Pre-tankrush stopper

04 August 2000
[31 July 2000]
tactic from Acernod

If your opponent is GDI, and builds a weapons plant and starts pouring out tanks, after the sixth tank(provided they don't move them), they start piling up on each other right at the exit of the weapons plant, that means there is about ten, sometimes thirty tanks in one spot, one quick blast from an Ion Cannon on that spot will kill every single tank(except one), I like to use this when the other guy plans on tank rushing me, its funny when they didn't see me do it, and wonder what happened to 20 of there tanks.

MacMark: That really works? If so, it looks like a bug in CnC. Usually a GDI Medium Tank doesn't die by an Ion blast. But the tank "stack" is a bug too I think ;-)

[04 August 2000]
comments from theAnnoyer

regarding that pre-tank rush stop, yes, you are right. i just played my dad in a game doing that, and ion-cannoned myself cause he was losing horribly.. =)

no, it doenst kill all but one of the tanks... all of the tanks are heavily damaged though, so, here's my reply to that tactic (i guess you could put it up as an added tacic... i dopnt care)

do that ion cannon thingy. the enemy will either have to repair his tanks (costs a lotta money after a couple tanks), or he'll have to suffer tanks dieing prematurely (even better... gives you kills, and him less units...)

either way, it'll slow down his victory..., or speed up yours

[20 September 2000]
Additional info from Acernod

OK it does work, if you didn't kill all of them then you didn't hit them in the right spot.
Here is me doing to myself, as you can see by the PICS, you have to hit the tank stack in the right spot.

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