13 May 1999

PO: toasting half of the clan (updated 17 May 1999)

There's a bunch of players calling themselves a "clan" named "PO". Recent reports confirm: Half of them are (with high probability) blacklisted players:

The good half of "PO":

  • "SuNdOwN46" was a suspected dirty player. He will drop from the dirty list in June.
  • "LilMoosh" made the 2nd nick failure but without bad intention.
  • "Skylord1" alias "POskylord" has some skills and took his losses versus me like a man. He's on my future stars. My suggestion for You is: Get rid of these guys listed above.
  • Then there're some other guys in this clan who're probably OK or unknown at least I got no negative reports about them. I will keep an eye on them.

One question remains: Why forming a clan for "C&C Tiberian Sun", the game which is delayed again and again?

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