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2003-02-10: tactics from Camchanky
Bike/tank tactic: 6 bikes will kill one mammoth tank with only one bike dying. Very economical for NOD players. Defence: GDI should keep them in packs.

Tower tactics: 1 bike and one flame tank will kill a gdi tower: the tower kills the bike and the flamer kills the tower. Defence: keep another unit there, or pay attention and direct the tower. thenewb1 points out you really don't need the bike as a diversion, but it saves the flame tank damage, and helps when there are several GDI towers.

Flame tank tactic: Don't have your flame tanks flame each other. Flames tanks will line up single-file and flame a target, with the rear flamer flaming the front flame tank's ass, causing great rectal damage. Flame tanks will also line up opposite each other and hit each other. Two flame tanks on opposite sides of a GDI tank will kill each other before killing the tank!!! Solution: unit control. Don't let you flamers travel around an enemy, and don't let the line up single file.

Rushing a laser tower with men will kill it at little cost. (can't remember if you had that one)

Nuke tatic: Doesn't a nuke kill a GDI vehicle bay?

Also, under tiberium you could add a link to my favorite tactic for pissing people off: nuking their tiberium field. I know you have it under nukes, it should be under both.

If you like I had a few other additions I wrote down somewhere.

MacMark's comment: For more about towers and flame tanks, obelisks and infantry and how to use them check the vehicles, infantry and the structures pages.

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