news of November 2001

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CnC Top100 closed

The CnC Top100 site has had much trouble during the past weeks. I saw problems with their scripts that took the votes and I saw a messed up list with silly entries, double entries and the values didn't change over time. I was hoping they would fix that some day, but they didn't. Now they canned it. The mail they send to all listed sites was:

    Date: 19 Nov 2001 11:40:37 -0000
    Subject: C&C Top 100 Closed

    I've decided to close the C&C Top 100 for the following reasons.

    * The script is rather crap

    * The server its hosted on is slow and the script fails to run on it now

    * I can't watch over the Top 100 list anymore to remove rule breakers/cheaters etc...

    Please remove the code/button from your site ASAP. If anyone out there would like to take over Top 100 please e-mail using It deserves a better server and script.

    Chris Seager [Sonic] | -- | EmpNet -- | [-lp-] --

Corky310 overreacting

During the recent days Corky310 and me had some emails that might be of interest for you. This was his mail that he sent to me and to support at Westwood:

    Quit calling Corky310 a liar. I did not lie on the report that Jimmygiro has an skey of some sort. I know it has happened before to me and other players. You keep saying that skey is impossible on macs. Nothing is impossible. Perhaps he is telling you he plays on a Mac but he's really playing on a PC. He has some sort of tactic that does not allow you to load your APC and I was NOT under fire when it happened. I don't know why you defend the cheat. By doing so only brings you to his level. You have lost credibility by backing him up. I don't lie, I have nothing to lose. I'm not top ranked and I will tell you that I dc if I know a cheat has happened. So pull your head out and make fair and reasonable reports if you are going to post your opinion.

My following answer was sent to Corky310, support and contests at Westwood and to JimmyGiro:

    Hi Corky310,

    I know JimmyGiro a long time and I know he's honest since ever. Furthermore I believe that he's on MacC&C, because we talked about it long before You claimed he would have cheated You. In my news I published that MacC&C has no skey-bug like the C&Cgold version: Mac user or cheater

    Unfortunately for You I have many reports about You that look very reliable. Compare the report_index.html. And other players claim that You cheat them and that You then go around and tell, that they would have cheated You instead.

    Don't forget that I even got mail from You where You're admitting Your DCs!

    I'm doing this business nearly for 5 years now ( and I know what I'm doing. I got over the years many reports and learned much about different player types and all kind of cheaters. I'm not claiming that I was always right during these 5 years, but it was close to 99% I guess.

    I say:
    Corky310 is someone who overreacts, someone who cheats from time to time and if he thinks (only thinks) he gets cheated himself, then he cheats that guy too. JimmyGiro is honest (although I thought earlier something else).

    Why can I say that for sure? I played You both when I did my undercover-month and You both didn't know it was me (MacMark, the cheater hunter). You, Corky310 dced me then and JimmyGiro lost his games like a man!

    I hope I could clear everything with my statements now. I will publish this on my C&C page ( with the next update.


Handling of cheaters

In October 2001 Iamn1ke was one of the free win rushers on the world ranking of players. Exception: He was ranked No.1 in the end of that month and about to "win" this tourney. I guess Westwood got already reports about him, but to be sure, I informed my friends at Westwood myself during the last days of October:

    "... please check the behaviour of "Iamn1ke". According to my info he's an admitting free-win-rusher and Refinery-cheater (no-surrender-cheat) on the C&Cgold ladder. He wants to win No1 this month regardless the costs. I think he deserves a lesson. Maybe you should reduce his points to zero as soon as possible. ..."

If you take a look at the hall of fame, you see that he was disqualified, because he isn't listed as number 1 of October there.

I'm tired of those guys claiming Westwood wouldn't care about cheaters. That's simply wrong as you can see right now!

To ensure even more attention I introduced one more thing: Every report I get from you is forwarded now to Westwood's ladder team immediately. I heard Westwood is bored due to the small amount of reports they receive. I will change that ;-)

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