiiliii, he was in top 20. I played him in Pitfall he sent his starting forces in early and decoyed me into going after them. Then he sent an engineer at my base headed for a refinery, I sold the refinery and the gunners who came out killed his eng. He then resigned immediately, it was just a hair under 3 mins. Let everyone know. Thanks"
    Looks like he cannot stand his loss. These guys with their "i" and "l" names drive me crazy.
  • Noreaga1: "Hey I can't believe Redrusher had the nerve to say that ( or you do about me driving my harvesters in circles like you were there!!!!!! and i would lose so much money doing that put it this way i built 5 refinerys and halfway thru the game I had 1 harvester that was half dead and he did attack my harvester with his men they followed my harvester all the way to the tiberium. I would like you to take that down about me on purposley driving my harvester in his base just to keep him busy. and if you don't put this report up it proves that you are a 1 sided person that only puts stuff about who you don't like, and I have heard from plenty people that you are a cheater your self. And regarding rules; anyone that doesn't like rules doesnt have to play a player that uses rules. There is a space for rules called the topic ( i believe that). and there are other variables on the settings, meaning this game is made to be played many ways and rules can be part of that. And that doesnt make a game with no rules anyh better than with rules, if you believe you are such a great player you should be able to play with diffrent rules and you don't have to of you don't want to."
    1: Sorry, I won't take the report about You down. It wasn't the first time for me hearing Your name.
    2: Some blacklisted players dislike their new "publicity" and they try to fight it off.
    3: "Rules" have the disadvantage that they can be broken. And as You now recognized Yourself: "Rules" give You much trouble. I prefer technology level 7 and "no rules" because everything can happen then.

Saturday, 15 May 1999

  • "I was going too take Ais4apple cy out with 5 orcas I made them all a control number, SO i sent all them over half way over I notice only had 4 odd since I made them all a control number he s-key one of my helicopter what a cheater. He said hehe too me after the game what a cheater I hope no one plays Ais4Apple he will just s-key u too."
    Any idea who Ais4apple really is?

Friday, 14 May 1999

  • "i was playing against Troub1e on GA, we were both Nod. He started in the top right, i started to his lower left. (kinda like the middle of the map). Anyway, i scouted him right off the bat, and proceeded to build hands, and turrets, and flamers into his base, i also had two refinery's going. As soon as his Airfield was blown up (i was clearly ahead) he d/c'd. I don't know who this guy is, but he's a d/cer."
    And now on my blacklisted players ;-)

Thursday, 13 May 1999

  • Speedzaa: "I have a cheater call odsal. He dont wanna resign when he still have a stealth unit.He keep laughing and dont wanna resign.Hope u will paste him on your dirty list"
    If You mail that to Ted he will probably lose his account. There's a way to find every Stealth Tank!
  • Merphead: "A player named "agentnrkh" came into my room and asked to play. I said sorry my friend just came on and im gonna play him. He said "no your not, your a liar." After asking where he got off saying that, he told me he goes to the same university i do and that he knows me. We talked back and forth and he said he wouldnt reveal his identity. So we played hoping he would let me in on his secret. Now to the game. Time goes on and he started taking out my stuff with helis (forgot what, nothing important). Not wanting to sit there and die, i rushed him. I get to his base with all my tanks and an apc with a eng and a commando from a crate. I start taking out his recons, and my eng is practically in his refinery and my commando is almost at his practically dead construction yard, when he disconnects me! I was so pissed that i got cheated out of a win. HE was ranked like 13 and i was 8 (big points). All he had left was his appaches (which do jack against tanks) so in a minute i would have put him out of his misery. When he disconnected we each had 13 kills and i had a lot of tanks left and all my buildings while he lost all his units (except choppers) and was about to lose base and refinery. I waited the 300 seconds, finished destroying his remains and went back to check the rankings. I got the loss!!! Explain this to me. Same kills, smae buildings, I had more units by far. If anything it shouldnt have counted for a win for either of us. But a loss for me?!?! He jumped to 7 i fell to 10. Whats the point in playing after that. You cant succeed in this game with people like that and it takes all the fun out of it. I am currently 6 and he is like 11. I should have jumped up big time! This is my best month yet, and its been ruined by players like him! I am leaving in a few days and will not be able to play for this month, and i just hope justice is served! BTW -- "Sugarpuss" breaks HT and laughs about it!"
    If You have no CY but Your opponent, a d/c can result in a loss for You. I found that beating the computer after he d/ced is enough not to get the loss if the results are sent by Your WChat. Agentnrkh is one of the PO clan. Look below for more bad PO guys. Sugarpuss is ACnDC and a known bad guy with few skills.
  • Redrusher: "I am so pissed off. I never play HT. Today I played Noreaga1 who is one of the POs. He invited me to his channel. The rules were HT, no engineers and no helis. I accepted cuz I wanted to see how he is playing. I asked him what if his harvs passed trough my base. He said it is OK I will keep them away. When I started to build my spider base I built 1 turret and this turret started to shoot at his harv. After he complained I sold the turret and even press allie mode. But what happened. Noreaga1 started to build turrets close to my base and to shoot at my buildings and units. So I turned off allie and start build turrets and obelisks. Till we fighting his harvs passed trough my base back and forth so the turrets and the obelisk killed 1 or 2 of them. He started yelling ' u r cheater' and so on. I tried to explain him that I couldn't do anything to prevent that but he doesn't listen at all. I had an advantage and he resigned. After that in his channel he started to cussing and tell me he will tell all his friends that I s key?!? I asked him why he should lie but he continued to yell and kicked me out of his channel. After that to my channel came first Ludeboy and then Miles3 and told me 'u r s keyer' and so on. I tried to explain that it is not true but they left right away after writing me that. I tried to page them but they pagers were turned off. So what? Everybody can tell everything what he wants and even to send a report to Westwood? It's a shame. This guy is liar and slanderer and I think PO should think again if this guy is well deserved enough to be their clan member regarding their rules. So I just wanna tell. HT no more!!!"
    I agree. With HT You're the whole time busy not to shoot at the Harvesters and have no time for strategies. You can target with Your turrets certain objectives and he tried to keep You busy by driving his Harvesters in circles in Your base. HT is like every other "rule" silly. I always play "no rules" because that's what this game is designed for.
    By the way: "PO" forms a "clan" for the never-there-game "Tiberian Sun". They think they're good players, but the fact is: Only POskylord has some skills, but still below my skills. C0mmander is on my blacklisted players list. And there're some other guys in "PO" who're under suspect. So, if they harass You I will help You against them.
    Sure, everybody can send a report to Westwood. But Ted don't believe everything ;-) And I believe they have ways to check allegations. So relax and let them lie, I "care" for them if necessary.
    Now a word to Noreaga1: You know me. Don't make mistakes!

Tuesday, 11 May 1999

  • "I just played I guy named Dope169 he said he had a cheat for free air strikes something about keying A I R and then hitting enter fast, i cant recall exactly. I told him I didn't cheat. So anyway he says here it comes and my base got firebombed. We were playing with crates on so he may have just been messing with my head. I beat him anyway, he proceeded to abort. Just wanted to let you know about this joker."
    He tried to fool You. Typing an "r" gives You the "Surrender?" question. Hitting <enter> accepts the surrender. So he told You to <enter> fast before You can read the box. I think he found the air strike in a crate.
  • snake0333: "Last night i played a person who's nick is jrmdude. He asked for a ht and i was being nice so i said ok. During the game i was beating him and he broke his own rule. I reminded him of it and he said "haha". I then told him I was going to report him for breaking his own rule and he said "what ever" right after he said that, he d/ced and then my comp crashed and a virus was found after i started it back up. He is a dirty player who sent me a virus somehow because i said i was going to report him. I think i should get points for the win and he should be kicked out of the tournement for his dirty stunt."
    I don't think he sent You that virus. He don't has access to Your hard disk. I think You got that virus like other people get viruses too. For dcing he is now listed on my page.

Sunday, 09 May 1999

  • Styxwatrz: "I got a big dcer for ya. An outstanding dcer so to say. It's winomo again. I saw him on your list and also knew from my own experience that he was a dcer, but I thought that maybe he has changed his mind. Well guess what? We were playing S&N (his settings) and he really sucked. He was dumm enough to deploy his cy right away in the top right corner. Then he tried to rush me with 5 chinooks and started building barracks (hands of nod) towards me. He almost succeded in locking me in at the bottom but I got free and since he deployed his cy right away he ran out of money quicker then I did. You know what he did when he realized that he would eventually lose? Take a wild guess? Well, he simply dced. And on top of that I got a loss because he had more kills and more buildings since he had about 10 barracks and a whole bunch of turrets. He is currently ranked in the top 10 and I would advise anybody who is smart enough not to play such a loser. No wonder his ratio is so good, he dces and still gets the wins while others have to suffer. Why can't people let go of that prize thing and simply play for fun?"
  • xtankerx: "I am VERY upset. I just played lililli, and he d/ced me. What a lil (no pun intended) CHEATER! We both had 5 tanks, and i wuz about to steal his ref, when hew d/ced me. he had sold his cy, so he wuz skrewed if i took his ref. I recomend EVERYONE to steer clear of lililli."
  • MAC1USER: "add this guy to your blacklisted players roster...SacFace he held out his stealths until my ISP got disconnected..."
    Please mail Virtual Ted about him. He will be disqualified or banned from WChat.

Friday, 07 May 1999

  • xtankerx: "i am playing a game right now.....darthdad1.....left the game with 5 med tanks...1 mammoth........7 men....and 2 rocket laucher tank things....the kilss are him 152 117..........he left the game seeing that i dont have any contruction airstrip..........he left the game thinking i was going to leave but i am in 24 and he is like 900 or so...i dont want to lose my points but at the same time i have to go.....please report him whatever you have to do i really hat people like this and i think that they should be aloud to play...ha and after 130 mins he just now came after me...i was trying to send you a screen shot but i couldnt get mine to werk....well please put him on or gay reject list please...thanx once again" ..."ps i forgot to tell you when he had 3 men left and i had 3 turrets left he said "goddbye again" then aborted"
    Leaving is ok. It gives You the win if Your opponent leaves. It's like him surrendering.
  • yhcbomber: "i just finished playing Tankhog who talked to me all the time and said he was a very clean player and didn't cheat.  Everytime someone would say he cheated i would stick up for him but i played him and i was about to steal a refinery and he "skeyed" me and claimed he didn't know what it was but i think he is a lier and i'm sick of all the unfair player on westwood.  I would like also report C0mander as one of the biggest cheaters on here"

Wednesday, 05 May 1999

  • Blzzrd: "you can add HUNYCAKES to your dcers list. i recently played him, he ran a chopper rush, got my c-yard, but i got my air up. i then destroyed all his choppers, and he came after me with infanty. he got my pwr, but i got a apc. so i started to kill all his infanty when he dced me."
  • agentnrkh: "hey macmark, this is agentnrkh, we need to play sometime for fun, i heard you were good and im always looking for a honest good game, your buddy sundown is in my clan and he told me to play you. im kind of new since end of jan but im pretty good though. so email me back please and well schedule game. here are people that cheat and dced me the month of april. pisnmeoff, mrwisdom, bluesy, webwidow-left after i took out his tanks at start under 3 mins --lamer, spyder27, and the rest i cant remember"

From Wednesday, 28 April 1999, until Sunday, 02 May 1999 I got these reports:

  • c0mander: "please take that down about me this is c0mander and noreaga1 made it go out of sync on me as for you too so i was right please take the bull out i never play with freagin ht or no enginears thats messed up, plz take it down thanx."
    Relax! I didn't color You in red. Bad guys are in red.
  • KiLLn4FuN aka uNc23: "Well Mac, i've been looking in your site and you got some interresting things about me up there. I read they thing about you and Mady1. Weird. Not going to say anything cause i really don't care. About the thing where it says I kills this guys harvs and when he attacked me I pulled back. Yea it is true. But do you know the story BEFORE that happened, NO. It'd been a long game so my harvs are now in the middle of GA harving. He pulls in with tanks destroys 3 of them. I had 4. He had 3 harvs. So for far play I killed 3. well he cries and screams and said HT. i told him yea I know, so why you kill mine ? He told me an HT for me not him. I remember the game not the name. I know he was top 100. i don't cheat." ... "That crap right there, you have stuff on Mischaa, but why nothing on me. You say i'm a d/cer but no proof. listen to this, i don't care if you think i cheat, I'm sending this so you might take me off of that dam list. I got skills, have had skills. I've beaten good ppl. I've do have other names..uNc23, covert23, tsUncNC. I'm not a cheater. i've played long enought to know that you get dq'd and crap. I guess the onl thig i've done worng is use free email addresses which i have fixed on my reg. i'm done for April toureny, i didn't cheat this month or any other month any of my names have played in. Oh yea, about our game, funny it froze on me too when i had my bikes inside your base ? Your greanaiders where alittle far away, oh well, not thinking to much about it."
    I never told You "it froze". I got an "out of sync" error, which as far as I know occurs if someone changed his game files... The first report I got about You is from one of my most reliable sources, so I cannot take Your name down, sorry.
  • SuNdOwN46: "Hey everyone!  Wanna know one of the biggest cheaters that is ranked in the top 20?  Well, here is my story. Tonight, I played a top officer called blueysy.  The game started out great.  We were both building tanks, and there were no rulz, so we couldn't break any.  Then finally, when we had tonso tanks built up, I tried to sneak in an apc.  His tanks blocked the entrance, and when I tried to pull my apc back, he s keyed it, so it wouldn't move.  He pretended not to know what s-key was, if he didn't, why did he use it?  He also said that he "didn't know that s-key was illigal."  He came to me with all sorts of please, such as: cmon, don't report me, here, take two of my tanks. s-keying is illigal? and all sorts of other crap.  Then, when I successfully engineered him and took his last wep, he disconnected me.  You be the judge.  Is this guy worthy of the great ladder of cnc? if u ask me, he should be kicked, just the same as all the other damn cheaters."
    Mail this to Virtual Ted too ;-)
  • shift82: "i just played the biggest loser....his screen name was fightguy....he was obviusly better in rank than i was.....i was nod he was gdi....i was bike rushing him with the first batch of guys and he wipped them out quick be had nothin left....i then came aftwer him with a second batch.i would of beat him there but he put up advanced towers<<<1>>> then he came at me with a apc and 2 engineers luckily y second ram missle wiped that out after that<directly after that> he disconnected on i am asking you to put that loser dude on your loser list of names"

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