27 October 1999

Rquiem retires - again / Pictures of Westwood system operators

Rquiem retires again from C&C. He did that before but returned later to the fields. If he really leaves the C&C online players will be missing a top guy. And it opens some room for new heroes ;-)

    Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 19:40:06 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Minh <mhuynh@osf1.gmu.edu>
    X-Sender: mhuynh@osf1.gmu.edu

    Hey MacMark,

    It's nice to see you're still dedicated to your web site 100%. I've somewhat tried to play Tiberian Sun, and I think it's a pretty cool game, but it isn't the best game out there: Starcraft is still by far the best RTS game. For all the delays and hoopla I don't think Tiberian Sun is that much better than C&C Gold or Red Alert. I admit I am not good at Tiberian Sun (I've played a total of maybe 20 online TS games, my record is at best .500) but I don't think I'm going to continue playing games for competition anymore, I don't have the time. I've pretty much severed all ties and contacts regarding games in the past few months. I am going to continue to play Starcraft a few times here and then, but I'm pretty much done with computer gaming. Peace,


I asked DrTurkel about the sys op pics on his site. He confirmed they're authentic.

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