2000-12-17: tactic from MacMark
You may know the trick having more Medium Tanks than it seems? Not? If You build a lot of Medium Tanks and don't move them, after about 4 tanks came out, every new tank moves over the tank in the middle. So You can have many, many tanks and Your opponent still sees only 4.

You think this is a nice trick? Here comes an even better one. Assume Your foe has his tanks this way and You have the Ion Cannon ready to go. If You hit the stocked tanks with the Ion blast, they die. Surprise, surprise, because usually the Ion Cannon cannot destroy a Medium Tank.

Looks like the game bug (stocking tanks) has another interesting feature. Can You imagine to destroy 20 Medium Tanks this way with 1 blast of Your Ion Cannon only? It's absolutely thrilling and I did it today the first time.

This tactic was already described in pre tank rush stop.

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